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  1. I think a while back, before I deleted most of my tweets to Penders, I suggested doing a webcomic. He laughed and said he could do one in his sleep. Thinking of unimportant details like toenails. Thinking of characters stories that you can't put in your story because of copyright... Yeah he's procrastinating badly (duh). I know because I do too, it's a bad pattern I get into. I remember back then he said it was going to be free, though I could be wrong. Pender's is aiming for too high of a scope with this app. At least with a web comic he could put up a page when it was done. Have patreon supporters. Then sell merch. Fan could dub it too if they like it. Maybe if the webcomic's finish go for the app. Could've read Homestuck again in the span it's taken him.
  2. Fan Art is illegal to sell. However most artist get away with selling their fan work (unless it's Disney). Unless it affects their underline, mostly companies don't care because a small artist selling fanart doesn't affect them. Ken Penders however may be a special case. I'm not just talking about using M25YL again. SEGA may not care about that considering all the fan projects I see going around. Just look at Esty. I'm more looking at the stock and traced images he has in his LSC comic (with the pages he's shown so far). Someone could send Penders a cease and desist if he used a copyrighted photograph without a license to use it. Here some videos: seanwes tv 142: Can I Sell Fan Art? Ponder Sprocket: Adventures in Critiquing - Rain on Sunny Day
  3. The eye is mostly iris. It would probably look better if it was smaller and there was a sclera (white part). Just something I noticed from my cat, but the iris and sclera do have a dark line separating the two. It may also help if Penders didn't only put a highlight in the pupil. I notice that's a habit of his. Putting some highlight to the iris and sclera can make all the difference. I posted this drawing on my tumblr a bit back. Not the the best... but I tried. There are other things that could be picked at on the pannel. Mostly it doesn't look done. The.. echyd'na? isn't shaded with the cat guy.
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