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  1. One thing I noticed in the ending of Sonic Rush is that the brief shot of Blaze back in her home dimension depicts a green sky. Of course, Sonic Rush Adventure would go on to portray her dimension's sky as indistinguishable from that of Sonic's. It makes me wonder what they had in mind for Blaze's world back when they were making Rush.
  2. The thing (and it's a big thing) about the Freedom Fighters is that their original purpose was to give Sonic a supporting cast to work with. Back in 1993, Sonic didn't have a ton of friends yet, so the SatAM showrunners had to fill in the gaps. But now, of course, Sonic already has an official supporting cast, and a significant one, too. If they reintroduce all the Freedom Fighters in the IDW series, they'll have to either repurpose them in a different way or risk bloating the already large recurring cast. If the Freedom Fighters return somehow, their place in the story and relation to sonic will no doubt be different. The question is "how?"
  3. Ehhh, I do think they went overboard with Antoine's redesign. Getting rid of his whiskers, snout shape, and eye markings just made him look like a brown Tails with a wig. It's weird that they got rid of his fancy coat, too. Especially since just a few years later we got Dr. Starline wearing his own fancy coat. But I think the previous posters were talking more about the characterizations and backstories than the designs.
  4. It's interesting that this is the second time they've had characters visit Chun-nan in the past couple of months. It's not often we see the countries from Sonic Unleashed mentioned, is it?
  5. Yeah, Longclaw clearly says "this world is on the far side of the universe" when she opens the ring portal, so it's safe to assume all these worlds are in the same universe. According to Ian Flynn, this is supposedly how the game canon is being treated too, at least going by what SEGA told him. The idea of time passing differently on different worlds sounds like a big pain to keep track of and write around, not to mention full of unpleasant implications. Imagine if Sonic stays in his own world for too long and goes back to Earth to find Tom and Maddie are either geriatric or dead. Oof.
  6. While I understand they were going for visual cohesiveness, I do think the Archie reboot may have gone a bit too far in reining the Freedom Fighter designs in. Anyway, I think it's interesting that Dodon Pa also has ungloved hands. Between him and Sticks, I don't think ungloved Sonic characters are really a taboo thing anymore.
  7. Sonic's hands and feet have always been large in comparison to his noodly arms and legs, though. I'd say it works well to convey the kind of posing and energy we've come to associate him with. The one instance of him having small extremities and thicker limbs is the pre-do-over movie design, and we all saw how well that turned out.
  8. I remember people ragging on Sonic 06's character models for their freakishly large hands. They used to call 06 Sonic "Captain Sausagefingers." Clearly this wasn't a complaint about every Sonic design, though, so I guess the others weren't considered as silly-looking. Personally, I don't think the character models prior to 06 had offputtingly large hands. The hands of the models they've been using throughout the 2010s haven't looked too weirdly large. (at least by comparison) I think part of the reason Knuckles' current model looks so odd is because they made his torso so small. Back when he was introduced, he had a larger torso than Sonic, proportionally speaking. Now their proportions have been homogenized for some reason, so Knuckles' big boxing glove hands look even larger when compared to his small body.
  9. The reason they "went back on it" for Odyssey was because 3D World and Odyssey are two different types of Mario games. 3D World is meant to be a linear course-based game in the vein of the 2D Mario titles, while Odyssey is an exploration-based scavenger hunt like 64 and Sunshine. The fact that they have different health systems is due to gameplay reasons, not because they thought small Mario looked weird.
  10. Hey, I'll have you know that all the joking and meme-ery surrounding Sonic 06's trainwreckishness was a weird source of joy for me back in my adolescence. I now look back on those years fondly. And don't do my man Mike dirty like this.
  11. Yeah, they are. But it does give off the vague sense that they're trying to dispel the idea that this is some kind of crazy new take. But who knows? Maybe it will end up being weird and different. Can't see it being more weird and different than Boom, though. Sorry, Azoo. I can't seem to track down the source for that statement. Maybe I did misremember the whole thing.
  12. Honestly, that just makes the most sense. Wildbrain's been going out of their way to mention how they're "[drawing] upon the keystones of the brand" and how "there already is [a Sonic universe]." After Sonic Boom came and went, SEGA's been far more insistent on keeping things closer to the core series. We didn't get a wild reimagining with the IDW comics and I doubt we're going to get one here. While the Sonic Movie ended up the way it did due to SEGA's lack of contractual power, a licenced TV series would be on a much shorter leash. If I recall correctly, Mega Man: Fully Charged was only so radically different from its source material because Capcom specifically asked for a wildly different take on the series. If SEGA wants something more faithful, Wildbrain's probably going to oblige.
  13. If this were Sonic Retro, Overlord would have come in and told us to shut up and get back on topic ages ago.
  14. I know Aaron Webber confirmed the Two Worlds scenario was canon a few times, but apparently AAUK said it was just a single world back when he was community manager. So has the Two Worlds thing only been part of the main canon since the early 2010s? If so, then I'm assuming the games made prior to that point weren't made with the world split in mind.
  15. So I was looking at the news release again and had a thought about the two sentences they shared. Part of me wonders of they could have said "universe," but instead chose to say "multiverse" because Blaze's dimension is involved. After all, they do say "race to save the universe" in the very next sentence. Then again, the announcement did say "strange new multiverse," which would imply it's not something Sonic has encountered before. (And, yeah, saving the multiverse would technically include saving the universe.)
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