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  1. It goes both ways. You're still dancing around what he said. Everyone else on the "New Amy is the best" club actually took the time to explain themselves. While you just twist people's words and avoid answers.
  2. You must be a professional at finding a small part of what someone says and twisting it. Because he never said "having kids". He said "kids" in general. Never mind the two other things you chose to straight up ignore.
  3. Tell me how I was wrong. I don't mean that in an arrogant-"prove me wrong" way. I actually want to know so I know how to avoid this in the future. Because I honestly didn't mean it in THAT way ( even though something tells me that the other dude knew I didn't, but still, he/she might've really took it the wrong way)
  4. No, you're the one who is trying to make this big leap in logic that's not as big as you're making it. It's called a real-life connection. They teach you in school how to do those in argumentative essays with fictional stories to get in the character's head and world. There's no "equivalence". Wtf are you talking about?
  5. Far from it. I'm using a real-life situation to make you understand where I'm coming from.
  6. I mean, that's the basis for a selfless character and hero. Are you going to complain about MLK's speeches because all it did was motivate others?
  7. I think, the stark contrast between Amy and Sonic was when Amy stopped Sonic from destroying Gamma. I already explained that what made her sweetness tick for me personally was its contrast with her temper.
  8. That's the best response I've seen so far. But since people brought it up, I don't think too much about her old crush. I don't think it was ever that deep like how people made it. This is series is first and foremost for children and about blue hedgehogs in shoes. Of course it's going to get silly. I don't mind her crush being sidelined at all for her better traits- because I want is actually more of her Gamma and Shadow scenes. I just don't know how getting rid of all her traits=maturity.
  9. It's kind of annoying how everytime you bring up Amy's current personality, everyone jumps to the assumption that you want her to be obssesed about Sonic. That's not what I meant at all. I tried my best to avoid even mentioning it yet you still took it there. It is gone. BOOM Amy's personality isn't. But regular Amy's is. I don't see what difference you see, or how you could see a difference, since she's barely in the games.
  10. Uh yah dude. That's what this post is about lmao. I barely brought up the crush so I'm not sure why you did. She had her own story in SA1 where she hid a bird from a robot. It was shown that she lived in Station Square. She definitely been had a life outside of Sonic. Most examples people bring up are just flanderizations. I called new Amy bland because they got rid of her personality to make her seem "mature". Tell me what Amy's done in the past three games. She just sits there on a device now.
  11. I mean, when you're a kid, you'd probably watch Dark Knight for the action, not the themes. I'd argue that she had an important role in SA2 for turning Shadow to help the others, which led to his sacrifice. In SA1, she helped Gamma turn against Eggman.
  12. No, being "nice" isn't what made those two scenes out. They stood out because their moments made the villains think about and reconsider their purpose, which ultimately leads to the culmination of their stories
  13. Amy still triggers those memories. She had more traits than just "being nice". Her temper was a nice contrast to it which is what makes it interesting
  14. It's more than twice. I elaborated more in my previous quotes. And like I told StaticMania, Amy felt bad for Gamma because Eggman forgot to put feelings in him, and that's what makes him think. Gamma was just "born", so what memories are being triggered for him?
  15. I don't see why those scenes had to be anything more than Amy being nice to the bad guys. "Eggman forgot to put feelings in you" Then she tells Shadow how everyone's not bad (can't remember quotes). I don't know, maybe I just don't know good writing. But I thought these were pretty good, and I'm someone who thinks the Adventure stories are overrated.
  16. I said it before, and I'll say it again. It's not just being nice if it happens on the regular. Sa1 and Sa2 aren't well written. But I respect the moments for what they're meant to be
  17. My point exactly. Her niceness was her best trait for me. You can't say she was just being nice those few instances when it happens on a regular. I can. They changed the course of the course of the story by making both change their ways.
  18. Amy was "cute and full of energy", as she would call herself in Adventure. But I don't know what she'd call herself nowadays, except "bland". I get trying to have her "mature" (which she was never as bad as people made her out to be in the games imo) but couldn't you have done that without taking her whole personality? She's so boring now. The last time she ever did anything was Unleashed. Nowadays she's just... there. Like I said, I feel like people really exaggerated her crush on Sonic. They saw Sonic X and used that interpretation on everything. Her crush was only emphasized for jokes like in Heroes. People talk about her chasing Sonic but they never talk about her speech to Shadow about how not all humans are bad. Or turned Gamma against Eggman through kind words. Or had a robot chase her throughout the entire story just to protect this bird. And then put the hurt on him when he finally got to it. Amy was a sweet character whose bad side you wouldn't want to get on. If Old Amy was "immature" and New Amy is mature, shoot, give me immaturity any day. Amy used to have been my only problem with the IDW comics. She felt like Sally 2.0 to me. Then someone told me it because she was overworked since she's the only Sonic character besides Knuckles that would be leader. That made alot of sense to me.
  19. Ken just announced that he's on the verge of finishing the Lara-Su Chronicles on Twitter. Thoughts?
  20. Ken's been quiet lately, thankfully, but now he's started to reply to people talking about his asexual comments on Twitter again. Remember, his quiet phases came before his initial asexual/Sally/Geoffrey comments. Stay tuned.
  21. I meant how Sony and Penders both are ripping their characters from established canon and making their own installments that are not in the same universe but still experienced the same events (or something?).
  22. Is it me or isn't the conflict with Sony/Spider-Man/Disney just like the incident with Penders/Archie?
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