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  1. like everybody else in this thread, I was only stating my *opinion* based on my experience and personal preference. I wasn't trying to enforce a law. I don't deserve to be addressed in such a snarky manner.
  2. when I made the comment about sonic's popularity in the 90's, it wasn't just about the fans, it was about the general public. he was more recognisable than mickey mouse during that time. everyone knew who he was. the problems began to surface around '94 in terms of games. I remember reading reviews in magazines that claimed that the formula had gotten stale. this was in regards to 'sonic & knuckles' and 'knuckles chaotix'. I also remember reading comments on fan forums in the early 2000's from people not liking 'sonic adventure 2 battle', and longing for the days of the 2d gameplay. this is probably why the advance series was created. the cartoons were, and still are, always able to remain popular and bring in new fans. I think if all else fails, this is where the focus should be. I can only speak for the uk, but in terms of 'edge', 'adventures of sonic the hedgehog' was always much more popular than 'sat:am'. that should tell us something.. comedy has been part of the brand for a long time now. it wouldn't make sense to abandon that.
  3. I would also argue that sonic's peak in popularity was in the 90's rather than the early 2000's..
  4. I would have thought that the success of sonic mania would have sparked a sequel of completely new zones. the sonic boom cartoon is popular on the uk channel 'pop'. there are a generation who know him from that more than anything else. I think they should scrap the movie idea altogether, and focus on new cartoons in the same style as the 'ok ko' crossover and the first episode of 'mania adventures'. stay away from the 'edge'. no one takes it seriously.
  5. has anyone noticed that the chorus of labyrinth zone sounds similar to 'best of my love' by the emotions? I wonder if it was intentional or coincidental?
  6. okay, sorry lol. i'll check it out! edit: oh, I loved it! it's so great to hear this stuff outside the fandom. really put a smile on my face again, sonic 1 is timeless!
  7. i appreciate the tribute, but I thought the bass keys for 'green hill zone' were off. they're crucial for driving the song. still, the fact that it's covered so much shows how timeless it is
  8. just heard that 'ok ko' has been cancelled. was really hoping the crossover episode would spark a new sonic series in the vein of 'adventures of'
  9. i'd be interested in knowing how you all would describe sonic's personality in 'adventures of sonic the hedgehog'
  10. sonic was never mean to tails in 'adventures of'. quite the opposite, he was like a responsible parental figure as well as a friend. he enjoyed outsmarting badniks, was impatient, wise-cracking, and laid back. that was his 'attitude', but he was likeable. he had a heart and genuinely cared for others, putting them before himself. no problem was to small or big
  11. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. I will admit that the second preview had me worried (it's still my least favourite part of the episode), but the rest felt more like an episode of 'adventures of' to me just shows how much of an impact that series had. I would definitely be in favour of a reboot or a continuation of this style and format. my only other issue is that I feel sonic's voice should be much higher.
  12. that's why I appreciated amy's gameplay in the 'advance' series. she was able to navigate sonic's environment in her own way without being a clone.
  13. i was about to post that clip, ha. again, it reinforces the idea that anyone can do what sonic does. that his abilities can be 'learned', and are not unique to him also, sonic being egotistical, and approving of someone worshipping him is off putting, and not in line with the character I know. I have to say that I do love the colours and animation i'll still wait until the rest is posted before judging it fully..
  14. the prospect of seeing sonic in what I assume is hand-drawn, 2d animation, brings a warm feeling the fact that it looks colourful and light hearted is a bonus for me. not long to go now!
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