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  1. Knuckles enjoys gardening. It's a peaceful and relaxing activity that also helps relieve the loneliness of his duty somewhat when he takes care of Angel Island's plants and trees in his spare time. Plus he gets free fruit too, including his favorite, grapes.
  2. I realy don't get the point of a potential Tails recast though, since we already had Colleen for his cameo in the first movie. Having her for the subsequent movie(s) would not only be consistent, but also more affordable than having some random expensive big-time star voice him. Plus since it's the same voice from the games, it will be pleasing to the fans as well. Colleen is also quite experienced with her role, so her delivery will most likely be top-notch and won't carry the risk of having a newbie try their hand at voicing Tails.
  3. Oh darn, that pretty much breaks my headcanon there lol. Still, it seems kind of lame for Eggman to use some random robot to save Shadow even if he does say "one of my robots". Maybe it was Metal Sonic then? Or Maybe Omega was still incomplete and was sent to save Shadow while he was still in prototype phase or something, causing him not to retain any memories of it. The rest of my headcanon is kind of stretching it, I'll admit. But to me, it seems logical that Omega would have some kind of countermeasure to specifically deal with Shadow and his Chaos Powers, which is why he was chosen to guard Shadow in Heroes and actually managed to take him down in 06. And who better to think of countermeasures for Shadow than his very creator, Gerald? He would probably not want a repeat of Biolizard's rampage and have some plans to deal with the new Ultimate Lifeform in case it also went nuts. Even if he never got to implement them, Eggman could do so, incorporating them into one of his greatest robots.
  4. Here's a small one. Eggman mentioned in SA2 that he saved Shadow with one of his robots. That robot was none other than E-123 Omega, who was then assigned to guard him as well. Some more additional info, E-123 Omega was not entirely of Eggman's design. While he was overall based on the E-series and built as the ultimate E-series robot, many hidden components of his design were actually Gerald's ideas, including a hidden deployable Anti-Chaos-Energy field generator and powerful secret weapons built to contain Shadow in case he went rogue like the Biolizard did. Gerald might never have built his countermeasures for Project Shadow, but Eggman did what he could not thanks to some hidden plans and blueprints he found on ARK and built Omega with the same features. Omega was used to save Shadow because his force field allowed him to approach the fallen Super Shadow who was radiating unstable Chaos Energy after falling to Earth, bringing him into Eggman's base to be drained back into a stable normal form and sealed away. Then he was chosen to guard Shadow for obvious reasons. He even ended up fulfilling his purpose in 06's bad future, defeating and containing the rogue Ultimate Lifeform.
  5. I really loved Amy's personality in this series. Kind and compassionate, peppy and cheerful, calm and levelheaded, bossy and temperamental, and of course completely smitten with Sonic but not a Yandere either, Boom Amy to me was the ideal composite Amy, fusing all her different character traits into a well-balanced, well-rounded version of her who wasn't annoying, psychotic, helpless or generic. I loved how she got along with not just Sonic, but the rest of the cast as well, even Eggman and his minions at times. And yet she didn't feel like a stand-in for the likes of Sally either, and retained her identity. One of the best versions of Amy IMO.
  6. Not exactly as unpopular as some opinions around, but I really love Boost gameplay and the Boost mechanic. It really shows off how fast Sonic can be and blazing through levels is just super thrilling. I do see the point of the "speed should be earned, not given" thing, but the ability to enjoy Sonic's speed at any time is pretty fun for me. However, I would also like having the style of the Adventure games incorporated with the speed of the Boost games. I believe a good balance is possible if you take the time to refine and fuse the styles together.
  7. A lot of people point out how in the Classic and Adventure games, Sonic doesn't seem to be moving at the speed he's supposed to, because if he did, he would cross entire zones in seconds and be impossible to control. I have a headcanon for an explanation of this gameplay mechanic, Sonic's Super-perception! We see in the Movie that Sonic can move so fast that the world appears to be slowed down around him while he seems to move at "normal" speeds. It's the same thing in the games, where Sonic sometimes doesn't seem to be moving anywhere near supersonic speeds, but that's only because of Sonic's extreme reaction time and heightened perception (he's used to his speed so it appears normal for him) that makes it appear as if Sonic isn't moving all that fast.
