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  1. what are the chances we see another animated sonic cartoon after what went down with sonic boom anyways?
  2. and that image has not really helped the sonic games....they seem more concerned about protecting some status quo than actually making good sonic content
  3. from 1-10 what do you rate the idw run so far?
  4. yeah i agree with Franken-Mike the A Cover just looked meh....
  5. i think Sega really shouldn't be too picky about the artwork otherwise they come off as massive dicks that can never truly be satisfied with the comics i see nothing wrong with the artwork and i have seen bad artwork in my time reading comics
  6. why has this topic been dead for two years?.....jeez i guess this website really didn't take kindly to riverdale
  7. even with that in mind is there any real proof that kids like shadow butting heads with sonic just to be a dick and shout "I'm so much better than you sonic" when it doesn't really need to be stated at that moment where did this idea that children like douchebag edgelords come from anyways?
  8. eh i doubt they were telling the truth....seems odd for a third season to be on the way when we have heard nothing except this random tweet from someone who doesn't even work on the show
  9. i understand that but their insistence on "let's make new characters that will never be seen again" with each main line game is really stupid Infinite and sticks will never be seen again because those games are old news now and Sega has no interest in talking about them anymore
  10. I'm not saying it is but unless comic book shops have been cropping up more i don't really see how these kids are getting easy access to them without their parents using their credit card for Comixology or ordering them online and honestly i don't see many parents really doing that unless they themselves are also sonic fans i can't believe i keep having to bring up that sonic isn't just a franchise you get into anymore without someone introducing you to it it's long past the days where sonic merchandise was selling like hotcakes and you couldn't go five feet without tripping over something sonic related
  11. yeah and since they have no games to promote right now....what are they actually promoting? nobody's gonna be buying copies of sonic forces at this point
  12. i dunno why sega deneid Ian Flynn the chance to use Sticks in the idw comics...it just really reeks of "this series is over so why promote a character who isn't in the games?" which is a funny mindset to have now considering how few sonic games they put out now
  13. do we know that for sure? i mean like i stated it's not like kids just walk into comic shops these days or find these books just laying around any store
  14. i suppose you are right....honestly i just think these sega mandates are just sega thinking "this is what kids like!" without realizing kids don't buy the comics so this angry edgelord who has no friends shadow....isn't appealing to anyone
  15. Yeah in the tournament of power he was but for the long haul in super he really wasn't any better than goku
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