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  1. Hey Li, happy birthday. wish you'd come back you were a fantastic Sonic artist, we miss you.

  2. So, you liked your SOS experience ?

  3. I'm still alive. Apparently!

    1. Facehugger


      Are you sure?

    2. azoo



    3. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      May 21 was at LEAST six months ago.

  4. Not at the moment, I can't really rule out buying the game totally, but the problem is at present it's probably the only game I would play on Kinect, which just isn't enough justification for getting the kit. More kinect games/cheaper Kinect in the future, then yes, perhaps.
  5. Crap. I thought it was cute. Honestly, on a scale of animal cruelty, this probably meters somewhere... Below the actual scale, under the desk... Also this.
  6. Happy Birthday~!

  7. Tornado Basic point was I don't think people will lose sleep over it. But yeah thanks for totally twisting that around, that was awesome.
  8. Had FAR too many burgers and booze at the Sonic meet yesterday. Was awesome meeting up again!

  9. They're ridiculously pretty. But the variation for difficulty on those stages were massively varied. I still found that last fact somewhat likeable though. Too much speed, though. I've never been one to complain about the pace of the previous titles, which were apparently deemed too fast by some, but I thought the forumla was correct back then. There are design elements to give you a sense of speed, rather than OMFGboostblurrystuffmissallofthelevelelements- Oh, there's the Goal Ring.
  10. In my eyes, same kettle of fish. People choose to find issues in things that don't actually have to be an issue. Yes, the uncurling issue means that there's a difference in the way the game plays from other titles, but that's something that's had to be endured from the very beginning. As aforementioned, you just shrug and move on. Personally don't think that it's that big of a deal, neither was Sonic's chosen design. Again, it's really all down to wanting things to be an issue, rather than it actually being one. The likelihood is that it probably won't be changed. What people were asking for would more than likely have meant at least another 6-12 months of developments and overhauls (as stated), more retesting~ and knowing mose devs going back through all those channels and departments again takes time, because not everyone is working at the same pace. To sum up: Oh well.
  11. HDMI setup on the Xbox 360. That baby's being played at 1080p so I can be properly blinded by it's lovliness, rather than settling for it on the Wii's scart setup. I doubt XBLA/PSN get Sonic 4 before WiiWare. Not only would that suck, but I would have assume- resting on their laurels as they have been- that they're sorting out a universal release date.
  12. Any idea of 'free' = somewhat hilarious. Having played what I have, and knowing how ridiculously bad I am at replaying these titles, $15 would be worth the money, but I know I'd probably pay a damn site more. Just because. Realistically $15- to me- seems totally fine. Li? Are you insane? Probably? Probably not. The bottom line is you will buy it. Even if it is begrudgingly. ^___^
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