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  1. I was kinda surprised this wasn't referenced here so I figured I'd ask.... What do you all think of the sonic CD prototype? Or any of the prototypes? https://tcrf.net/Proto:Sonic_the_Hedgehog_CD_(Sega_CD) https://tcrf.net/Proto:Sonic_the_Hedgehog_2_(Genesis) https://tcrf.net/Proto:Sonic_%26_Knuckles There are others of course.
  2. I've found more impossible things...or so I like to tell myself. I'll keep you in mind if I find one. Thank you for the welcome everyone
  3. I do know of where I can potentially get a prototype skylanders disc, but I'm not too confident about that...I think it was already purchased...:( edit: I took a look real quick, and yes, its already gone. Sorry
  4. Thank you failinhearts (ninth doctor was a good doctor ) Yeah I document prototypes I personally am able to find, and I compare them to the retail product. I haven't found any sonic ones, and I don't think I will, but that'd be awesome if I did My most recent project is playstation all stars. Thank you menace2society
  5. hihi, My username is kuriatsu. I've been playing sonic games for........ohhh.............22-23 years or so now. My most recently played sonic game was sonic mania, I love the old school games more than the newer games but, I don't think the newer ones are BAD.....so much as.....not good most of the time....(I'm looking at you sonic 2006......) Hobbies other than playing sonic games occasionally and other games sometimes, would be glitch hunting and documenting prototype videogames
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