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  1. In Silver's case though it's another unexplained connection between him and Blaze; telekinesis and pyrokinesis are both manifestations of psychic powers. It seems more than coincidental that they were paired together.
  2. It feels like there's a ton of unfinished content or stuff that was planned for never-made sequels in 06. Like one would think Solaris had some connection to the Sol Emeralds, or the origins of Silver's telekinesis would have been touched on, but these things were just sort of left floating in the air. Sonic Rivals reintroducing Silver as an enemy of Eggman Nega (and thus revealing Nega was from the future) was probably intended to set up some kind of Silver and Blaze centric game that would have filled in the blanks left by 06, but this also never materialized.
  3. The purest example: Not to forget his ordering the Chaotix to locate and protect wild Chao from Metal Sonic in Heroes, or sheltering a whole garden of them in Cryptic Castle during Shadow the Hedgehog.
  4. Sonic 06's production script mentions that Blaze is a princess from another dimension who protects the Sol Emeralds. So does the 06 Japanese site "Having duty of protecting and manipulating the Sol Emeralds (which form a pair with the Chaos Emeralds). Usually Blaze is calm and collected, but in fact she holds burning emotions strongly hidden. Although Blaze is shy around strangers and puts a lot of pressure on herself, she works well with Silver as a partner who for her is like a younger brother." There's literally no storytelling details in 06 to distinguish that depiction of Blaze from the Blaze in Sonic Rush. She is clearly supposed to be the same person. It's terrible writing that she's included in Silver's story without any explanation for how she got to his time period, but the fanfiction backstory people invent for her is still nonsensical. Like at the end of Silver's story she uses the Chaos Emeralds to travel to another dimension with Iblis. How could she possibly have the knowledge to do that unless she was already from another dimension?
  5. But Sonic was trying to save Emerl, and Emerl dying was the absolutely last thing Sonic expected to happen. https://m.imgur.com/a/GXYsWa2 It's 100% a What Measure is a Non-Human situation. The Black Arms were practically a hive mind that as far as Sonic knew possessed no feelings or individuality. When Sonic witnesses someone he considered to have free will and emotions die it left him utterly devastated.
  6. I mean, I prefer to think Knuckles is less violent in later appearances because he went through character development, rather than saying "oh, he was always mostly benign, he just accidentally helped Eggman almost murder Sonic two or three times".
  7. I mean, you could say the same thing about Eggman napalming and carpet bombing the jungle, but no one argues that MD era Eggman wasn't trying to kill Sonic. And Knuckles was pretty clearly complicit with these attacks.
  8. I don't think there's any other way to interpret it. Like, from Knuckles' perspective, how is he supposed to resolve the "threat" presented by Sonic and Tails without killing them? He can't keep them occupied with booby traps forever.
  9. I have a hard time thinking he would throw bombs and boulders at Sonic and Tails in S3&K without intending to kill them.
  10. Sonic: Shadow... All right, all right! Just take Emerl, already! If you're not going to listen to me, then do whatever you want! Shadow: ...Yeah. Then you don't care if I exterminate Emerl? Sonic: I'd like to see you try! Shadow: You don't think I could? Sonic: You have a heart. Emerl has a heart. I don't think either of you has it in you to kill! This conversation from Sonic Battle would strongly indicate Sonic is morally opposed to killing "normal" people, ie anyone with emotions and sentience, only using deadly force in What Measure is a Non-Human type situations. I feel like if Sonic did kill indiscriminately it would detract from his dynamic with other characters like Knuckles and Shadow, who are supposed to be more cutthroat than he is.
  11. I'm really against rebooting the franchise. We got a reboot when they made Sonic Boom and really nothing intelligent was done with the concept. We'll get a reboot when the Sonic movie comes out, and that version is just doubling down on the things nobody likes while avoiding most of what's recognizable about the character. Sonic isn't like other fictional characters who have iconic origin stories that can be retold again and again from new vantage points. I don't think there's anything interesting to be done by retelling Shadow's backstory or the Perfect Chaos stuff. Mostly it would just create more confusion than there already is about which details from prior continuity still "count". There's nothing stopping the current Sonic universe from introducing new characters or exploring different kinds of worlds; we had plenty of that back in the Storybook and Rush games. Sonic isn't being held back by previous continuity, he's being held back by shallow characterization and an obsession with trying to play it 'safe' with the marketing.
  12. Third Story Book game. Third Rush Game. Get Shiro Maekawa back on Sonic Team.
  13. Prior to Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge works for the government *instead of* GUN. In SA2 GUN and the President are non-allies, and Rouge's mission is to discover what GUN has covered up about Project Shadow and deliver this information to the President. As such, Rouge wasn't cooperating with GUN at all over the course of the game. Hypothetically she could have still warned the people on Prison Island to evacuate, but it didn't effect her pay check, so she didn't care. GUN 100% did not plan on their base exploding and they spend the entirety of the game trying to thwart Rouge in everything she does- even after she joins forces with the good guys to help stop the Space Colony collision (which the President ordered her to do). Throughout Heroes and Sonic Battle it is continuously affirmed that Rouge works for the President, not GUN. GUN didn't get on the same page as the President until the Black Arms invasion, out of absolute necessity- and even then, the contrast between the President's attitude and the GUN Commander's is striking. The President pays her in Chaos Emeralds.
  14. http://www.sonicepoch.com/?content=hurst "Robotnik / Snively Backstory I wrote an elaborate backstory before I plotted out Blast to the Past. I shared that backstory once and got pilloried. It involved how the sentient animals came to be - why Robotnik and Snively were the only humans and the backstory of the King. Interestingly, I shared it when it was fresh with one fan. And he dissed it, The fan I shared that with felt it was cliche. Was pretty rude about it too. Because it involved the nuclear destruction of humans. Which triggered the genetic mutations of sentient animals. Anyway, they came back to the planet - and according to Einsteininistic stuff - many years had gone by and now he was the only one - along with Snively. We never got to go into really deep detail because we lacked time. And Sega wasn't too happy with that continuity. But the fun part - is that left a colony out there that could discover a faster way to return - and that could remain as a possible story element. Never explored that far. Because animals exist in the non-human populated areas that would have been spared the blasts. And that doesn't mean there aren't humans somewhere on the planet in some form. [Remains of human civilization] would have been addressed in season 3. "
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