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  1. It's all in how big Lara is. Since she's further away, any edits will look relatively normal without really deep scrutiny.
  2. Ah yes, somehow this is the picture used instead of the actual book. This is from a user named Ameth12 on DeviantArt, who basically MS Painted over Sally and Julie with Amy and Tikal and did minimal edits to the kids. He also painted over Mina but I forget who with. He has... issues let's say, and leave it at that.
  3. Donuts. The Simpsons 2 confirmed. See it's easy to stretch logic, lets not jump on every little thing. The trailer will come out when it comes out. EDIT: Phone posting is hard when the keyboard decides to go away and you hit post trying to get it back.
  4. My friend Matt from high school was able to parse what they were using math and estimated height, but that was years ago and I forgot his findings.
  5. I don't think that's how Penders is using Marks. If it is than comic Julie is seven feet tall at 84 marks.
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