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  1. Idk. Ken is so focused on the future that he can't work on the present.
  2. Well, while I was personally disappointed by the new reveal, the trailer was pretty cool and I'm sure it was a neat surprise for FF fans.

  3. I would just like to say that the chat for the Game Spot upload of the Game Awards is giving me 2nd hand embarrassment.

  4. I've recently bought Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and I have to say, the Chao are probably my favorite part of that game. Not only are Chao adorable, but it's also satisfying to level them up and watch them destroy the other Chao in Chao Race and Chao Karate. They're a great break from the action as opposed to Big, who was just boring in comparison.
  5. What would you like to see in a big 30th Anniversary game? I would like to see a Sonic Adventure 3.

    1. Thigolf


      good 3d gameplay

    2. FReaK


      Don't care for 3D. Just gimme a 2D game by team Mania, ty.

    3. TheOcelot


      2 new games. 3D game and a 2d game.

      Please be good. Please be good. Please be good.

    4. The Master

      The Master

      Jun Senoue being in charge of the soundtrack again.

  6. I don't really get what you mean, can you elaborate a bit?
  7. I think it's just because the Sonic fandom has never been able to shake the reputation it gained back in the 2000's. Back then fetish art, fanboy rants, and crappy OCs were made by a small but vocal minority, leading to most people assuming that this was the norm for the fandom. It didn't help that stuff like Sonichu and SammyClassicSonicFan went viral. The fandom has gotten better, and a lot of people see that, but the reputation of the fandom was tarnished by the bad games and toxic fanboys.
  8. He's a big fat man with a big fat heart.

    Vote for Eggman.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      Vote for Eggman.

      He has the Master Plan.

  9. I think they were fine in Unleashed and Colors. But they just become unnecessary in games like Generations and Forces when we have Classic Sonic, a character completely dedicated to 2D. Overall, the 3D sections are just more enjoyable than the 2D sections and should be the Modern Sonic norm if Classic Sonic's there. 2D is tolerable, but less fun. It really is just a crutch at this point.
  10. It's funny how Penders seems to think that the Sonic franchise would be nowhere without him, when really the opposite is true. If Penders hadn't worked on Archie Sonic he would be nowhere. He is CLEARLY too reliant on the Sonic franchise and he knows this. He tries to act like we owe him something for supposedly creating the Sonic we all know and love, when really he is well aware that he has done nothing for the franchise or the fans.
  11. Definitely Sonic Forces. Sega hyped it up so much, and the trailers made it seem so great! So when I first played it and saw just how mediocre it was. I just gave up.
  12. Ep 1 is garbage but Ep 2 has it's moments.
  13. The first Sonic game I ever beat was Sonic CD. I vividly remember landing that final blow on the final boss and feeling that wave of satisfaction. Only to find out after the credits that I got the bad ending. I remember I was around 9 or 10.
  14. I personally don’t see this happening at all. Unlike Tangle and Whisper who are still making appearances in the IDW comics, Sally and the rest of the Freedom Fighters have been mostly retired due to Archie being cancelled. Sure, Sally is a popular character among fans, but to a kid who has the game on their phone, Sally would be a completely out of the blue nobody. I think that Sega is mostly done with the Freedom Fighters and we likely won’t be seeing any of them in any game soon. The Sally we know just simply doesn’t fit with how Sonic wants to portray the Sonic franchise.
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