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  1. I defiantly think porting Sonic games over to PC would have helped calm the fan base while we wait for the next Sonic game, I mean they have Sonic games that they could bring over to Steam so why not even when the last port they make was Yakuza Kiwami 2 last year so they definently have done something during that time. I disagree, SEGA have been improving when it comes to porting their games to PC, since 2014 we've had the following games release in Steam: Valkyries Chronicles 1 Sonic Lost World Bayonetta Vanquish Yakuza 0, 1 & 2 Kiwami Shenmue Catherine Classic Puyo Puyo Tetris There aren't even counting the Simultaneous releases.
  2. I admit I should have worded the first sentence a little bit better by saying "Help me understand the situation..."
  3. So let me get this straight Iizuka can be praised for green lighting on Sonic Mania but when the mainline games are coming out to a mediocre release, all of a sudden he can't be blamed because he has more control over the spin offs than he does over the mainline games? Lets say the next Sonic Team games comes out and it's really good do we praise Iizuka or SEGA of Japan?
  4. If Evening Star were making the next classic game I would be ok with it but since this would be done by Sonic Team I would not trust them developing Classic Sonic's game play after how they made him play in Forces. Why would you want to focus on one of the worst aspects about your previous game?
  5. You would think with the waiting on the information that Larry would have leaked the information by now and saved everyone the waiting. If they would do it on the 6th Generation Consoles surely they could be able to remake the game on modern hardware. They wouldn't need Sonic Team to make the Sonic Adventure Remake work with either Bluepoint Games who remade Shadow of the Colossus or work with Activation and Vicarious Visions to remake the game who were able to remake 3 games 1:1 in one disc.
  6. Whoever the future Sonic writers are they need to work with not only the Japanese writers but also the storyboard artist to improve the English script for future Sonic games going forward.
  7. Here what I expect them to say: Recap 2019 by saying: The IDW comic's were great, Remind everyone that Team Sonic Racing exists because they didn't give it post launch support and everyone forgot about it Tyson Hense Chao Garden Short They will mention the movie Announcements for 2020: The Sonic cartoon being made by Cartoon Network that was leaked awhile back Sonic Official will be sharing the same announcements as the Japanese Sonic 2020 Campaign An update on the Next Sonic game And Q&A Segment which will drive everyone insane with wasted questions. I'm hoping once the Sonic Stadium article comes out Larry and give us some information about what to expect, if he doesn't comment then either SEGA knows who he is now or theirs nothing to be exited about
  8. I'll throw my hat into the ring Things I would like to see return: The Avatar has a lot of potential but I would like to see the standard whispon attacks have more virility rather than spam RT/R2, Maybe give the avatar a play style & level design similar to the warehog levels but with a unique weapon's like Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. A fleshed out story and characters similar to the adventure games, the stories/characters in Adventure 1 & 2 still hold up as great but since colours everything relating to that has been devolved. The Chao Garden: Make it a mobile app that can connect to future Sonic games going forward (possibly collaborate with other SEGA IP's) Hub world's that can give you post game content and just a place to explore freely. Mission's from Sonic Adventure 2: they added a lot of replay value and made you learn the level and take any advantage possible especially the 5th mission which was a more difficult stage. Things I don't want to return: Linear Level design, or at the very least, don't make it so obvious like they did with forces. The Catering to Casuals and non-sonic fans all that has given us is games with little challenge & content they have been doing this since Colours and it's been getting worse since then. Less 2D in 3D section, forces is a good example if you have a 2D/3D/hybrid don't make your "3D" play style a second hybrid like you did with modern Sonic it's pointless and defeats the purpose of having a hybrid character QTE that take half a Minute, if you have to make it 3 seconds long and reward you with Score and alternate routes. Not more button mashing it's one of the most cheap gameplay mechanics and it needs to die in general.
  9. For me it's from 2009-currently. Every game from that point besides Generations and Mania has been try to appeal to people who aren't sonic fans, with Colours, Boom, & Forces appealing to casuals and Lost World appealing to Mario fans. Story's and character development having the lack to depth compared to the adventure games but instead being replace with joke's that they expect only young kids to laugh at, I'm not asking for Kojima or Yoko taro to write a Sonic Story and over complicate thing but the current writer's need to do better to make us care about the story and characters. The dumbing down of Sonic Team games, having linear level design become too obvious, less and less 3D platforming, & less of a challenge, and having less content and replay value. If you look at the quality of Sonic games from 2009 to now you can see that the Sonic series at this point has been relegated to a budget series when Sonic is suppose to be the Mascot of SEGA.
  10. Sonic games should have a split for the mainline games but at the same time SEGA/Sonic Team should allow unification for spin off titles in order to fill those games with more content.
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