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  1. I never said I disliked Sonic's personality.
  2. 1. It would make Amy the happiest she's ever been. 2. It would make SonAmy fans' days. 3. It would remove Sonic's debatable "shyness", making him 100% hero. 4. Sonic would have a roof over his head. 5. It would benefit their world, as since they'll likely have their own kids, they'd probably inherit some of their heroic traits, thus, new heroes would be born. 6. Story-wise, it could take the games in an interesting direction. 7. Sonic would feel proud if he helped bless the world with a new hero or more in the long run. 8. Sonic Team teases it to no end. 9. It would make for some interesting character development for both hedgehogs, something I'm sure we all miss, right? For example, Sonic could realise that running from every situation/problem/dilemma doesn't always make them go away, and that you need to deal with them properly. 10. Amy might lose her short tempered side, since she'd have Sonic as her partner. So, do you agree, or disagree? If so, why?
  3. I thought that was just in News tabloids.
  4. You know, it's extremely easy to believe what you say without any source to back it up.
  5. Clearly, you haven't heard of the "Sega does what Nintendon't!" slogan.
  6. Yes, Sonic has had educational stuff here and there, but that's not what he stands for overall. For that reason, I find it absurd that he has educational games in the first place. Also, the bit about you saying most of the characters are cute talking animals and asking what I expect is pretty shallow; Happy Tree Friends has cute talking animals, but tonally, it's dramatically different from Sonic. It's like you're saying they can't have depth because of their appearances. And you saying Cream fits perfectly into the series than "overly edgy" characters is just your opinion (which I respect) and shows your ignorance; Sonic was designed to be the Anti-Mario, and as such, was meant to be edgy and cool.
  7. Not really. Just for her to be 100% robot, unlike Bunnie Rabbot, and perhaps even one of Eggman's robot minions, since we don't get a whole lot of villains.
  8. The comic page you showed both holds water, but doesn't at the same time; On one hand, it shows there's more to Cream then meets the eye, but on the other hand, what she did, while noble, was pretty foolish, because the kid got snatched by a villain, adding to my kidnapping point. Sonictrainer, what are your thoughts on my 4th point?
  9. I hope one day, Eggman successfully captures Cream, and turns her into a robot minion of his. Before you leave the blog, or send a comment like "HOW COULD YOU??! GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!", let me explain;I like Cream as a stand alone character, as well as rabbits in general, but (provided you're familiar with her personality) I don't feel like she fits into the Sonic franchise very well;1. She doesn't physically fight, like, at all. Before you bring up Cheese, he's just a companion who does the fighting for the bunny. On top of this, I read on Sonic Retro.com that Sega said Cream doesn't fight because it would ruin her reputation as a little girl. 2. Cries as often as an infant. "But she's just six!" I hear you shout. Well, fair enough I suppose, but look at Charmey and Marine; the former is also six, and while pretty whiny (e.g. "Let me try!" "Let me go, I wanna play!"), he's part of a gosh darn detective agency, and, being a bee, has a physical stinging attack. As for the latter, she's only one year older than Cream, hasn't shed a single tear (from what I've seen anyway), and is more in depth then the rabbit, what with having an ambition of becoming a pirate and much more out-going by comparison.3. Gets kidnapped quite a lot, including her debut (Advance 2), and the first two Sonic X episodes. First impression is key, and I don't think this would intrigue much consumers; they'd probably just be like "😴 another damsel in distress, how original(!)"4. Speaks in a somewhat "Goo Ga Chu" way, addressing everyone as "Mr." or "Miss", and even addressingher mother Vanilla as "Mama", such as in X and Free Riders. Again, you can type "she's only six" until your fingers hurt, but Charmey, also being 6, doesn't have that voice, and doesn't refer to his comrades as "Mr." or "Miss", making him fit in more as a Sonic character.5. Is far too innocent, cutesy and happy-go-lucky for her own good, that she'd boardaline feel right at home in a pre-school show like Teletubies, Dora, Barney, Care Bears, or something along those lines, adding to my "Goo Ga Chu" point I made earlier. In conclusion, she's pretty useless and unfitting for the Sonic series in her current state to me. But I think a little Robotisization treatment from Eggman can help fix that problem, as she wouldn't just be (subjectively I suppose) more interesting as a character, but the series will have a new villain, which I think will be a breath of fresh air, considering there's far too many heroes to count. I'm not against the character roster like some other people, but I think a new reacurring villain would add a nice twist to this series. Plus, I think "Cream The Robot" has a cooler ring to it, and that's what the Sonic series was supposed to be from day one, the Anti-Mario. Hell, she might even be a little more competent than Orbot and Cubot or Infinite. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
  10. I wasn't trolling, I was just sharing a suggestion of what might be best for Tails, since he can't look after himself in games like Unleashed and Forces, and also based my suggestion loosely on a couple of episodes from Sonic shows and fan comic (2nd Chances) where Sonic briefly lets go of Tails as a sidekick. In the former, he tries to find him a foster home, and in the latters, fires the fox out of protection. Not to sound rude, but do they ring any bells?
  11. Crash and Sonic arn't too different from each other, but that's a blog for another day.
  12. Kids are also Crash Bandicoot's primary demographic, but that franchise had school as a story element a couple of times, namely Academy Of Evil in Twinsanity, and Evil Public School in Mind Over Mutant.
  13. That those people don't seem to be taking Tails' status into consideration, and arn't thinking about what the aftermath could be; they're effectively putting the child's life at dangerous risk. To quote SammyClassicSonicFan; "When will you learn that your actions have consequences?".
  14. "People like Tails, they want him to be involved." Yeah, and potential kill himself in the process, having their hopes backfire. I find those people a little narrow minded and selfish for my tastes. They just seem to be thinking about what they want instead of looking at this from a different perspective and considering what's best for Tails. He's only 8 years old after all. You can argue Charmy all you want, what with him being 2 years younger and that, but he's proven he can defend himself multiple times, such as in Sonic Heroes. Plus, he has a paid job as a detective - Remember "We never turn down work that pays.", per chance? - so he definitely doesn't need school.
  15. I also think you've forgotten about a certain period in the Archie comics where Sonic and Co. went to school. In another issue (136, I think?) Tails was seen studying for finals, and looked very relaxed while doing so.
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