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  1. Old News Huh? but not many people noticed it. Isn't that a clue? You Heard the Rumors about SA1 Remake I think most definitely we are getting it You Know why because SA1 Art Director Came back to Sonic Team This April and the Rumors says the Game Development started in March, Coincidence? https://www.sonicstadium.org/2019/04/ex-sonic-team-sonic-adventure-artist-hiroshi-nishiyama-rejoins-sega/ The other Clue we have is Sonic Adventure Sound Track Official Remix that was just Released Also I think SEGA Saw Success of Crash Trilogy, don't you think its obvious that they would want to Mimic Its success? The Question Remains thought if they will use the boost or what.
  2. I think SEGA Will Remake SA1.

    The Rumors are correct, you know why? because SA1 Art Director joined Sonic Team in April and SEGA Has Confirmed he is working on new sonic projects.

    And I think Sonic Mania is inspiring the level design.

    Its not weird thought, SEGA Probably Seen the Success of Crash Trilogy.  

    1. Diogenes


      how is a 2d game like mania supposed to inspire the level design of a remake of a 3d game, especially when you're assuming they were inspired to remake the game by the crash trilogy, which changes basically nothing about the level designs

    2. Jack at the Cinema

      Jack at the Cinema

      @Diogenes I think what he/she meant is that Mania's nostalgia success could inspire SEGA to give Adventure nostalgia a try, also seeing the Crash remakes, it's definitely not out of the realm of possibility.

    3. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      I'd rather get a new Adventure game than a remake but I guess that'd be okay.

      Like, if a remake did especially well, it might show Sega that people like the Adventure formula and maybe we'd get more of that as opposed to the boost games, which I'd be all for.

      Still not getting my hopes up for either, though.

    4. KingLeo


      I meant Sonic Mania Team* is working with sonic team to inspire the level design. The guy who posted the rumor said in his last post "The Project is in good hands"

      I have a feeling if this happens , we will see ads like forces saying "From the Creators of Sonic Mania"

      and doesn't seeing Sonic Team art director returning increases the possibility of remake?

      Iizuka also said he is interested in remaking adventure and then we seen sonic adventure remix being released to the public.

      The reason I would like a remake because it allows sonic team to mimic the old physics engine and Improve it.

    5. Tracker_TD


      Iizuka directed Sonic Adventure and he's been working at Sonic Team for the last 25 years. The art director rejoining means bugger all in terms of specifically pointing to a remake. 

      In fact he wasn't even SA1's art director - that was Hoshino, who's been at SEGA alongside Iizuka for years. 

      As for Iizuka saying he'd like to remake it - do you really think he walked out of that interview and immediately sat down and started making a remake? By that logic we should be on like, NiGHTS 4 by now! The music remix doesn't mean much either, because it's already been confirmed every other remix in the set isn't Adventure music (and Sonic Adventure Music Experience has already been around for years, too). 

    6. Jack at the Cinema

      Jack at the Cinema

      I'd rather also have a celebration a la Mania/Generations than a remake a la Crash. There is simply more new stuff. I agree that the hints are pointing at a possible SA inspired game. But Mania people working on a SA remake? ...WTF

    7. KingLeo


      Not really What I mean they are inspiring and giving feed backs

    8. Jack at the Cinema

      Jack at the Cinema

      @Tracker_TD No one said that, but seeing his words, it's possible he have been already working on something Adventure inspired.

    9. KingLeo


      The Rumors doesn't say any thing about Mania Team.

      Hmm... who knows

      But Seeing 

      back raises psosibility



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