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  1. Sonic 3 & Knuckles as a wee lad back in the early/mid 2000s. Didn't get any of the emeralds at all (couldn't be bothered to find any giant rings), but it was still a great, fun playthrough (one of the first games that I fully beat actually) that I can look back on fondly. S3K is truly a pinnacle of timeless Classic Sonic fun. (It does take a decent amount of free time to get into and play all the way through though, so my favorite is still 2 as a quick and compact pick up and play experience)
  2. Lost World. Sonic had some decent momentum going with Colors being good and Generations being great, so I had my hopes up that it was only uphill from there. Unfortunately, instead of keeping the refined boost formula that developed over the course of Unleashed, Colors and Gens, LW tried going in a completely different direction and made it a playable but wonky experience that doesn't really hold a candle to its predecessors in terms of qualiy. The tonally inconsistent writing with more misses than hits didn't help things either. The Deadly Six had some decent potential, but they were watered down into becoming Koopaling expies before being tossed aside in favor of just having Zavok appear in practically every subsequent game with no continuity whatsoever. So yeah, Lost World was a letdown that really dropped the ball after Generations got it rolling. Forces and 06 were also big disappointments, but not quite as much since I had low expectations for those going in and they didn't come out right after some good hits either.
  3. Chapter 1: A Bright and Stormy Day (Part 4):
  4. So apparently #Crush40forSonic2 got over 3000 tweets! If we keep this up, Jeff Fowler might listen to us and do something amazing for the fans again! If we can fix Sonic's look, we can upgrade the music too! If I live to hear Crush 40 in the movie in theaters, I will weep.
  5. Chapter 1: A Bright and Stormy Day (Part 3):
  6. Yes it's quite jarring how they just up and forgot about poor Cream after all the major appearances she made. I love her as a character and she's one of my favorites, so it's really sad to see her suddenly disappear from all the prevalence she had. She was a sweet, charming and fun character and a wonderful addition to the main cast. She bounced off Amy very well as seen in Heroes and Battle, and it's a dang shame they didn't continue to capitalize on the idea of her as the Tails to Amy's Sonic. I'm really hoping SEGA and Sonic Team will remember the little rabbit and give her major roles again eventually.
  7. They're probably natural energy batteries or condensed bits of raw energy formed from the environment around them. They gain their energy from the planet's essence, Chaos Energy, Hyper Go On Power, cosmic energy, geothermal energy, solar power and a bunch of other sources, explaining how they're everywhere. They are the main source of powering things in Mobius (or Sonic's World or whatever), so they are valuable and used as currency.
  8. Chapter 1: A Bright and Stormy Day (Part 2):
  9. For years now, I've dreamed of making a Mario and Sonic crossover project of my own, but the mess of ideas in my head were too disorganized for me to formulate into anything cohesive. That changed a while back when I worked up the courage to start writing and found that things just went with the flow, and I finally managed to write something resembling a story! So, without further ado, I present my attempt at making a Mario & Sonic crossover fanfiction, Mario & Sonic: Heroes from Two Worlds! Any and all feedback or criticism are welcome, especially about portraying the characters well. (also if anyone can think of a less cheesy title, that'd be welcome too) The first two chapters will be split into parts as they're kinda big (Exactly 8000 words each) Chapter 1: A Bright and Stormy Day (Part 1) :
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