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  1. Here's some Greg Martin Sonic art: One of the things that keeps Greg Martin Sonic from looking horrible is the amount of detail on him. But when you simplify it to THIS level he looks bad. Not only that but the simplified style makes the drawing look unfinished!
  2. One of the things I loved about mania the most was the new zones. So I'd like a mania style game with more of a emphasize on new zones. Maybe like "Sonic The Hedgehog Returns" It would take place after the events of mania. It would also be a classic style game. I'd also like to see a full 3D game in the classic sonic universe. Not in with the camera on an angle like in Sonic 3D Blast.
  3. I didn't really see any other threads like this. The closest I found was Zone Ideas but not game ideas.
  4. Its movies like Why Charlie Brown, why? That makes me love the Peanuts so much!
  5. Has anyone ever heard of this TV special called Frosty Returns? Its about some girl who wants to be a magician meeting Frosty and they figure out that an old guy has created this spray that gets rid of snow and they old guy wants to use it to become king of their town. So Frosty and the girl has to stop him. It may sound cheesy and horrible but its quite charming! The writing and character design (but specifically the character design) kinda reminds me of Peanuts. Overall its kinda an underrated special. Here's a picture of the movie.
  6. Welcome to Sonic Game Ideas! Here you can discuss your ideas for your dream Sonic game! You can share your ideas for the stories, the characters, the levels, if your game will be 2D or 3D and more! Have fun! Bye!
  7. Now that I think about it, she'd probably end up as a DLC character. Maybe in some kinda Obscure Characters Pack.
  8. Not seem rude but even if that would explain why they were back they wouldn't really fit in. They'd seem shoehorned in.
  9. Green Ruins Zone: Sorta like a bad future for Green Hill. Everything is ruined. Even the badniks are all worn out. Half of the ground will fall apart if you run on it. ACT 1: Mostly a remake of Green Hill acts 1, 2, and 3 like in mania. Just a few new mechanics to make things more interesting. Its mini-boss will be a decayed DD Wrecker ACT 2: Has those giant totem poles from mania's Green Hill act 2. Some of them will be leaning towards the fore ground, they'll fall when you come near. Kinda like Thwomps. This level will have water thats been contaminated and is now sludge. The sludge will act like quicksand. Some of the zip-lines will be broken and unusable. The boss will be a souped up version of the famous wrecking ball boss. The music will be a grim remix of Green Hill and Green Hill act 2. Badnik Factory Zone: A humongous factory dedicated to the production of badniks. There will be tons of conveyor belts and unfinished badniks. ACT 1: A big maze. There are tons of pipes and gears everywhere. There will also be plenty of giant pistons that can launch and crush you. Like I said before there are conveyor belts. The mini-boss will be a huge machine producing giant badniks. ACT 2: After you defeat the mini-boss you move on to a place full of rejected badnik ideas. The parts of these badniks have assembled themselves into absolute abominations. Here you'll also see broken versions of the most useless badniks. Like that one dribbling badnik from Knuckles Chaotix. The boss will be a huge monster made up of all the rejected badnik parts. The music would kinda be like if Metallic Madness and Metropolis Zone's music were combined. Hope you like these zone ideas!
  10. Hello! Welcome to Lost Zones and Beta Elements of Zones! Here you can discuss lost zones. (For example, Dust Hill Zone) Or beta/unused elements of zones. (For example, The unused UFOs from Marble Zone) You can also tell people about any big discoveries made in the fandom! That's all for now, bye!
  11. Even more bad Archie art. The mention of the name Barney by a bunch of pink and purple reptiles makes me think of Barney the dinosaur. Also Barney not hurting anyone ever is such a lie.
  12. One of the most under appreciated tracks in a Sonic game is probably Metal Sonic's theme from Sonic The Fighters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5FW0gXNkco I just like it a lot. I have to mention Diamond in the Sky. It's my favorite track from Sonic R. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zex_DZcEn4o
  13. The weirder thing is the fact that Knuckles switches back to the used sprites when you meet him at the end of Angel Island Zone.
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