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  1. Have "Mobians" as a singular species ever been a thing outside of the Archie comics? I see a lot of fans use that term when talking about other continuities, but those parts of the franchise never seem to refer to the animal characters' species beyond "the hedgehog," "the cat," "the rabbit," etc. I think the real reason Longclaw looks so different from other Sonic characters is because her design is a holdover from the movie's original visual direction. The filmmakers probably didn't think it would be worth it to redo her model when the movie's CG character designs got so drastically course-corrected for Sonic's redesign.
  2. Wait, seriously? If I had to compare Charmy's eyes to any other character's, I'd compare them to Amy's. ...His whole face, really.
  3. Oh yes, I did notice his torso! The continuous body-to-tail shape really does help give him a reptilian feel. I neglected to mention it in my post since I saw you'd already pointed it out in one of yours, but maybe it would have been worth repeating. I think Vector was luckier since his unique visual traits ended up being replaced with other unique visual traits. Bulkier animal characters are still pretty rare for Sonic. In the games there are, what, three of them? Maybe four now with the introduction of Dodon Pa. All I can say about Charmy is that he doubled in size. That certainly was the biggest change for him.
  4. That's the thing, see. For some reason, being "in line with that specific style" somehow ends up meaning "looks exactly like this." The argument that it's for gameplay reasons doesn't really sit right with me since the only real requirement there is that the characters fit roughly into the same hitbox. Mario and Luigi have looked different since 1988, and they've even had Toad and Peach playable along with them on multiple occasions. Crash and Coco are both playable in the N-Sane Trilogy, and they play identically despite looking anything but identical. I'm not saying it always has to be drastic. Sometimes subtle differences can go a long way. Tails and Knuckles differed from Sonic about as much as Luigi does with Mario, so I think they had the right idea there. (Tails being a little shorter and chubbier with a boxier head; Knuckles being a little taller with a larger body and more almond-shaped head)
  5. It could be because the scene was shot with the long-bodied old design in mind. James Marsden was looking at an imaginary Sonic whose head was at a specific height, so if they then lowered Sonic down to a different height, we'd have Tom looking several inches above Sonic's head.
  6. I understand the opinion that these movie robots are visually uninteresting, and to some extent I do agree, but is nobody going to acknowledge that they kind of look like... Eggs? It wouldn't surprise me if that's how Robotnik earns his "Eggman" nickname here. He's neither round nor bald in this movie, so if his appearance isn't egg-like, then perhaps the egg theme got shunted over to his robots.
  7. Fair enough, though as expressive as the CG cutscene eyes are, you've gotta admit that stuff like Mania Adventures and the Movie rig are on a whole other level as far as nuanced brow action is concerned.
  8. Man, I didn't quite realize just how janky Sonic's current in-game model looks in the face department until now. His lopsided resting mouth and permanently furrowed brow look so off-putting to me compared to the movie design's more "normal" features.
  9. I definitely remember rumors of Sonic being raised by an owl. We even had a shot of a storyboard panel depicting said owl at some point. I don't know how far into production rewrites can practically go, but it's entirely possible for them to have changed a few things since the test screenings the Reddit leaks originated from. Those screenings usually happen to help the filmmakers figure out what does and doesn't work, so I wouldn't be surprised if the final movie doesn't 100% match the leaks. Then again, they could be purposefully be keeping that part of the plot a secret. Whether they're actually pulling that on us is anyone's guess.
  10. Sorry to add fuel to the wild speculation, but we'll be reaching the movie's original planned release date of November 8th next week. I'm not going to be so bold as to say "oh yeah, we are totally getting a trailer then," but that date does mark roughly three months until its actual release. With the standees coming out of the woodwork, it's enough to make you wonder.
  11. Going through with something hard even though you're scared sounds like the opposite of cowardly, honestly.
  12. One detail I have never seen anyone bring up is how out of all major western Sonic media from the 90s, AoStH was the one with the greatest number of human and human-looking characters. As far as major characters go, we have Von Schlemmer, Lucas, Lucinda, Momma Robotnik, Katella, and Doctor Quark. Digging deeper gets us Mobius' World Leaders, Miss Saccharine, Snow Height, Five of the Seven Squatty Guys, Cinderella, Fairy Godfather, the Wise Old Hermit, Blackbeard, and Robotnik's various ancestors. Sonic Christmas Blast, effectively a posthumous AoStH special, seems to have even fewer reservations about showing humans than the series proper. Santa Claus is the most obvious example, but the unnamed boy who tells Sonic about Robotnik Claus also comes to mind, given his screentime. The scene with Robotnik posing as a mall Santa has a crowd seemingly populated entirely by human children. I understand that SatAM and Archie had more elaborate worldbuilding that probably left a bigger impact on the minds of most fans, but for a fanbase that loves deep cuts as much as this one, I'm surprised AoStH's humans get ignored or downplayed whenever the topic of human Sonic characters comes up.
  13. Well, given how Sonic himself and nearly the entire supporting cast are anthropomorphic animals of some kind, It'd be pretty weird to think his world didn't have a reasonable population of animal people. I'm honestly surprised it took us this long to see anthro settlements. On the other end of the spectrum, I've always been weirded out by people who act like the introduction of humans other than Eggman was some kind of out-of-left field lorebreaker. Not only because Eggman himself must have come from somewhere, but because the whole premise of "main cast of anthro animals in a world populated mostly by humans" is actually a really common thing. For example: Looney Tunes, Sam & Max: Freelance Police, The Muppets, Yogi Bear, Top Cat, 60s Hanna-Barbera cartoons in general, the list goes on. It's not that unusual of an idea.
  14. Yeah, but the games had almost no friendly NPCs until Sonic Adventure, so we never really got to see any townsfolk until then, human or otherwise.
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