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  1. Nice to see that there's new activity on this forum. It seemed to be dead for the longest time.
  2. status update

  3. Oh god. I cringe thinking about how he's gonna try to handle the protests (If he even gets to it before changing the script to tackle the next "big thing"). He clearly is too focused on being "relevant" to finish the comic. Which isn't a good thing to be focused on when dealing with a comic you plan to release by September (For now at least). Not to mention that he still wants to translate the comics. When will he focus on actually releasing the damn thing?
  4. Probably still exists on Pender's forums. Although it would probably be hard to find.
  5. I like Sonic R. I honestly don't know why, I just have a fun time racing against CPUs and my friends. I also find the tag and balloon modes really fun. I don't know if this counts as a bad game but I also really enjoy Sonic The Fighters. I have fun fighting against friends and I have to say there are some pretty OP characters in that game. (If you want to cheese the game just use Fang because he is like the only character with a ranged attack) The music is great and the gameplay is great and it feels really good to land hits. (especially with Bark) These picks might be biased because I recently got the Sonic Gems Collection for my Wii but I honestly find them very fun!
  6. Is it just me or does the guy on the top right kinda look like Will Smith.
  7. Damn, Penders is gonna get sued hard when he finishes the comic.
  8. I think somewhere down the line Ken forgot that he was writing a comic based on mostly E rated action platformers. He stopped focusing on action and turned the comic into a romantic drama. He was pretty much dumping the Sonic characters for a bunch of new characters that happen to look exactly the same with the exact same names. All this is especially true for the Knuckles comic which pretty much just became OC central. Which sucks because Knuckles is a cool character who can have a good spin-off comic series.
  9. Welcome to Funny Debug Mode stories. This is a thread where you can tell funny/interesting stories about things that happened in Sonic games while you were using Debug Mode. I have a story that happened in Sonic Mania. I was going through each zone and generally just messing around. When I make it to Mirage Saloon, I look through the stuff I can place, I see that I can place the Caterkiller boss. So I place like 10 of them but nothing happened. Until I got on the train in Act 1. All of a sudden i'm ambushed by my team of giant Caterkillers and I almost die multiple times. Then I get back onto the tornado still being attacked by giant Caterkillers. So I just go for it and try to defeat as many as possible. Luckily defeating one Caterkiller makes the sign appear. But when the sign fell it missed the tornado and I was immediately killed by a Caterkiller. So I have to start the level over. But for some reason, instead of sending me to the beginning of Sonic's Act 1 I'm sent to Knuckles' Act 1. Everything went back to normal after that but it was still a very funny and weird experience.
  10. I've always ironically loved Infinite. He's so edgy that you can't take him seriously. He's like the embodiment of the ow the edge meme. His backstory is so ridiculously over the top that I just gotta love it. I do have to admit that he has an unironically cool design. Overall Infinite's an enjoyable character. Just not unironically.
  11. I have a few zones I'd like to see remixed: I would like to see Carnival Night return. Even if it means we have to deal with the bouncy barrels again. It would also be cool to see Quartz Quadrant mostly so we could get a cool remix of the JP theme. I'd also like to see Marina Madness from Knuckles Chaotix. It would simply be pretty neat to see this pretty obscure game be represented in Mania 2.
  12. Here's some Greg Martin Sonic art: One of the things that keeps Greg Martin Sonic from looking horrible is the amount of detail on him. But when you simplify it to THIS level he looks bad. Not only that but the simplified style makes the drawing look unfinished!
  13. Has anyone ever heard of this TV special called Frosty Returns? Its about some girl who wants to be a magician meeting Frosty and they figure out that an old guy has created this spray that gets rid of snow and they old guy wants to use it to become king of their town. So Frosty and the girl has to stop him. It may sound cheesy and horrible but its quite charming! The writing and character design (but specifically the character design) kinda reminds me of Peanuts. Overall its kinda an underrated special. Here's a picture of the movie.
  14. Welcome to Sonic Game Ideas! Here you can discuss your ideas for your dream Sonic game! You can share your ideas for the stories, the characters, the levels, if your game will be 2D or 3D and more! Have fun! Bye!
  15. Now that I think about it, she'd probably end up as a DLC character. Maybe in some kinda Obscure Characters Pack.
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