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  1. Not too much. Just small improvements like making Knuckles’ drill into the ground like SA2, making Amy a bit faster, a more SA2 light speed dash, maybe even putting beta Windy Valley back in. There is one cool thing I’d like though. Basically, the sonic & knuckles versions of Sky Deck happen at the same time, so the reason why the gravity gets screwed in Sonic’s stage is because Knuckles keeps tilting it. So maybe in sonic’s stage, if you’re observant, you see Knuckles tilting the ship, and in Knuckles’ stage, you hear Sonic go, “woah!” or something. Little touches like that would make the game feel a lot more cohesive
  2. A challenge I have fun doing is seeing how long I can sustain boost mode in Sonic Advance 2
  3. The run button works, I have little problem with it in gameplay (apart from how Sonic will just speed up if you turn him and that running in unimportant especially with that spindash), it’s just so pointless. To give the game some props, the parkour gameplay honestly looked pretty interesting and could’ve been great with better level design. The platforming and exploration is decent and there are a few okay levels (the first level, the rail grinding level, the mach speed level) and of course, the OST is pretty good. It’s just that the controls feel clustered due to the amount of moves Sonic has, a majority of the levels are either boring (the dessert level) or frustrating (all of frozen factory), the story is probably the worse in the entire series, the art design feels like Sonic CD cranked up to 11 and none of the wisps are fun, even with regular controls. The run button thing still annoys me, but that barely scratches the surface on what made this game bad and I shouldn’t of made it my main argument for why I dislike Lost World
  4. I did the tier list thing with games, so I might as well explain myself for more unpopular opinions. ”rush adventure over rush 1?” - they’re both pretty close to each other but Rush Adventure feels more refined and has better level design than Rush, even with padded sailing. ”why 06 over Heroes?” - I’ve already discussed my distaste for Heroes (page 268) but 06, while having sensitive controls, still felt more precise than Heroes, I also feel that the level design felt open and had multiple paths that somewhat rewarded you for exploration in some levels. Not calling 06 good at all, but I can name more good points about than Heroes ”why Lost World so low?” - what makes Sonic special, what made him a mascot, what made him second to Mario was his speed and Lost World messes with the controls so much that it makes his defining feature limited to a button, something even 3D Mario games don’t have. Even getting past that, Lost World is a mediocre platformer that ranges from a game to downright frustrating
  5. Yeah, whenever sonic said anything it was always slightly jarring. Still my favourite moments in the cutscenes though (well apart from, “this is like taking candy from a baby, wHiCh iS FiNe bY mE”)
  6. I’m going to be optimistic and say that if Sonic Team absolutely has to shoehorn in Classic Sonic, they’d make it a skin for getting all the emblems and possibly make 2D versions of Emerald Coast, Speed Highway etc... for DLC. That said, while I don’t think a hypothetical SA1 remake would strip half of its content, add wisps etc.. I think they would add additions from SA2 (bounce bracelet, non-spammy spindash, improved drill claw, better light speed dash) which could be for better or worse depending on who you ask. Honestly though I’d rather a game with inspiration from SA1 than a SA1 remake.
  7. The sideplot between <insert name here> and Jake was heart-wrenching
  8. Yeah, I kinda agree, like why of all characters would it be 3 characters we literally haven’t seen since 1996 (outside of a discontinued comic), it’s one of the few mania references that feel forced. As for the boss, I can barely remember it because of how quick it is.
  9. I just recently played through Colours and honestly enjoyed it a lot more. While it isn’t a 3D game, the 2D sections more than not, felt nicely designed with alternative paths that complimented the wisps nicely. Dialogue isn’t as bad in this as is it in Lost World or Forces, but that really isn’t saying much. As to why it was so highly regarded, it was probably due to a breath of fresh air after most sonic games were gimmicky (At this time, Chronicles & Sonic 4 were getting decent reviews, it really isn’t hard to see how an actually good sonic game got praised after 06). But, I think Colours may be slightly disliked now is because of unleashed praise. I mean, seeing Unleashed in the spotlight, it really isn’t hard to see how going from levels like Jungle Joyride & Rooftop Run to some of the later acts in colours can show the flaws in it. I still like Colours but I can definitely understand how someone would dislike it
  10. I see what you’re saying, but I just get the feeling TSR was always meant to release on 2019 because of the lack of gameplay before release and no proper release date. But besides that, I’m disappointed but understand the pandemic is more important than speedy porcupine
  11. This topic might be more interesting now that Unleashed is seen as “a hidden gem that critics overlooked as another way Sonic tries to keep relevant” and since Colours is seen as “a blocky game that critics ate up because it was easy and pandered to them.” btw, unleashed and colours are some of my favourite sonic games, colours kinda grew on me
  12. So about the art design, I do like how Lost World has more bouncy animations for sonic. The bounce emphasises well how, while heroic, energetic he is. However, the badnik design feels a bit too simplified and... friendly? In the original games, the presence of badniks felt slightly intimidating. Take Sonic CD for an example, as clownish as Eggman was, there was a chance of him taking over Little Planet, turning the utopias into placing where these robots took over any living thing in the zone. While this theme was pulled back in the Adventure games, more in SA2 than SA1, it still remained and saw a mini-renaissance in Colours. However in Lost World, it just feels like the badniks are there to be enemies with no meaning. My big criticism is with the aesthetic. Everything looks over-saturated and just feels like video game levels. In the genesis games, all 4 of them established their lands and made you care about them, you care seeing South Island, progressively getting more mechanical, you care trying to make a good future in CD, you care about Angel Island being set on fire and the ruins of Marble Garden crumble in 3&K. This trope continued throughout the 3D games, for example, ridding the world of Dark Gaia monsters and getting the world back to its former glory, stopping the eclipse cannon from destroying the world, even if it meant a sacrifice and unchaining the planets and setting the wisps free from Eggman’s amusement park. However in Lost World, you don’t care about any of the levels because either way, they’ll just be cylinders and spheres in the sky. It doesn’t really help that the story cares less about the lost hex than the player does either.
  13. I’ve just gotten all the chaos emeralds in the sonic advance trilogy which just shows that I’m going crazy from self isolation 

    1. Celestia


      I think the only time I got more than one is the third game and even then I didn't get the last one.

    2. Sean


      My condolences

    3. Kuzu


      I did that when I was 14

  14. As divided as the fanbase is, almost everyone is saying the same things, no green hill, no 2D in 3D games, the new stories suck, no wisps, less automation. In this forum alone, you’ll probably see at least 5 posts saying the same thing. Plus, when was it the fans’ job to make a sonic game? While most 3D fan games are just test areas, the very few that get past that stage (Sonic GT, Robo Blast) have more effort and are more fun that any of the sonic from the last 8 years (besides Mania) usually done with with less than a sixth of developers games such as Lost World & Forces have.
  15. “Then, when Sonic usually says “let’s get em” he turned into Super Sonic from the fleetway comics and said, “why do you not want to play with me, mortal scrotum”, and grabbed his blood-covered hand out of the TV...” Dumb creepypastas aside, during Sonic Unleashed, occasionally when I play Dragon Road day, I jump onto a spring but the game registers it a one of those Eggman springs that usually send you into spikes, so I hit the regular spring (that was registered as an Eggman spring) and fell off the 2D plain. Has this happened to anyone else?
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