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  1. Well, you guys got your opinions, but I really enjoy Sonic World... Just in small doses though haha. The reason for this post is just to alert any fans who've never heard of the game. However, I think a lot of people have probably heard of it by now. You never know if there's a die hard who wishes they could play Big the Cat in Final Rush 🤣
  2. Thanks for the welcome! Yeah it's still pretty buggy, but it's come a long way in the last year or so. Regardless, my siblings and I have a blast playing together; we make up stupid challenges for each other to do (like playing the heaviest/slowest characters for the worst stages). lol
  3. Disclaimer: I am not advertising this game for any other reason than the fact that I enjoy this game and want other Sonic fans to know about it. Hi Everyone! My name's GodRock. I'm new here. This is actually my first post to this forum; I thought I'd jump in by posting stuff to the community here. Has anyone heard of Sonic World? I started playing this last year and it's pretty legit. It's a 3D-platform Sonic game, giving you and mass amount of characters to play. You can also choose up to three separate characters and play in a "Sonic Heroes" fashion. The best part of this entire game is that you can go to the creator's website (where you originally download the game) and download extra characters, stages, and more! Go check it out if you like! Sorry if this is old news; I was very slow in finding new things on the internet haha. https://sonicworldfangame.com/
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