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  1. I've been seeing people the exact opposite argument being made where people argue that he's just a PR guy and can't be responsible for any of the games that been panned since he became the head of Sonic Team, but at the same time he gets credited for being involved with Sonic Mania, I'll probably save my extended thoughts on this topic for another thread.
  2. The one mandate I don't agree with is that they can't call Sonic's home planet Mobius, I think they should bring the planet name back for the sake of world building and making it feel like the world the live in has an identity.
  3. Most of the stuff I see as a wait and see situation, apart form the fact that it will be on Netflix meaning I don't have to wait for months or maybe a year until the show comes to Scotland, like how Cartoon Network handled Sonic Boom where the show was televised in America first and we had to wait for so long.
  4. I agree that SEGA and Sonic Team need time to figure out Sonic games and I'm sure they have thought of somethings since the next game has been in development since the end of 2018. I'm not understanding this point you say they shouldn't mix light and dark elements of a story of a Sonic games but then go on to say Sonic Unleashed is a good example of this? It really some's down to having a good writer who understands Sonic which Pantac and Graff after 10 year still don't get the characters at all, either get Ian Flynn or bring back Shiro Maekawa to writer better stories. Appealing to Western Audiences Isn't the issue I think Sonic Team have been constantly appealing to casuals & Nintendo fans for over a decade starting with Colours and never appealing to long time Sonic fans since then. I can support Other characters having their own games even without Sonic involved in them. That is an issue I can understand reusing old content in recent Sonic game I'm hoping if they can work with Christian Whitehead again we can get a Sonic 5 with brand new stages throughout the entire game.
  5. I was honestly expecting Nagoshi to appear during RGG studio week for the finale for next week, I guess this raises the question of why couldn't they get an interview with a member of Sonic Team?
  6. It honestly depends on what type of game it is and how they can utilize each character, for example, if Sonic team can find a purpose for them then they should develop specific characters if they can find a purpose for them, but if it's a spin off like a racing game or a fighting game they should add as many character as they can from their entire history of games. Team Sonic Racing is a good example of when people complaining that "Sonic has too many friends" don't seem to realise that they don't have enough characters for a spin off game, especially if they made a fighting game with the same roster size it would be the one character less than Street Fighter V at launch and that game was heavily criticized for having a lacking roster.
  7. Here's my take of Nagoshi's comments on sonic in regards to the online play portion, if this is the case and go through with making another multiplayer game, I hope they don't release it and then treat it like abandonware day one just like they did with Team Sonic Racing, and give the game post-launch support for a a year or two at least.
  8. I was more intrigued by Balan Wonderland than most of the games at the xbox showcase, I'll diffidently keep an eye on this game.
  9. The only way I see the "SEGA hire this man" meme dying down is if Sonic Team consistently gives us high quality Sonic games, it might not happen after one game but 2 or 3 games later people might trust Sonic Team again.
  10. I defiantly think porting Sonic games over to PC would have helped calm the fan base while we wait for the next Sonic game, I mean they have Sonic games that they could bring over to Steam so why not even when the last port they make was Yakuza Kiwami 2 last year so they definently have done something during that time. I disagree, SEGA have been improving when it comes to porting their games to PC, since 2014 we've had the following games release in Steam: Valkyries Chronicles 1 Sonic Lost World Bayonetta Vanquish Yakuza 0, 1 & 2 Kiwami Shenmue Catherine Classic Puyo Puyo Tetris There aren't even counting the Simultaneous releases.
  11. I admit I should have worded the first sentence a little bit better by saying "Help me understand the situation..."
  12. So let me get this straight Iizuka can be praised for green lighting on Sonic Mania but when the mainline games are coming out to a mediocre release, all of a sudden he can't be blamed because he has more control over the spin offs than he does over the mainline games? Lets say the next Sonic Team games comes out and it's really good do we praise Iizuka or SEGA of Japan?
  13. If Evening Star were making the next classic game I would be ok with it but since this would be done by Sonic Team I would not trust them developing Classic Sonic's game play after how they made him play in Forces. Why would you want to focus on one of the worst aspects about your previous game?
  14. You would think with the waiting on the information that Larry would have leaked the information by now and saved everyone the waiting. If they would do it on the 6th Generation Consoles surely they could be able to remake the game on modern hardware. They wouldn't need Sonic Team to make the Sonic Adventure Remake work with either Bluepoint Games who remade Shadow of the Colossus or work with Activation and Vicarious Visions to remake the game who were able to remake 3 games 1:1 in one disc.
  15. Whoever the future Sonic writers are they need to work with not only the Japanese writers but also the storyboard artist to improve the English script for future Sonic games going forward.
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