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  1. I might have asked this before and I do want to know whose idea it was that the Idw series be a sequel to sonic forces? Did Ian decide or did Sega mandate that it had to follow the confusion of their latest game?
  2. The biolizard was basically just a final boss and a mindless beast
  3. I have this idea how they can put gun into the sequel and work around why they weren’t in the first movie have them changed from an official government military organisation to a private military company
  4. If gun really does exist in this unvierse then why didn’t they appear in the first movie i like gun but it’s something to consider
  5. There also needs to be time for the main villain like robotnik and I don’t think there is enough time in the sequel unless he spends the movie as Robotnik’s minion like in the 3rd game
  6. Hope sonic still gets to live on earth and maybe add Nack the weasel as a mobian villain
  7. I think the answer to thsi question is just that Eggman is evil, him admiring a relative for the good eh did doesn’t mean he won’t end up in a dark path
  8. While I agree with what ken pulled with the comics gets stupid, if sega had a more proactive role from then the comic wouldn’t have as much the identity as it has now like allowed the possible relationships develop but I do agree a more proactive editor could have had him tone it down a bit
  9. It’s not really much of a prequel pro origin stance or more that robotnik was his original name outside of Japan and Sega now said it’s his real name with Eggman just a nickname, they can’t just have a guy with Eggman as a surname.
  10. Was watching tangled today and I realised sueprficially that movie and this has similarities a young one is forced to keep hidden because their adoptive guardian says people will be after their powers, only longclaw was sincere and goth was jsut self serving they formally meet someone new who helps them on an adventure where they don’t even have to hide anymore, they even visit a bar
  11. Will be a sign of relief when we finally get the ending of this storyline after over a year
  12. My theory so that they could make pachamac knuckles’ s dad what do you think
  13. Sorry that last paragraph doesn’t really make sense, can you explain it please
  14. This should be a no brainier as the overwatch game has a huge story and lore that shouldn’t be confident to jsut the shorts, the free comics and what will be two online multiplayer games which can’t accurately move the story forward the way it should. why not make movies based in the universe? My idea is that they should start with a cgi movie starring tracer since she is the most popular character and perhaps show her last adventure before she got the message from Winston that they are reassembling overwatch.
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