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  1. Streaming Life is Strange 


  2. I'm so mad that the Infinite theme slaps so much. What a good theme song for such a meh villain.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      Same can be said for much of the Sonic ‘06 soundtrack, where I’m convinced that most of the budget for the game went to the absolutely fantastic music. Meanwhile, ehh... We all know what happened with the game itself.

  3. ADVENTURE INTENSIFIES For Adventure, Isn't it mixed genres depending? Some of it had rock and jazz cues but it really depended on the level and character theme. Amy's theme is a little jazzy, Knuckles a little rap, Eggman is slightly industrial, Sonic's is rock, I THINK Tails's is pop(?), Shadow was straight up industrial no bones about it (all his themes are... and now I can't help but imagine him in rivethead gear). My best guess is: Experimental. For Classic, it would be general video game music I would think? But I think a lot of it is inspired by Japanese pop at the time.
  4. This is like the delusions of a raving madman. I also hate that this isn't the worst thing he's tweeted. (I'm just going to pretend everything he said about poor Sally is wrong and never happened.)
  5. That's fine, I apologize for coming off harsh. Agreed. It's just a cute cartoon-y styles. There's a time and a place for the Young Justice style and this isn't it. I feel like the backlash for modern day cartoonists nowadays being called "The Calarts" style is awfully catty and definitely a millennial sentiment of people who miss the zany 90's style of cartoons. Or the more serious look of Batman TAS. But then again I am a millennial. I think because I spent time in art school seeing so many young artists with different styles looking to make it big (myself included), that I don't feel like being harsh on animators because I have the inability to detach it from seeing real people. It's a hard industry to get into, let alone work in. I think the style is simple and cute, and to tell its story, that's all it needs to be.
  6. *watches Zim trailer, immediately puts on eyeliner and Gir t-shirt* In all seriousness these both look good. But god my nostalgia is getting spoiled! I wasn't as big into Rocko as I was into other stuff growing up, but I still am anticipating seeing it. I had fun with the Hey Arnold movie, my only turn off was the animation style felt off to me for whatever reason.
  7. Very cool stuff you got going on here guys!
  8. Yikes it's like reading John K's blog circa 2009. "I hate these cartoons these days they're all so hideous."
  9. One of the biggest flaws to me is the limitations of the character creator. You could have done SO much and they don't expand or use much creativity at all. All of the background characters and created characters just in general do not look good either, stylistically. There's a lot of untapped potential here. It's an excellent idea that should not go to waste. Expand and improve.
  10. I mean I could stream Life is Strange or play Sonic Mania... but but... I could also take a nap.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      Naps come in short supply nowadays. Take 'em while you got 'em.

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Stream your nap. People would pay to see that.

  11. So I'm waiting for Carole and Tuesday to hit Netflix, I'm debating on watching that one. I hear it's good. My dumbass has yet to see Revolutionary Girl Utena so I guess I need to do that as well. Zombieland Saga may or may not also be on the table. Thoughts?
  12. @Failinhearts Aaaah I see Danganronpa! One of my favorite series!! Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too @tailsBOOM!
  13. She's mid T-posing. In all seriousness she looks adorable. I'm also going to pat myself on the back because my Katakana is still pretty good.
  14. I would have killed to have been on the animation team for this. I have never seen an episode of OK KO in my life but now I desperately want to. The animation style is so adorable and I love the way they draw and animate Sonic.
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