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  1. Hi, I have been thinking about a new Sonic fan game that will be like Sonic Mania, but instead based on the genesis games, art style, etc. It will be based on the cancelled Sonic game, Sonic Xtreme. I will make it in Unreal Engine. It will probably look like the screenshot from a unreleased Sonic Xtreme prototype right here.
  2. So i want your thoughts on this game right here Sonic Jam on the Game.com Yeah it looks like Sonic 06, Sonic Boom, and Sonic 1 GBA Has another rival.
  3. Hi everybody so I want to tell you that Sonic World in Sonic Jam is a Prototype Sonic Adventure. You probably all ready know that.
  4. I'm new here for various reasons. I am a huge sonic fan, i played sonic since i was little. So that's why im here
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