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  1. Ok imma say it right now, sega needs to just make the official pairings right now and dont change em at all. These shipping wars are pissing me off, im getting harrassed for the ships i like, i can make the official pairings right now, hell i can probably make them right now and explain each. And fuck canon at this point. Sonic & Sally - This doesnt even need an explanation, the two been friends since they were 5 and been there for each other when eggman took over and they grew naturally over the years. Thats how you develop a natural relationship Tails & Cosmo - This one is tradgetic. The girl died and kissed tails as a ghost. They grew naturally it works i like it. Tails & Cream - Idk its personal preference but i dont think people would be mad if this happened Shadow & Amy - Ok first off sonamy is a crack pairing. Sonic sees her as a little sister but amy is always tryna ride his leg 24/7 it cant work, its like if naruto and sasuke fused together then hes just as rude as sasuke but acts like naruto and is shipped with sakura, thats sonic and amy. Shadow and amy on the other hand, Amy is the reincarnation of Maria, she made shadow turn good and truly replicated maria to remember his promise to her. Thats flag one. Flag two, amy started to fall in love with sonic when she used tarot cards to find her true love which appeared to be sonic, i think she actually saw shadow but she mistaken him for sonic, she did this shadow in sa2, silver in 06, it could be possible. Flag 3, i think the shadow + amy = silver theory is correct. Knuckles & Rouge - They flirt with each other all the damn time and rouge actually gave knuckles the emeralds in sa2 and smiled and winked at him, its clear shes attracted to him Silver & Blaze - idc if sonic 06 isn't canon anymore, sega cant even maintain their own canon. Sonic 06 is all the proof you need, but sega refuses to use blaze in a game so we cant see them interact in this new timeline but team sonic racing is out and they look to be getting along very well There i just made the official roster that can work and makes the most sense now take notes dammit
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