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  1. Chapter 2: Magnetic Mall Mayhem (Part 1):
  2. Sonic 3 & Knuckles as a wee lad back in the early/mid 2000s. Didn't get any of the emeralds at all (couldn't be bothered to find any giant rings), but it was still a great, fun playthrough (one of the first games that I fully beat actually) that I can look back on fondly. S3K is truly a pinnacle of timeless Classic Sonic fun. (It does take a decent amount of free time to get into and play all the way through though, so my favorite is still 2 as a quick and compact pick up and play experience)
  3. Chapter 1: A Bright and Stormy Day (Part 4):
  4. So apparently #Crush40forSonic2 got over 3000 tweets! If we keep this up, Jeff Fowler might listen to us and do something amazing for the fans again! If we can fix Sonic's look, we can upgrade the music too! If I live to hear Crush 40 in the movie in theaters, I will weep.
  5. Chapter 1: A Bright and Stormy Day (Part 3):
  6. Yes it's quite jarring how they just up and forgot about poor Cream after all the major appearances she made. I love her as a character and she's one of my favorites, so it's really sad to see her suddenly disappear from all the prevalence she had. She was a sweet, charming and fun character and a wonderful addition to the main cast. She bounced off Amy very well as seen in Heroes and Battle, and it's a dang shame they didn't continue to capitalize on the idea of her as the Tails to Amy's Sonic. I'm really hoping SEGA and Sonic Team will remember the little rabbit and give her major roles again eventually.
  7. They're probably natural energy batteries or condensed bits of raw energy formed from the environment around them. They gain their energy from the planet's essence, Chaos Energy, Hyper Go On Power, cosmic energy, geothermal energy, solar power and a bunch of other sources, explaining how they're everywhere. They are the main source of powering things in Mobius (or Sonic's World or whatever), so they are valuable and used as currency.
  8. Chapter 1: A Bright and Stormy Day (Part 2):
  9. For years now, I've dreamed of making a Mario and Sonic crossover project of my own, but the mess of ideas in my head were too disorganized for me to formulate into anything cohesive. That changed a while back when I worked up the courage to start writing and found that things just went with the flow, and I finally managed to write something resembling a story! So, without further ado, I present my attempt at making a Mario & Sonic crossover fanfiction, Mario & Sonic: Heroes from Two Worlds! Any and all feedback or criticism are welcome, especially about portraying the characters well. (also if anyone can think of a less cheesy title, that'd be welcome too) The first two chapters will be split into parts as they're kinda big (Exactly 8000 words each) Chapter 1: A Bright and Stormy Day (Part 1) :
  10. For me, it's Cream. She's sweet, kind, innocent, yet can be tough as nails and a formidable fighter when she has to be. She's polite, mild-mannered and humble, yet always willing to help out. She sees the best in everyone and supports them however she can. She is wise and mature for her age, seeing through Amy's surface level obsession and understanding her genuine love for Sonic, and even explaining it to Emerl in a way that the robot, someone who finds the very concept alien, could understand. She's friendly, yet not overbearing, being able to bring someone like pre-Rush Blaze out of her shell and teach her how to be friendly and more open with others. She doesn't like to fight or hurt people, even being willing to take hits without fighting back. But she knows her ideals can't always be maintained and she can put them aside for the sake of her friends and loved ones, as seen in Sonic Battle. Heck, in Sonic X, she even beats down Emerl herself, putting aside her feelings for the greater good. She takes some pages from Tikal's character and writes them into a new book, one that I would like to read more in the games. She's a bundle of untapped potential that SEGA just doesn't give a chance to shine, having only one real major main game role in Heroes before being tossed aside for the most part. Not just from a character perspective, but even from a gameplay perspective she has a lot of potential. Being a flyer like Tails, but also fighting alongside Cheese makes her a unique and versatile (if overpowered) fighter. I wish she was given some real spotlight and love in the series proper, so we could see what the Rabbit could really do. ...admittedly, I may be embellishing a bit. But still, we never really see too much of her in the games proper, so maybe she could match up with my interpretation of her character if we ever got a chance to see her in action again.
  11. Live and Learn. It's just the absolute best, from start to finish. Many of the other Crush 40 tracks and other legendary tracks from all eras do come close, but Live and Learn is number 1 for me, even if by a small margin.
  12. Eggman is definitely the one who benefits from voice acting the most. While Sonic's tude, Tails' helpful friendly nature and Knuckles' boisterousness and dedication to duty can be expressed quite well without words (seen by Sonic Mania Adventures), Eggman's bombasticness is further bolstered by the glorious voice of both Deem Bristow and Mike Pollock. Eggman's voice lets the doctor's personality shine brilliantly,, in both his comical and menacing moments. Though to me, personally, a few other voices also bring the characters personalities to life better. For example, Rouge and Shadow. Shadow's serious, no-nonsense and broody edginess is exemplified by his deep, calm, somewhat gruff voice. Jason Griffith's was my favorite for Shadow and his deliveries on many of his greatest lines (like his ending in 06) really shows off Shadow's true character. Rouge's sultry and smooth voice is also one that brings her character up front. Lani Minella's voice was my favorite, but Karen comes close, and her huskier voice sounds more fitting without going as deep as Kathleen. (she does sound off in TSR though) Overall though, I say the voice acting has become an integral part of the series since the Adventure days. While it's fine for shorts like TSR Overdrive, it'll just feel like something's missing if the Modern characters stop talking in the games (at least for me anyway). The current voice cast has mostly grown on me and it'd be a shame not to hear their voices play the characters for a mainstream appearance.
  13. I just have to say the writing is phenomenal. Excellent tone, excellent interaction, excellent characterization. Ryan finally returns as Sonic after so long and he STILL KILLS IT! So much nostalgia in that wonderful voice! I love the older take he has to match the older Sonic we got post Generations too. David Humphrey is surprisingly good at Knuckles, reminds me of Scott Dreier's Knuckles from Sonic Heroes (though my favorite is still Travis). Emi Jones did a great job as Tails too. A bit more high pitched than Colleen and Kate, but not too girly. And Mike Pollock...well what do you expect from the man himself? It's pretty surprising that they actually managed to get him for this, considering how reluctant he normally is, but it's a very welcome surprise. Overall this was an absolute blast to listen to. Makes me want to see games with writing and plots on this level and tone in the future.
  14. Oh boy here goes. Sonic the Hedgehog > Tails Adventure > Sonic the Hedgehog 2 > Tails' Skypatrol > Sonic CD > Sonic the Hedgehog 3 > Sonic & Knuckles > Sonic 3D Blast > Sonic Generations (Classic POV) > Sonic Chaos > Sonic Triple Trouble > Knuckles Chaotix > SegaSonic the Hedgehog > Sonic Mania >>>(Gap from Classic to Modern era)>>> Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (explaining the design changes) > Sonic Adventure > Sonic Advance > Sonic Adventure 2 > Sonic Advance 2 > Sonic Heroes > Sonic Rush > Shadow the Hedgehog > Sonic Battle > Sonic Advance 3 > Sonic Rush Adventure ~ (Sonic 06? Sonic Rivals? Either way, Silver is introduced) ~ Sonic Storybook games > Sonic Unleashed > Sonic Colors > Sonic Generations (Modern POV) > Sonic Lost World. (Forces is dubiously canon to the main timeline IMO, like BOTW is to the main Zelda timeline)
  15. Here's a headcanon I shamelessly stole and adapted from a Youtube comment by Zekeram12 (found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyWCpFFovw0)
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