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  1. I will give Penders the benefit of the doubt on this one. Both drawings have their differences so I don't think he was copying. Heavily referenced, maybe.
  2. What would the class even involve? With Ken's... bad habits that we observed so far...? I mean we seen this guy copy and paste images that are not his which is a big no. Trace/Copy images. Reuse drawings. His coloring is to be desired much for much for a graphic novel. He keeps change, or rewriting plotlines influenced by what's going on now rather for going for something timeless. I'm sorry Penders, is this what you're going to teach? Granted maybe layout and scripting seems like something, but... I rather learn from someone else.
  3. I remember that. I was part of the forms before they went down. I believe it was Fini-Mun design?
  4. Ken needs to look at what animation is currently out there. Not even close to the style of LSC. Like a lot of things need to change for it work in a 2d or 3d animation. Unless it's a so bad it's good, poorly animated 3D animation... Then I could see a lot people watching it.
  5. Some compare contrast might be good. Here's something I'm working on for mermay. The beginning process is messy, so I forgive Penders there. Plus he can fix any mistakes with his character at this stage. I'm not happy with my character's hair, so I may change that. I do agree that Penders needs to plan out more. Have character sheets of each character and sketch out multiple sketches before deciding on a final one. He may also want to adapt new art techniques. Here I scribbled with a mouse to get the base pose down which also oddly enough helps with anatomy? I also suggest putting down the background color, and the base character color (as in fill in the whole character that color). Here I have the background green because the character is in a pond. His base color will be white because he's a koi mermaid. Also I just suggest putting down each base color (eyes, clothes, hair), then doing the shading and lighting. It just way easier that way because you can clip shading and lighting layers to the base color.
  6. Ken can't make up his mind on how Julie Su looks. I'm on my phone right now, but I'm pretty sure she look different. Also less is more, and some Clip Art tutorials can help. There's texture brushes he can use. Also reference a few faces than taking Mackie's face. Draw a few until you're happy with the results, you lazy man.
  7. I don't even know what the lighting is on that drawing. 2 am. I did this quickly. Made mistakes, but I remember back so many things I critique Penders on twitter. Hopefully this image will sum it up.
  8. So I quickly did this. See if did overlap showing that he did trace... it didn't so I put them side-by-side. There are some differences that you have to look for (Julie-Su hair, face, and legs; Lara-Su legs, both seem wider...) . So Penders probably did draw this without tracing, but still doesn't excuse the copying. If he did trace it, then he probably warped it. If anyone can do this better, please do so.
  9. Goddammit Penders. One of these days I'm going to redraw one of these covers. I'm not the best... but there's is so much wrong. Why are some of the characters in the back staring into my soul? Get rid of them if they're not focusing on the center point of the piece. It's too crowded. I think Ethan Becker said we need to at least draw a picture three times until we get to our finish point. Each time we learn our mistakes and carry that knowledge to the next, Penders does the opposite and continues to do those 'mistakes'.
  10. Fan Art is illegal to sell. However most artist get away with selling their fan work (unless it's Disney). Unless it affects their underline, mostly companies don't care because a small artist selling fanart doesn't affect them. Ken Penders however may be a special case. I'm not just talking about using M25YL again. SEGA may not care about that considering all the fan projects I see going around. Just look at Esty. I'm more looking at the stock and traced images he has in his LSC comic (with the pages he's shown so far). Someone could send Penders a cease and desist if he used a copyrighted photograph without a license to use it. Here some videos: seanwes tv 142: Can I Sell Fan Art? Ponder Sprocket: Adventures in Critiquing - Rain on Sunny Day
  11. The eye is mostly iris. It would probably look better if it was smaller and there was a sclera (white part). Just something I noticed from my cat, but the iris and sclera do have a dark line separating the two. It may also help if Penders didn't only put a highlight in the pupil. I notice that's a habit of his. Putting some highlight to the iris and sclera can make all the difference. I posted this drawing on my tumblr a bit back. Not the the best... but I tried. There are other things that could be picked at on the pannel. Mostly it doesn't look done. The.. echyd'na? isn't shaded with the cat guy.
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