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  1. So... I can finally deduct the we are getting a Sonic Adventure 2R4: Episode 1 remake for the Master System,
  2. Honestly, getting all red rings in Sonic Lost World isn’t that hard (with the exception of Frozen Factory Zone 2)

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The worst ones are where you have to fight those crappy parkour controls. Or in the original Wii U version when you had to use the motion controls for the Wisps. 

    2. A Peep

      A Peep

      Yeah, I’ll give you that the parkour sucks, but you don’t actually have to use wisps to get red rings outside of Windy Hill

  3. Jesus looking back on my list did I actually prefer secret rings over 06? Guess I’ll update it now that I played the storybook games, Lost World And Heroes more. S - Unleashed HD A - Generations B - SA2, SA1, 06, Lost World Wii U, Colours C - Black Knight, Heroes, Unwiished D - 3D Blast, Lost World 3DS E - Secret Rings, Forces
  4. Games (physical) - Sonic Advance Sonic Advance 2 Sonic Heroes (GC) Sonic Advance 3 Shadow The Hedgehog (GC) Sonic Rush Sonic ‘06 (XB360) Sonic Rush Adventure Sonic & The Secret Rings Sonic Chronicles Sonic Unleashed (XB360, Wii) Sonic & The Black Knight Sonic Colours (Wii, DS) Sonic Classic Collection Sonic Generations (3DS) Sonic Lost World (Wii U, 3DS) Sonic Mania Plus Games (digital) - Sonic The Hedgehog (GG) Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (MD, GG) Sonic Chaos (GG) Sonic CD Sonic 3 & Knuckles Sonic Triple Trouble Sonic Labyrinth Sonic 3D Blast Sonic Blast Sonic The Fighters Sonic Adventure Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Sonic Generations (XB360) Sonic Forces Team Sonic Racing Figures - Tomy Classic Sonic (the one with all of the eye and mouth pieces) Tomy Classic Tails Other Merch - Sonic PJs Sonic Shirt Sonic Unleashed Jumper Sonic Slippers Sonic Cushion
  5. Just finished ‘’06, that game wasn’t terrible for me outside of a few sections (End Of The world, ball puzzle)

  6. Not sure where to put this or if this is allowed so if it isn’t then feel free to close this topic. The Sonic Rift leaks seem okay at first but then the “SEGA employee” says that the boost formula isn’t as good as it is in Unleashed than says the undeserved praise Unleashed gets. As well as that, the employee says, at least they tried, characterisation is good for once. If you indentify yourself as a part of Sega, than why would you trash talk a franchise you’re involved in. The Sonic 5 leak is better, but I think a Crush 40 song seems weird for classic sonic. At most, a cheesy sonic r like song would be in a Mania like game. What are your thoughts?
  7. I do miss Scott Drier as Knuckles, but with his personality now, I don’t think Scott Drier would fit
  8. Putting my 2 pence (cause I ain’t a yank) on this. Colours to me was just okay. I don’t really care that they were a lot of 2D sections since the rush games did 2D stuff with boost really well. But what I do mind are barren levels which are only gratifying if I do optional stuff (eg. using wisps, getting red rings). I also don’t like the controls. They’re okay using wiimote+numbchuck but feel stiff using GameCube since they don’t map the controls to the GameCube making quick step sections surprisingly hard. That said, some of the gameplay can be fun, red rings are handled great and the story is harmless. Generations has a decent start, an amazing middle and an okay end. Nothing to say. Overall, I think the more love Unleashed gets, the less Colours and gens get. It’s kinda sad that the renaissance for Sonic is getting hated, but, as long as you can provide solid reasons for your opinion (that’s not just “this isn’t SA1”), then you do you.
  9. Got an idea. Neo Scorched Valley: Starting in Green Hill like aesthetics, Sonic will run through a loop and attack some robots that look slightly burnt. After obtaining a fire shield, Sonic will continue with the stage. Slowly, the blue sky will turn more orange with (originally) water sections evaporating into platforming sections. Then, there’s a fork in the path: Sonic can either go through a corkscrew with a dangerously Scorched path or he can take the left path to a section where he has to jump through uneven platforms shaking due to having no ground to balance on anymore. After around 2 minutes, the paths contect ending in a wildfire Sonic has to run away from.
  10. I got another one. In Sonic Advance 3, I permanently lost a Chao in cyber track and had to delete my progress to 100% the game
  11. No meow joke. Huh... I stand corrected Also, did anyone else get Dragon Road flashbacks from this?
  12. I mean Sonic looks way better, but we still gonna have the ‘meow’ joke. Still, let’s hold hope until tomorrow.
  13. Talk about all your glitches. Only exception is keep a minimum of ‘06 glitches in your list because I don’t want this to become an 06 thread. So, in Sonic Unleashed and Generations, sometimes I accidentally skip loading parts in the game and just see no floor. This happened in Skyscraper City (day), Green Hill (modern) & Seaside Hill (classic) In Sonic Heroes, during the final part of Ocean Palace, when Sonic runs off a ramp, the rock hit Sonic and he fell. That was an automatic ramp. You’ll understand more if you saw Caddicarus’ video on Sonic Heroes. As well as that, in Casino Park, Big got stuck in a pinball machine. In Rail Canyon, during a scripted corkscrew rail section, I somehow went backwards. During Sonic Mania, I clipped through a wall in Flying Battery and got stuck. In Sonic Colours, somehow, I couldn’t jump during a chaser section in Aquarium Park. Finally, in Sonic ‘06, during Silver’s Kingdom Valley, I fell through the floor. (this is the tamest glitch in the game) reply bellow
  14. uhh... I hate Tails in Lost World, he’s like, “sonic why u work with baldy mc nosehair, I made a Wii u gamepad out of toothpaste and lego, u don’t trust me”, like at least in forces, Tails has every bit of personality sucked out of him, but it makes him more boring than anything
  15. I mean worst point for the franchise, in your opinion. For me, it’s around 2004-2007 i can’t imagine how fans (especially kids) felt at the time "why is this new sonic advance game worse than the old one? that’s never happened” “where is sonic and why am I holding a gun?” ”I CAN’T MOVE SONIC PROPERLY” ”wait this is that game on the sonic mega collection but worse” ”oh these new rush games are fun and fas-AHH I HATE THIS NEW NEXT GEN GAME” Unleashed was basically Jesus for the franchise
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