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  1. Ah... that art for that print need some clean up badly! Like there's some coloring outside the lines... I so hope he didn't print those out already.
  2. ...No PPE? Like there's a lot that bothers me here, but the lack of PPE is the main one considering there's a brain sticking out.
  3. I found Sonic Chronicles trademark (Not copyright.) https://search.ipaustralia.gov.au/trademarks/search/view/1216958?q=sonic+chronicles http://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4806:eoaath.2.1 So... the situation maybe different for this game and characters?
  4. I think I said this before, but fanart/fanworks are illegal. However free advertisement, companies tend to look away. So long as it doesn't affect their bottom line, companies don't care. SEGA doesn't (legally) acknowledge the Sonic Fan Hacking contest because of this. Disney, Blizzard, Nintendo, are some companies that have taken down fanart/fanworks. Disney at cons stopping the selling of artwork. Blizzard with taking down lewd work of Overwatch characters. Nintendo with Pokemon fan games. SEGA if they wanted can send a cease and desist to Penders, or take down his app in the future for copyright infringement.
  5. Is there sources on this? Because that doesn't sound right. Are we sure Archie owns copyright over some designs? I know that you can get a license to create for that company, to use their copyrights... Sonic the Animation and Sonic X was still made under a studio owned by a parent company Sega Sammy Holdings. So SEGA still had copyright there. However, I don't know if Japan's copyrights system works the same as the US. Don't forget Sonic Boom and Archie making a comic for that too. Ken Penders.. I'm not sure about the whole Evil Sonic situation. I don't think he's a derivative work, nor count as fair use. Copyright doesn't cover vague concepts like name and ideas like evil. Only the design could be copyrighted and his stories. Maybe for Archie, derivative, but again, a license is different... Here's legalzoom; https://www.legalzoom.com/articles/what-are-derivative-works-under-copyright-law Copyright collective works; https://copyright.gov/circs/circ34.pdf This talks about licensing though I'm not sure if it's completely handy. https://copyright.gov/circs/circ34.pdf
  6. More than likely kids are reading Archie Sonic free on a site than buying paperbacks. Easier to access. Easier to find all issues.
  7. "Note he has only 2 dreadlocks (one on each side), both artificial (and yes, there's a story behind that event)." So they're extensions. Boy went to the hair salon and got hair extensions. If those things are made out of flesh and bone though... ew.
  8. I tried. It's not good, but eh. Also I'm assuming they're underground, or surrounded by a cave system above ground and it's night. Either way, I didn't want a bright light from outside shining in. What if it rains? I still don't get sleeping on the hard ground.
  9. I can't complete this until Penders finish his. I don't do background much so it's sloppy, but my main focus was fixing the characters. Basically the eye shape, flatten the hair more to the head, and the profile. I changed Julie Su's colors because where did Lara Su get her colors from? Also I like to simplify things. I did use Penders sketch for this when fixing the characters. Also who lays on a hard ground? At least have some kind of bedding.
  10. I think an easier explanation for Echyd'nyans living in caves would have been echidna live in caves, so Echyd'nyans do too. That or he could've said he likes Coober Pedy. Though Coober Pedy is underground because of hot summers and such. Also remove the I from Echyd'nyians. Nyan is better.
  11. I'm looking at the line art and it looks a bit sloppy. Chicken scratches which was something my art professor would question me on a a lot. I would do that first, fix the line art, then color. However know him, he's probably going to delete the line art, which why even bother doing in the first place? I'm assuming to select-bucket fill which is for big empty spaces, but not like that. Because when the line art is deleted you get a weird outside line.
  12. Think Penders is going to disable comments in the future because of the Donkey Kong spam?
  13. I will give Penders the benefit of the doubt on this one. Both drawings have their differences so I don't think he was copying. Heavily referenced, maybe.
  14. What would the class even involve? With Ken's... bad habits that we observed so far...? I mean we seen this guy copy and paste images that are not his which is a big no. Trace/Copy images. Reuse drawings. His coloring is to be desired much for much for a graphic novel. He keeps change, or rewriting plotlines influenced by what's going on now rather for going for something timeless. I'm sorry Penders, is this what you're going to teach? Granted maybe layout and scripting seems like something, but... I rather learn from someone else.
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