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  1. now this would be a fun way to integrate them. i imagine that these incarnations would share more animosity towards sonic and vice versa, but probably on the lighter side. plus g.u.n. really hasn't had a presence for a long time which is a shame because they have so much untapped potential as a story/setting element
  2. are people really against the idea of them showing up in the games that much? i mean personally i wouldn't go towards that for a major shake-up in regards to the mainline installments (though i agree with everyone saying that needs to happen), but i can see it working. given that sega loosens up a little, maybe they don't have to appear in a modern game, but rather a classic game? it helps that they're generally more associated with that era
  3. recently signed-up member here name's justin. i'm a semi-longtime sonic fan who got back into the games around two years ago, as well as a fan of sega in general. i've actually known about this place for a long time beforehand, but with all of the happenings that have surrounded the franchise and whatnot over the past three years, i figured that now would be a better time than ever to get in on the fun here. i may not post that much, but i'm hoping to enjoy my time here
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