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  1. FUN FACT: The PSA's were actually supposed to be in the first issue as well, but Yardley didn't know that Butler didn't end up doing them. Also Blaze's Mantle is actually her coat, not her necklace. I know this because I had to look it up back in the day.
  2. This is a bit of a simplification. Yes the characters change from show to show, but there's always character to them (outside of most the cyberverse cast) and as long as that exists, it can be played off of. Arguing they don't stay the same really doesn't matter at that point.
  3. FUN FACT: Did you know that the final letter was originally supposed to be from Rosie about Uncle Chuck?
  4. Issue 125, when he trys to glide over to help Sonic and falls flat on his face.
  5. Have they announced Randell? I thought that part was unverified.
  6. FUN FACT: SEGA Actually wouldn't allow the use of Cream the Rabbit until some time into Ian's run, therefore the Sonic Grams answer was more a really bad deflection than anything. On the matter of Tommy, his character being the most hated mostly comes down to timing and how much focus they forced onto him. He was introduced as an important person in Sonic's life that was supposed to die in a heroic sacrifice. That alone isn't too bad. But then they give 3 issues to rescuing him because he's not dead. He then gets inserted into the group and no one, but no one knew what to do with him. Penders gave it an effort but that only made it worse. Ian's first goal was to kill the character off for good, and that ironically was the action that finally gave the character purpose. It also had the side effect of making one of the most hated characters in the book the Catalyst for The Great Harmony, a Massively Important point in the Pre-Reboot Continuity.
  7. Grabbed this one in a screenshot in case he deletes it, but somehow Penders has replied to the wrong thread. Though we now know that Enerjak is his favorite I guess, didn't really do much with him if we're being honest.
  8. So he's renaming the Echidnaopolis Security Team and the Dark Legion. I can understand the first one given he wants to pretend they're not Echidna anymore, but why change the Dark Legion? That's a fine enough name, sounds a little corny, but still does the job. Cyberdark Colony just sounds so tryhard and doesn't really strike the same chord with me.
  9. I find myself liking characters with potential a lot more than most people. I mean my second favorite Sonic character is Julie-Su, who barely got to do anything before Ian, and still didn't get much due to where the story tended to focus. So I'm a Sally fan despite all the dumb plots that Penders put her through because I could see where Karl wanted to go with her and that caught my interest. By that time though Ian was already working us towards Genesis, and Mecha Sally, so I was prepared to not see it, which ended up being the case since Karl was let go.
  10. Oh dear lord the stache has evolved to weird creepy guy at the 7-11 levels of bad. Also Spectre looks like he's spacing out really really bad.
  11. Not to mention the special that never saw the light of day outside The Spaz Sketchbook.
  12. FUN FACT: Mitre, the spiritual leaders of the Echidna, are named after the Popes pointy hat.
  13. FUN FACT: The Sonic Adventure 2 adaptation was a SEGA mandate, that ended up pushing the plans for all issues after it back by one. So the plot of issue 100 was actually supposed to be issue 99, and 101 was to be 100. FUN FACT 2: I also used to think that issue 99's cover had a robot arm on it, but it's actually just Mina's glove's design. Strange isn't it?
  14. They mean Superhero Movie, since Sonic is only number 5 on the list of highest grossing films of 2020.
  15. Advance 3 came out in 2004, Heroes came out in 2003.
  16. I have heard people say that, several times throughout my life. It's either an older phrase or regional dialect, but is not something to point out as strange at this point. There's plenty of other stuff in this issue that needs scrutiny.
  17. Fun Fact: Did you know, when reprinting the Sonic Adventure arc for the Graphic Novels and Archives, they went back during Knuckles first encounter with Tikal to make her actually look like Tikal? Before... After. Also given they got Tikal's name right here, it's most likely that Tical was a typo.
  18. I don't know. She's Radical Edward from Bebop though.
  19. Personally I'd think Melissa Fahn would make a good Tangle.
  20. https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/1285319750927609856 So safe bet that he's missed yet another deadline he's set for himself. I can't imagine how he feels busier now than when he was actually held to a deadline.
  21. Read the Annual at 3 AM today... my heart. I wasn't ready for Bigs story, or Nite the Owl. Reflections is also an interesting piece.
  22. It's all in how big Lara is. Since she's further away, any edits will look relatively normal without really deep scrutiny.
  23. Ah yes, somehow this is the picture used instead of the actual book. This is from a user named Ameth12 on DeviantArt, who basically MS Painted over Sally and Julie with Amy and Tikal and did minimal edits to the kids. He also painted over Mina but I forget who with. He has... issues let's say, and leave it at that.
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