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  1. This part of the 4chan post here isn't inspiring any confidence for me.
  2. They had me up until they said it was an EGS exclusive.
  3. I feel like I'm also at that point but I am going to wait until the gameplay reveal of the next main Sonic game before I make that decision.
  4. Here I was hoping for Max Mittleman to be the new voice. Lets just hope he has better voice direction for the next game.
  5. I'll just wait for the music mods on PC, it will probably just take a few hours, if this version of Sonic 3 & Knuckles is a full remaster.
  6. Yes Iizuka has been great as a developer with games suck as Sonic 3 and the Adventure titles but that doesn't mean he's good as the head of Sonic Team Iizuka has been the head of Sonic Team for 10 years, should the next game be his real chance or do we just keep saying give him a chance until there's a good Sonic game again, then turn around and say "see guys Iizuka can be trusted with the series", and pretend the past 10 years didn't happen?
  7. What I would like to change for mainline games is that SEGA should not be heavily reliant on catering to casuals and dumbing down to the point where games hold your hand and provides no challenge for long time players. This has been a complaint I have had with the series since Forces but I didn't realize until I looked back from interviews year ago since colours that they've mostly been catering to Casuals and Non-Fans. The Casuals have had Colours, Lost World, Sonic Boom, the Mobile games, Forces & TRS. SEGA needs to have more games that cater to long term fans in terms of difficulty and challenge. I would also like to see, in terms of story, a cohesive story that doesn't leave questions unanswered, for example Lost World didn't explain what lost hex is despite Tails knowing about it, and in Forces how did Omega come back when Tails couldn't repair him? another change I would like to see for stories is I would like to have a villain with a good backstory, maybe one that makes you somewhat sympathetic but you still need to take him down.
  8. Ah yes, the interview about how a new Adventure game wouldn't "advance the series" and that was right before Forces released, that interview did not age well when Forces released.
  9. Few points here Correct me if I'm wrong but the first sentence sounds like your blaming fans for expecting/wanting a good quality game, especially if were expected to pay money for it, which I don't agree with, if that's the argument you are presenting here. Earlier in the thread, I provided quotes from 2 interviews where Iizuka states that he's in charge of the Sonic series and how he describes his vision for series, how is it unfair to blame him when he is set up those expectations himself since the beginning? When they announce the next Sonic game I would hope that they would go into detail about what criticisms they have learned from the past decade and show how they plan to improve on there for the next game. This brings up another question that I have, why doesn't Iizuka hire a different for the next Sonic game or is that a decision that's out of his hand's (despite the fact there was a different director for Generations)?
  10. Apologies if it seems like it was directed towards you and Tornado it just reminded me of some arguments from other sonic communities I've been around. Do you have a link to the interview? Sure the Boost games and Lost world have different gameplay styles and Forces is different Storytelling from Lost World, but they share some fundamental problems with the direction of the Series since Colours, For example, They always say in interviews that they want to cater to anyone but Sonic fans, Casuals and newcomers, and for Lost World Mario fans, the over usage for 2D section when modern Sonic should be 3D (I'd say it's at it's worst in Forces), The plots are too simple to the point where nothing is ever explained, for example, they never explain what the Lost Hex in Lost World, it's just there with no explanation, or Omega in Forces coming back at the 3rd Act, despite Tails not being able to repair him, and they never address it, or Infinite's backstory contradicting itself.
  11. Wouldn't that have been Yiji Naka at that point since that was the last Sonic game he was involved with before leaving SEGA? This is where I have questions about the current state of Sonic Team, is Iizuka reasonable for anything at Sonic Team or is it only the games that get a good reception? Is he only be involved with games outside of Sonic Team? When people praise his involvement in Mania but say he wasn't involved with Forces it feels like like there being selective and saying he's only there for the good games and not there for the bad games, which I'm not convinced on. I want to present a scenario that's been om my mind for a some time before this thread popped up: Lets say for the 30th anniversary game where the game is being developed in America, Sonic Studio is the new team that is located in America , and Iizuka actually has full control over (for real this time) the development next game as the producer but for some reason, Morio Kishimoto is still the director, the writing is the as shallow as it was over the past decade, still caters to newcomers and casuals, and is a short and too easy game, do we go back to blaming the higher ups, until Iizuka produces a game that's good then we can turn around and say that he's doing good for the series, or do we say that this has been his vision for the series since Colours and his vision for the series isn't working anymore?
  12. In the example of Sonic Team if Iizuka and Kishimoto happen to be directly involved games that have the same problems every time then it's seems reasonable to connect the dots and say the problem is their game design philosophy rather than the higher ups. It also doesn't help that there's interviews where Iizuka has stated he has a lot to control with the series since becoming the head of Sonic Team. https://spong.com/feature/10110209/Interview-Sonic-Colours-Producer-Takashi-Iizuka/3 https://www.pocketgamer.com/articles/032963/sega-producer-takashi-iizuka-talks-sonic-generations-and-what-the-future-holds-for-the-blue-hedgehog/
  13. My main gripes with Iizuka is that he's insistent on constantly catering to casuals by dumbing down Sonic games since and making them too easy Colours, while long time fans who want a more challenging experience have had nothing, and stories that are so simple to the point where nothing is ever explained or there's plot elements that contradict each other in the same game (Infinite's backstory and Omega appearing at the end of Sonic Forces a both prime examples of what I'm taking about). If the 30th Anniversary game still have the same issues that people have complained about for years, I will firmly believe that Iizuka, Kishimoto, & Nakamura are out of touch with not only Sonic fames but gamers in general, and that Sonic team needs new leadership.
  14. For myself here's what my ideal 3d Sonic game: Adventure style gameplay with multiple play styles this being Sonic Tails and Knuckles. A story that is cohesive and plot details that actually gets explained, for example Lost World didn't explain the lost hex despite Tails knowing about it, and in Forces how did Omega come back when Tails couldn't repair him? An additional point that might be a weird concern is that they shouldn't rely on the IDW comics to fill in gaps in the story and that the story itself should be in the game, Balan wonderworld is a prime example of what in referring to where to story is locked behind a paywall outside of the game via a book. Have an actual skill ceiling that respects long term players time and abilities, this is the one thing they need to improve on the most since over the last decade Sonic Team have done nothing but cater to casuals and non-fans while in the same time giving long term fans nothing but shot and shallow experiences.
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