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  1. Sorry and thanks, didn’t find them and there was a separate forum from the movie thread talking about the movie’s impact on the games so I don’t know what was allowed
  2. If this is real and this is the identity fo the mysterious Sonic Gme, who so you think? Though odd if executed well I would be down for an open world Sonic game which the first Adventure game kind of was. What so you think the story could be like?
  3. Didn’t Walters say that Robotnik’s drone technology was revolutionary so I don’t think in the past or in the present they had anyone else with the means to create shadow
  4. I absolutely love the modern honey design
  5. With knuckles being Robotnik’s partner and I read somewhere here about being in a car; you think they can do a dark mirror of Tom and sonic’s relationship in the first movie Plus I don’t really see knuckles always winning against sonic and why would he want to move into a treehouse when he has a perfect for him cave in the attic; I see it more likely tails coming to living with Sonic’s family
  6. Shado,is nowhere near my fave characters in the series anyway
  7. If it’s still selling I think it will continue
  8. I love the character of sonic, a wise cracking cool guy who nonetheless is heroic and willing to stand up against evil and protect his friends the games I have played 2d and 3D are fun Tails is a good partner with Sonic plus I like the adaptations like the movie, comics and SatAM giving their own flavour to the franchise
  9. Plus I think the fleetway original characters are owned by the creators since I think the artist for a cameo of tekno had to get permission from her creator
  10. I think it’s jsut that in the scene they are animating knuckles doing some sort of reaction impossible to replicate with the figure
  11. They could just focus on the ones that would fit into sonic like streets of rage and nights into dreams, plus setting golden axe as a far distant prequel
  12. Streets of rage and house of dead could work and the others could be on other planets or timelines
  13. I am not saying he can’t be more mature but right now he is still about 13-14 and is still basically a young kid terms of maturity
  14. It’s an idea I hope they do with the sonic movie but with Sonic as the flagship series of this universe and as an alien coming to earth like in the movie, would this work to have various Sega series like crazy taxi, nights into dreams and streets of rage all the same Earth? Golden axe could be in the past and my main idea for this would be something like the Idw hasbro universe they did with transformers as the flagship series of that universe.
  15. They could keep Sonic as a teen like in the games and have like the entire first trilogy be in the same year or something as characters not aging is a thing
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