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  1. Chapter 3: Meeting of the Evil Minds (Part 1):
  2. Yeah this is one point I really agree with. Sure the "SEGA HIRE THIS MAN" thing is obnoxious, especially concerning how overblown praise for certain fangames can get compared to what they actually are, but working with the fans directly might be the best move in the future. Mania was a huge success, now it just needs to be replicated in some way by working with a passionate team that knows what to do with Sonic.
  3. Crush 40 would be nice. As for everytrhing else, I'm keeping my expectations low, let's see what we get. A good story would also be nice though. Doesn't necessarily have to be grimdark and apocalyptic like Metal Virus, just something more than Pontaff or Forces. Something like Unleashed or even Heroes in terms of tone maybe.
  4. A really big chunk of their mandates are just asinine garbage that anyone in their right mind would reject, like "Shadow can't have friends", "Sonic can't express deep emotions" or "Only Tails and Eggman can be inventors". The crown jewel of stupidity however, I would say is "Male animal characters can't wear pants." WHY?!
  5. Sonic Music is pretty much among the highest tiers of Video Game music for me, generally speaking. Minus a few rare exceptions like Chronicles, you can take the soundtrack of practically any well known Sonic game and it's almost guaranteed to be phenomenal. Sonic Music covers a huge range of genres ranging from buttrock to jazz to cinematic orchestra to hip-hop to techno to dubstep to edgy metal to pretty much anything you can think of. Even back in the 16 bit days, Sonic Music stood out making incredible use of the Genesis soundchip to have some sensational soundtracks that stand the test of time. And things only got better when they transitioned to real music, with the Adventure games having some of the most memorable video game soundtracks of all time IMO. If there's one thing I can always look forward to for a Sonic game, it's the music.
  6. She was already inexplicably inserted into Rio 2016, sure why not. Actually speaking though, a change of design and role might be more fitting if she was put into the modernverse. While Boom Sticks got along perfectly fine as part of Boom Team Sonic, I'd say Modern Sitcks should be more of a side character doing her own thing instead of part of the main gang. If anything, she'd probably get along better with the Chaotix with her curiousity and paranoia tying into their detective work. Maybe make her an explorer or ghost hunter with the look to match or something who believes the ancient dead haven't left the world entirely and wants to find out more. (wouldn't be wrong considering all the ghosts still around) But speaking of Sticks, I'd be more than up for her modernverse lookalike Marine hte Raccoon making a comeback. Might just be me, but I really liked her excitable energy. I could see Blaze partnering up with her for a new Rush game.
  7. Yeah, I don't think monkeys could exceed the masterpiece that is Sonic Adventure 2, not in a thousand years at least. Iizuka's not perfect and he might have some really scatterbrained ideas like the two worlds retcon, but that doesn't change the fact that he's still one of the greatest contributors to the Sonic Franchise with the Adventure games. He might not have had a good handle on Sonic like he used to, but I don't think he's all bad either. I say give him a chance, maybe he'll find his footing.
  8. Sonic 3 & Knuckles as a wee lad back in the early/mid 2000s. Didn't get any of the emeralds at all (couldn't be bothered to find any giant rings), but it was still a great, fun playthrough (one of the first games that I fully beat actually) that I can look back on fondly. S3K is truly a pinnacle of timeless Classic Sonic fun. (It does take a decent amount of free time to get into and play all the way through though, so my favorite is still 2 as a quick and compact pick up and play experience)
  9. Lost World. Sonic had some decent momentum going with Colors being good and Generations being great, so I had my hopes up that it was only uphill from there. Unfortunately, instead of keeping the refined boost formula that developed over the course of Unleashed, Colors and Gens, LW tried going in a completely different direction and made it a playable but wonky experience that doesn't really hold a candle to its predecessors in terms of qualiy. The tonally inconsistent writing with more misses than hits didn't help things either. The Deadly Six had some decent potential, but they were watered down into becoming Koopaling expies before being tossed aside in favor of just having Zavok appear in practically every subsequent game with no continuity whatsoever. So yeah, Lost World was a letdown that really dropped the ball after Generations got it rolling. Forces and 06 were also big disappointments, but not quite as much since I had low expectations for those going in and they didn't come out right after some good hits either.
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