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    Sonic Cosmos

    Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are forced onto another journey…

    In this game, Eggman is trying to take over North Isle using the Chaos Emeralds. It's up to Sonic and friends to take daring paths to get to Eggman, who is hiding in his Counterfeit Heart Zone tower!


    Journey through 9 levels for each character!

    The heroes have to go through the following (Tails can't follow Sonic in this game):

    Z1: Sunset Casino Zone.

    Z2: Tropical Hill Zone.

    Z3A (Sonic, Tails): Granite Mountain Zone.

    Z3B (Knuckles): Sky Troops Zone.

    Z4A (Sonic): Umbral Lake Zone.

    Z4B (Tails, Knuckles): Gadget Dome Zone.

    Z5: Hovering Submarine Zone.

    Z6: Dune City Zone.

    Z7A (Sonic, Tails): Albino Marsh Zone.

    Z7B (Knuckles): Swamped Volcano Zone.

    Z8: Egg Barricade Zone.

    Z9: Counterfeit Heart Zone.


    The 7 Chaos Emeralds are well hidden in Special Stages!

    Special Stages in this game are yet to be revealed...


    Unlock Vector The Crocodile!

    If you've played as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, Vector can be played as!

    He has an Air Dash and enters these levels:

    Sunset Casino Zone.

    Tropical Hill Zone.

    Sky Troops Zone.

    Umbral Lake Zone.

    Hovering Submarine Zone.

    Dune City Zone.

    Albino Marsh Zone.

    Egg Barricade Zone.


    Eggman won't control bosses this time.

    No matter the boss, Eggman won't control these mechs, so be careful!


    That's all for now!

    This'll update each bit of progress of the game.

  2. Whatever happened to adding Desert Dazzle to Sonic CD?
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