  8. Wow for being a topic about Knuckles, this sure has a ton of Sonic discussion instead. For my two cents, I'm just going to say that the "foe Knuckles" character arc was neatly completed with Sonic 3 & Knuckles, cementing him on the side of good instead of mostly being an enemy (minor misundestandings aside). He's not the most enthusiastic about tagging along on adventures all the time since he's very dedicated to his duty as the Master Emerald's guardian, but if his friends need his help, he'll jump in without hesitation as long as the M.E's safe. Now as for just being purely a friend or being a friendly rival, I say Knuckles being a bit competitive with Sonic and trading a few jabs while still working as a team is the best way to do it.
  9. I wouldn't say it "improved their connection", but it does indeed give their rivalry a new angle and some interesting parallels. I also liked how Jim Carrey put it, with Sonic having an "innocence" that Eggman wants but can never seem to get. So instead of embracing Sonic's path of friendship and freedom, he goes down his own dark path of conquest and control. "We have our own styles that we won't change" indeed.
  10. Personally, I do like the idea of Sonic's adventures spanning over the course of around a year from Adventure to Generations, causing him to start at the age of 15 and ending up with the age of 16 post-Generations (along with all other characters aging up a year too, for example Tails aging from 8 to 9, Amy from 12 to 13) One headcanon I have is that the Classic characters are younger than their Modern counterparts, with Adventure being the first game in the Modern era, taking place 3 years after the Classic games. So to me at least, Classic Sonic is actually 12-13 as opposed to 15-16, classic Tails is 5-6 as opposed to 8-9 etc.
  11. Y'know, Forces aside (for obvious reasons) I imagine a Wall-E like "utopia" is kind of like the world Eggman would build if he successfully conquered the world, only with his face and logo plastered everywhere with huge monuments, statues and attractions built in his honor. And of course everyone would receive the benefit of fully automated labor and services provided by Eggman's superior technology in exchange for being completely loyal slaves to Eggman, obeying his every command and singing his praises in every conversation. In addition, all forms of art, song and literature would have to feature him in a good light and all businesses, companies and organizations would be completely under his control (and rebranded to glorify him). The people would be very closely monitored to keep to these "rules". If anyone ever badmouths Eggman or displeases him in any way, they are taken away to be roboticized in order to ensure "proper Eggmanland citizen behavior".
  12. All his life he wanted to be a great scientist like his Grandpa, making wonderful inventions for the good of the world and being loved by all. But eventually he discovered how exactly the world treated geniuses like Gerald: by brutally executing them for their "crimes". He realized that with the world being what it is, he would suffer the same fate if he followed his grandfather's footsteps. So he had an idea. If the world and it's people were this twisted and wrong, he would take things over and make it right. This simple idea slowly devolved into the megalomania and desire for world domination that we see today. Once he might have had noble intentions, to make sure no genius would ever be wronged again, but eventually as his narcissism, arrogance and hubris grew, he abandoned all morals and principles and left only one goal in mind, reshaping the world in his image, no matter the means or consequences.
  13. Kind of interesting that they're getting Tails's actual VA from the games for his movie role, but not the same for Sonic or (understandably) Robotnik.
  14. I really don't see how people can consider SA1 of all games to be BAD. The only real bad parts of that game were Big's fishing segments IMO, the rest was pretty damn good. A little rocky at times, but nonetheless a good first step into the world of 3D. Now 3D Blast on the other hand, I think was kinda bad with the pointless flicky-searching parts, the abysmal special stages, the wonky perspective, the sloppy movement of Sonic himself and the mazelike level design. And yet, I enjoyed it. Sure it's nothing compared to the Classic games or Adventure games, but it was still an acceptable crack at Sonic in 3D. The aesthetics and music were excellent and the bosses were pretty fun to fight, especially the Final Weapon. I say it's one of the only bad Genesis Sonic games alongside Sonic Spinball but t's still playable and still enjoyable at times.
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