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  1. This year's work. In addition to the usual pumpkin I also used two turnips, one for Cheese and one for Cheese's emote ball.
  2. 62691ce19ed7c50bcfcd30697176b16c.jpg

    Happy 161st birthday, Theodore Roosevelt.

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      I Am the eggman

      that’s what i am

      i am the eggman

      i got the master plan

  3. It upsets me that Sonic 06's actual title is just 'Sonic the Hedgehog', like a Hollywood movie.  Then they went and made an actual Hollywood movie called Sonic the Hedgehog.  And both of these have brought infamy to the name...

    1. Polkadi~☆


      Sonic the Hedgehog 1991 is the worst one of them all, because it introduced Green Hill Zone. The nostalgia pandering goes all the way back.

    2. Ivo-goji


      Sonic 1991 will always be Sonic 1 to me.

  4. One normally playable copy, on Mega Collection. Two counting Gems Collection.
  5. It always bothered me that Eggman was treated basically as an afterthought in these conceptions, rather than being treated as the second most important character in the series after Sonic himself. Sonic X did that and it created a nova of plot holes that were never addressed.
  6. It absolutely is relevant. Episode Shadow and the e-comic are Infinite's canon backstory. The player is supposed to interpret Infinite's actions in light of those materials. They weren't added to the game a year later or something, they were all part of the same narrative as it was presented at launch, produced by the same group of writers. It isn't limited to Infinite's character either, the whole story is built around details that are only discussed in the supplemental material. Why is Omega damaged at the beginning of the game? The player never finds out unless they download Episode Shadow. How did Eggman get the original Phantom Ruby? We're expected to read the digital comic to learn more. Why is Silver there? Only explained in the comic. Which doesn't contradict Episode Shadow, where Infinite waxes poetic about how his old self died and was reborn as a vessel for harnessing the Phantom Ruby. Only if you ignore everything he says about friendship being an illusion and how people can rely on no one but themselves, while Sonic and the Rookie are harping on the value of teamwork, the core theme of the entire game. Do you have an argument beyond "I want Infinite to be a shallow character, therefore ignore everything established about him in supporting materials"? Or maybe you're just not giving SEGA enough credit and it actually doesn't take much thought to go beyond a surface-level interpretation of the narrative? Lmao, I'll keep that in mind next time you tell us about Mephiles being a Black Arms entity. Omega being Omega in his bunker isn't Omega minding his own business (not for very long anyway). Rouge carrying out a robbery definitely isn't Rouge minding her own business. Behold, Shadow's game. GUN explicitly had no control over the research conducted aboard the ARK and distrusted the scientists working there for that reason. Shadow spent all of Sonic Battle mulling over the tension between protecting the world by killing potential threats (in this case Emerl) and doing what he knows Maria would actually want him to do, and in the end he chose not to kill. "I think these characters matter and these other characters don't so killing them is ok" isn't an argument. This was true up til around Generations or so. In recent games Shadow seems less interested in being a vessel of peace than in being powerful for power's sake, being better than Sonic just because he can, fighting because it proves how superior the Ultimate Life Form is, etc. Does this surprise you? Shadow being confronted with temptation to use his powers selfishly is also a constant theme across his appearances; Battle, ShtH, 06. He didn't decide to be good once then live happily ever after. Yes. And some of his choices are evil. And you are trying to ignore Episode Shadow and what it implies about him to preserve a notion of the character's integrity, when objectively what Shadow did was pretty terrible.
  7. If there were four people killed in the explosion that would fit the definition of mass murder.
  8. Jet's dad. He looks more like he lived in the 1700s than being from the same generation as Vanilla.
  9. In no way at all does it work without Shadow killing the Jackal Squad. Every interaction Infinite has with the Rookie is mirrored by something that happened earlier between Infinite and Shadow. The entire point of the story is that Infinite and the Rookie suffered similar experiences but chose to cope with them differently- a theme which takes for granted that they both lost their comrades. And she was complicit with mass murder while being undercover. The audience knows those things. No one in-universe would have that context when stumbling onto Omega's bunker or witnessing Rouge rob a place for Eggman. At least ten other people worked on Project Shadow and, considering the size of the thing, several hundred engineers were involved in constructing the Eclipse Cannon. Oh yes he did: Shadow made a vow to give people on Earth a chance to be happy! A vow he promised to fulfill on multiple occasions! Destroying Eggman's robot minions is consistent with that, but having callous disregard for living people hardly is. Shadow was there to stop Eggman's weapons research. He made exactly the same kind of moral judgement in taking out the Jackal Squad for guarding Eggman's base as GUN did when they eliminated the people involved in Project Shadow. True, he didn't go out and execute Knuckles or the Babylon Rogues for working with Eggman on past occasions, but difference between those characters and the Jackal Squad is purely circumstantial. Actually eleven or more scientists + several hundred engineers, not one person, and Maria is the only known child causality of the raid (the young Commander was spared for example), and she was certainly participating when Gerald entrusted Shadow to her. A pointless waste of life that motivated the lone survivor into becoming a super weapon who filled the world with destruction. Thus Shadow's arc was brought full circle: he is now the thing he hates most.
  10. Infinite reconciling with Shadow would undermine the impact of Shadow wiping out the Jackal Squad. That lets Shadow off the hook too easily. Personally I want the next Sonic game to be about Shadow confronting the fact that he's responsible for everything that happened in Forces and realizing that he's become the kind of person who would have carried out the ARK massacre. I don't think Infinite fixiating on Shadow makes any sense, given that he expresses complete indifference towards him during the course of Forces proper. It's the relationship between Infinite and the Avatar character that has the most fertile ground to develop further. If it were up to me, Eggman would go after the Rookie to use him as a replacement for Infinite, thinking that if the Rookie could control the Phantom Ruby prototype then they can be shaped into a more powerful living weapon. Infinite is ordered to coach the Rookie in harnessing the Phantom Ruby and making them carry out missions for Eggman, but he would be infuriated at the idea of becoming obsolete and eventually try to prove he is stronger.
  11. I hated how the Classic Sonic is depicted as a mime in the 3D games. That was never part of his personality, he's supposed to have attitude and be sassy. Sonic isn't Mario.
  12. Is Espio co-parent or is he also Vector's kid? It's hard to tell with him.
  13. A really cool set of retrospectives on SatAM Robotnik and Western Robotnik as a whole:
    "Much about this franchise is what we can take from what we are provided with, what we can interpret and how we can explore mud puddles as if they had the depths of the ocean. It’s about looking past what’s set in stone, peering through the cracks and wondering what more there could be. It’s about exploring the aspects that the games themselves don’t see fit to elaborate upon. There are thousands of interpretations and ideas for how things came to be the way they are, thousands of ideas about what we aren’t shown or told about the characters and how they are when we do not see them in the games. It’s what makes this fandom so diverse and so wonderful"

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