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  1. The FBI's Head would explode if one of America's "Rivals" took over a planet, even if it's The EU Nevermind a Terrorist who nearly destroyed the planet
  2. But why would they allow fucking Eggman take control of a whole planet? Why wouldn't they wanna assist Team dark, perhabs their most valuable asset, even if Shadow couldn't communicate with them they should still be suspicious of Shadow and Rouge being missing for Six Months
  3. Kind of ,the whole struggle over the Phantom Ruby and King heavy turning against eggman while Eggman trying his hardest to keep his grip over the HBH
  4. Blaze Silver Shadow Knuckles Tails and Omega should be portrayed as strong given their past Rouge and The Chaotix should be portrayed as at least competent at what they do Only Amy being defenceless makes somewhat sense since shes not a fighter or a government agent or a Mercenary , but even then she should at least be able to destroy robots with her hammer
  5. It conflicts with her backstory and she feels more like Silver's Girlfriend nowadays than her own character
  6. I feel like Blaze's character was hurt by her association with Silver since 2006
  7. Yeah SA2 did change the franchise's direction I won't deny that , but its divisiveness mostly comes from later games who used its elements pretty poorly
  8. The Classics were also influenced by Shounen, or more accurately Kodomo which for those who don't know target those that target kids below the age of 12 while Shounen targets 12-18. The current most influential Kodomo magazine even Had the Dash and Spin Sonic Manga which created amy , and it currently publishes The Manga of Nintendo franchises(Mario Pokemon Animal Crossing) and Yokai Watch and Doraemon
  9. Mania is way too outdated compared to modern 2d Platformers , it's the same problem I have with NSMB games, they feel like too much of a relic of a begone era Newer 2D franchises like Shantae, Hollow Knight, Shovel Knight feel more like platformers made for this era Heck Rayman Legends and DKC TF and even Kirby Star Allies managed to modernise their gameplay and formula without straying too far from the older games It's kind of ironic given how mario and Sonic used to he the most innovative 2D platformers but nowadays they are essentially "same old shit"
  10. A lot of people only know him from memes so a lot of people unironically think hes some edgy asshole I think a lot of Shadow fans just don't like his current Vegeta Wannabe personality when he used to be more complex
  11. The completionist actually said in his Forces review that Forces is a lot better if you try to go 100% rather than just doing story mode , makes me wonder why they put so much focus on Post Game content when The Story mode is so underwhelming
  12. I would argue that Sonic's Biggest issue in 3D is level design
  13. OK KO loves crossovers for some reason Does this mean TKO and Shadow will finally meet?
  14. The treasure hunting levels were basically collectathons with a twist Given how everyone cried about them because "SONIC IS ABOUT SPEED" crowd I doubt they will ever try that again
  15. It was way too dry and drab , the Swatbots were also pretty bland, not as bad as 2006 Robots but they are Bland as the Egg Pawns in Forces Also isn't Tails a Kitsune? You know a mythological creature?
  16. Reviewers also love Sonic 4 and gave it a higher score than both Generation and colors, Reviewers aren't these Gods who can never be wrong
  17. You also make them a reference to a Beatles song
  18. IMO the biggest contrast between them and SEGA characters is that Game Sonic characters are usually over the top personification of Western Pop Culture and Music Genres from a Japanese perspective, kinda of an Anthro JoJo if you get what I mean, meanwhile the Freedom Fighters are much more based on the somewhat more DiC Styled Disneylite design of the 80's/90's Anthro cartoons. Highlighting these differences with a conflict between the Serious and Down to Earth Freedom Fighters and the Hammy melodramatic sonic and friends characters is probably the only way to fit them in without completely changing them , maybe in a SA2 styled game
  19. I never said I didn't care about them either, I grew up watching them , I just don't think that you can put them in the games without a lot of issues Knuckles and Team Dark are kinda of an exception, and Knuckles is his own government so he doesn't really count I have some ideas but a lot of them might piss off fans of these characters as I think they need to change a lot about them
  20. A kingdom with a Princess isn't the problem, the problem is the idea that Sonic and Co are associated with it given their in Game portrayal of International and even Interdimensional heroes not bound by any State. And Lost World's roboticization was kinda different as it's closer to mind control than DNA Change , and yes I do know that Bunnie's backstory was changed . And Rotor didn't just take tails role as the Mechanic, he also was portrayed as "Sonic's Bro" for some time due to Tails being written as Sonic's little brother figure rather than his best friend I never said I dislike the FF
  21. The whole cowardly french stereotype is nowadays associated with "overly patriotic muricans who are ignorant about other cultures" That Reboot caused a huge controversy , with many people claiming that it "Ruined" the Freedom Fighters Actually yes, Sonic has too many Rivals at the moment , and that list includes Knuckles Antoine and even Mighty
  22. It's almost as if Tangle and whisper were created with Sonic's lore and style in mind while the Freedom Fighters were created by people who weren't given any info on Sonic besides being a cool fast dude with attitude There's also the fact that stuff Like Sally and Bunnie's backstories would clash heavily with Game Sonic lore, and Rotor's role would clash with Tails , and Antoine would never work in the Post-Bush era where people associate that type of stereotypes with Iraq war supporters.
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