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  1. Sonic's design would be a lot different His Design while Made with a Western taste in mind was heavily influenced by Japanese Style , said style was also influenced by Disney's early work, you could put Japanese Classic Sonic in a lot of retro Kid's Anime and he wouldn't feel out of place like he does in SATam where hes the only Mobian who's fur color isn't realistic This helped create a universal timeless design that's not too cute and not too cool, but balanced Looking at a lot of the American Mascots of the 90's I doubt Sonic would look the way he does today
  2. You have a point about Generations, people were just too impressed by The modern stages to notice With the Boost formula they seem to have put themselves in a corner, they can't make a game too long based on pure 3D Boost Gameplay because that would require ridiculously big levels. So they put stuff like 2D sections, Wisps Werehogs and Classic Sonic to pad things out, people didn't mind Classic Sonic or Wisps the first time because "at least it's not the werehog", but the time Forces came along people were not gonna go easy on them, the Avatar was slightly well received but if they put him in another game without both polishing and evolving his gameplay he would be met with the same negative reaction that those two got A lot of these issues could be solved by limiting Boosting and punishing people more for overusing it so that the levels last longer and they don't need to rely on slower gameplay , they just don't seem confident in their ability to make the 3D levels harder without being too hard for "Crash is as hard as dark Soul " Gaming Critics types, or worse risk the possibility of these levels ending up broken Honestly , just drop the Boost and go back to Sonic's gameplay in the Adventure games
  3. The whole Banjo Vs Steve conflict that was widespread in many sites and forums was a massive toxic waste where people took the smash roster way too personally
  4. I feel like the only one who isn't treating The Roster like Politics and don't care who gets in as long as it's not a non-video Game character
  5. The only 2D game that had Sonic Solo since the 90's was Sonic 4, and that was because of SEGA's overreaction to Sonic 06's Criticism I do agree with you that the count down back then was basically a spit on the face of anyone who likes non Sonic Characters , especially Tails and Knuckles who are Pillars of the genesis era and had every right to be in what was marketed as a sequel to S3&K
  6. Sonic genesis games have a NES era design , its meant to be played over and over again by kids in their free time Kids back in the day spent months on Mario games from what I have heard If it makes you feel better, it took me a real long time to beat Sonic 2
  7. The Deadly Six are essentially everything wrong with the "Turn Sonic Into Blue Mario" era that Colors started Even worse is when you consider how every single cliche they embody was already done before but better in the Franchise, well except for maybe Zazz, they felt like a massive downgrade character wise They should honestly be written off unless if the writers are willing to make them more than one note stereotypes
  8. We have gotten to the point that where stuff like MLP and the New Ducktales cartoon take themselves more seriously than Modern Sonic games , yet we don't see all these critics go insane about it like they do every time Sonic's tone isn't exactly like the teletubbies It honestly comes off as boring out of touch 30's years olds who think that children can't handle anything too dark
  9. Since Knack is a confirmed hybrid in the Japanese Canon meaning that species can mix, couldn't the girl just be a descendant of some Echidna who left the island and had kids with a cat? Then Knuckles would still be the last "full blooded Echidna"
  10. I know that The Knuckles clan was annihilated by Chaos, but that was thousands of years before knuckles was even born Unless if they have biological or resource limitations they surely could have just reproduced enough to prevent this
  11. I still don't know how Knuckles ended up being the last of his kind
  12. It's weird to see how Mature Tails is compared to Characters his age , granted he was always a "kid genius" since his first game but his overall personality makes him feel like 10 years older
  13. It was created by a girl, they usually make their male characters "prettier"
  14. Hi I am new I am pretty sure the white one is a guy
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