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  1. unpopular opinion- tails flying a plane is the same as sonic driving a car; unnecessary. what makes them both unique is the way they're able to function without vehicles.
  2. I don't like other characters in the games because they are often given sonic's abilities, plus their own on top of that. making him redundant in his own series. it started with tails being a clone in sonic 2. it takes away from what made sonic a unique individual in the first place. the only thing I didn't like in the 'ok ko' crossover episode was that the heroes were all able to spin-dash. I actually didn't mind amy's gameplay in the advance series. she was able to navigate sonic's environment in her own way. as far as the tone of everything goes, I just think that when things are; serious, complicated, dark, and edgy, it takes away from the fun aspect. for me anyway. I think preference depends on when the individual was first introduced to sonic. for me it was the original game and 'adventures of'. I do see hope for the future though, if they go in the direction of the recent cartoons (first episode of 'mania adventures' and 'ok ko' crossover).
  3. I would have liked for him to have kept the figure 8/ peel out move from cd and chaos. not sure if they're canon though..
  4. I think the art got weird after the initial Japanese/European for sonic in 1991, where they permanently placed his left pupil in the middle of his 'uni-eye'.
  5. I think the whole 'heroes vs villains' concept is tired in general, not just in sonic games. there are other possible stories to tell that don't involve conflict. I find that boss battles slow things down. i'm not saying robotnik should be removed, but maybe he could be used in a different way? I actually like the sonic 1/cd hybrids created by fans, and the sonic runners format, that take on a more obstacle course style of gameplay. for me, it's about the speed, platforming, and exploration. anything else is baggage in my opinion.
  6. I think actor Jason weaver could voice sonic in any future cartoons. I saw a recent interview with him, and he still sounds quite youthful. I think he could do a similar job as Jaleel white. unpopular opinions I would prefer sonic's world to be colourful, light-hearted, without any complicated plots or 'deep motives' I think 'adventures of' best captured sonic's personality, tails' origins, and the friendship between the two I think sonic should be the only playable character in the games
  7. going back to the basics means having just sonic as the only playable character. which I would love of course i'll take it further and say that there doesn't need to be a villain at all. the game could take a more obstacle course type approach, like some fan hacks I've seen.
  8. I was speaking of the uk. 'adventures of' was shown in repeats over a decade after it originally aired, on multiple stations. it has also made the transition into digital formats such as Netflix, iTunes, and amazon. not only was it heavily referenced in the recent 'ok ko' crossover, but also in 'sonic boom'. it's basically the 'sonic 1' of the cartoons over here. 'sonic boom' is currently popular. time will tell whether it's able to sustain a legacy beyond this era.. I think 'spinball' and '3d' had the potential to inject some freshness into the games at the time. they just weren't executed in the right way. 'spinball' was dark and crude and didn't control well (I won't even comment on the music 😮 ). '3d' lacked the speed - which was essential to the games in general. I don't count 'chaotix' because it's not a sonic game..
  9. sonic 1 is not slow. it's just that for the most part, speed is not given to you, it's earned. it's momentum based, through memorisation and repeated playing. exploring and finding alternate paths that either lead you to short cuts, or extra rings and power ups. there are many ways to play the game. at first glance sonic's abilities may seem limited, however, various combinations can produce a continuous flow of choreography, transforming hazardous zones into playful obstacle courses. knowing what to do at the right time makes a big difference. i feel entirely responsible for what sonic does. there's a great sense of accomplishment after an act is completed. green hill zone is looked at as one of the best designed stages in gaming history by critics to this day. I personally wish the same attention was given to starlight and spring yard zones. labyrinth, and the 3rd act of scrap brain , are the only zones that can't be sped through - despite there being short cuts. sonic's in game animation and title screen appearance, is the same as the European/Japanese boxart; cute. even more so is the 'baby sonic' that appears after you get a continue in the special stage. sonic's friends trapped inside the badniks are also cute. even the majority of the badniks themselves such as; the motobug, buzz bomber, crabmeat, etc are deceptively cute. in my own experience, it was the younger children who were more interested in sonic than the mid to late teens. he wasn't in the same category as the x-men. he wasn't exactly winnie the pooh either, but kind of in the middle, like a superhero version of Alvin from the chipmunks. that's not to say that he didn't have 'attitude'. sure, he was impatient, liked to show off, and make wisecracks, but I would never describe him as arrogant or self centred. he was playful, fun, and likeable. he was compassionate; putting others before himself. he became a surrogate parent to tails and his viewers. there was a range from the beginning. of course, i'm basing this on the 'adventures of' cartoon. I feel that was the first, and most lasting insight into the character beyond the game. if sonic actually had fangs, played in a rock band, and a girlfriend named Madonna... I wouldn't be interested at all. regardless of the ideas thrown around during the planning stages, it's the final product that was initially produced that I judge. as I stated before, I think he was a victim of false advertising in the American/uk commercials.
  10. classic (1991 only) and wacky (adventures of, and mania episode 1 only)
  11. like everybody else in this thread, I was only stating my *opinion* based on my experience and personal preference. I wasn't trying to enforce a law. I don't deserve to be addressed in such a snarky manner.
  12. I would also argue that sonic's peak in popularity was in the 90's rather than the early 2000's..
  13. I would have thought that the success of sonic mania would have sparked a sequel of completely new zones. the sonic boom cartoon is popular on the uk channel 'pop'. there are a generation who know him from that more than anything else. I think they should scrap the movie idea altogether, and focus on new cartoons in the same style as the 'ok ko' crossover and the first episode of 'mania adventures'. stay away from the 'edge'. no one takes it seriously.
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