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  1. As the title says, let's share codes for our Mario Maker 2 levels! This way the other Mario Maker 2 thread can remain dedicated to general discussion and news about the game itself, while this thread can be specifically for level sharing. I'll kick things off with my re-creations of Sonic levels! These are intended to be of average difficulty - no Kaizo techs or anything like that are necessary. First off is Green Hill Zone: SX9-5WC-97G Here's a preview video of it in action. The level covers act 1, with the act 3 boss tacked onto the end. I also did both acts of Angel Island Zone. Act 1: 4DX-854-84G Act 2: VWL-DBC-B1G For all three of these levels I had to make some concessions due to space constraints imposed by Mario Maker (especially vertical space), but fortunately I was able to include pretty much all the iconic setpieces like loops and S-tunnels. Enjoy; I look forward to playing your levels as well!
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