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    I am quite a big Sonic fan, owning most of the games, comics, toys, statues, etc.

    I like other things as well, kinda like Megaman, Spider-man, and old gaming systems.

    I also enjoy running with my dog!
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  1. So, I have no idea how to work this site. Anyone want to give tips on how to use it?

    1. Sly4Good


      Hiya! Right now you're in the status updates, where all the insanity happens. Over to your left there are a bunch of subsections with different topics and threads you can post in. For example, if you want to talk about Sonic Lost World, click "Sonic Lost World (2013)" in the "Upcoming Games & News" topic, then click a thread you'd like to post in, such as "Sonic Lost World - Music Thread". In order to post, on the bottom of the thread there's a...

    2. Sly4Good


      *There's a "Reply to this topic" box, where you can post your overall thoughts and feelings of the topic of a thread. Hope this helps!

  2. Well, I was redirected here because I am sorta new, and don't have much to do. If anyone wants to give me some pointers...
  3. Jeez it's been a while! Anyone know where newbies can get together to talk? I don't get on much because I don't have much to do.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      We're all noobs here.

    2. Dr. Homem

      Dr. Homem

      Head over to the Introduction Topic, I'm sure you'll find it to be useful:

  4. Just heard about the Sonic reboot rumor, and I REALLY hope it's fake...

    1. Goldenlink64


      links or it didn't happen?

    2. Ichigo75XBL
    3. Goldenlink64


      Oh hey, it's TSSZ, the same site that spawned "Sonic Dimensions" and a lot of other untrue crap about Sonic. Most of us on here generally disregard any rumors that come from TSSZ because they almost always turn out to be false.

    4. Big Boss (legendsneverdie)
    5. Ichigo75XBL


      I love you guys!!!

  5. I actually loved Sonic Colors! Everything about the game, the music, gameplay, graphics, and even the jokes combined to make it a game that I really love today. Yeah colors has its flaws. kinda like blocky levels instead of curved or the fact that anything after act 1 of each zone is just a bunch of extra missions. I also can't forget about the recycling of the boss fights in that game either. When it comes to Unleashed though... I really didn't like it that much. I guess the fact is that I didn't much care for the constant emphasis on speed and not much platforming. The boost in Unleashed just felt like it had to be pressed at all times, and if you weren't pressing, you were doing something wrong. That, and the fact that the werehog become a very monotonous chore as the game progressed.
  6. The Sonic Avatars are now available if anyone is still interested in them!
  7. While it sounds nice, I already have a signed unused story board from Steven Butler on the Sonic X comic, so I think I'll pass!
  8. I am still waiting for those avatars! Well, I guess I could finish off Banjo Tooie while I wait... In all seriousness though, does anyone know when those Sonic 4 avatars will be out?
  9. Super excited about SA2 coming to HD!!!

    1. FourCartridge


      Hope they made 2P mode online.

    2. Yoko/葉子
  10. Wait... Wha... lol BUT I GOT'S TO AGREE!!!

  11. Just got done S ranking everything in Sonic Generations!

  12. Personally I thought SA2 was better than SA1 because SA2 seemed more stable to me. Running along a platform as Sonic in Speed highway, and then I fall right throught the thing! Gliding in Lost World as Knuckles, drop to the floor and then fall right through it into oblivion! Flying as Tails in Windy Valley, Hit an invisible wall and then fall to my death I could go on, but you guys get the idea. I love this game, it's just that SA1 is incredibly buggy in comparison to it's brother. But that's why I like SA2 more!
  13. I have always enjoyed SA2, and I actually used to own five copies of the game! I think what made the game for me was the Sonic level's, as I can boot up the game once in a while and play his stages to death. When looking at the treasure hunting and mechs in comparison... they are not bad, but they're not nearly as enticing as the speed stages. All in all though, I really enjoyed SA2 and would recommend just about anyone to play through the game at least once. Sonic Adventure is sort of the same way to me, I really enjoyed the speed stages as Sonic and Tails. I sorta enjoyed playing as Knuckles, Amy, and Gamma, but I absolutely hated playing as Big (even if he is voiced by Duke Nukem lol). The only game that has come close to SA2 for me personally has been Sonic Colors. I had so much fun with that game... Anyways, I just thought I would let other know that the Sonic Adventure duology is worth a least one run through; especially if you want to play with the chao!
  14. So... does anyone else think Sonic Colors was an amazing game?

    1. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      *raises three tentacles*

    2. Rave


      I don't.

    3. Soniman


      Anyone here? Pffffft nope.

      (i think its great though)

    4. Komodin


      I do.

      Problem, Adventure fanboys?

    5. Solkia


      wouldn't know.

    6. KHCast


      Ehh, It's a fun game.

    7. Vee SA55

      Vee SA55

      I do~*Raises hand*

    8. Chaos Warp

      Chaos Warp

      I think it's a awesome game, yes.

    9. Chaos Warp

      Chaos Warp

      But Gens is better though.

    10. Crow the BOOLET
    11. Shoot em up Capbusta

      Shoot em up Capbusta

      fun,but not amazing

    12. Penny


      Never played it


      but I want to.

    13. Stritix


      It was shit imo.

    14. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg


    15. #AR
    16. spaceman022
    17. Ichigo75XBL


      Because I liked it more than Generations, and so did a lot of my friends. The only thing that I didn't much care for was the story.

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