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  1. Shadow's unique ability to use Chaos Control without a Chaos Emerald, in addition to his other Chaos Powers (Spear, Blast etc) are inherited from Black Doom. The "Chaos Colntrol without an Emerald" bit though did not come to him right away. While Black Doom mastered this particular ability through many, many years of practice to gain the focus needed, Shadow himself mastered it thanks to his memory of Maria (as he explained in Sonic Battle) or more accurately his determination to keep that promise gave him the focus he needed to master drawing on his own Chaos energy.
  2. Yeah Eggman being an evil mastermind but still occasionally being an incompetetnt twit seems to be more in-line with the games rather than any form of Flanderization. While Eggman can be a dastardly villain in the games, he's not anywhere near as competent or no-nonsense (or even evil for that matter) as Robo-Robotnik 2 or SATAM Robotnik and has always had a degree of imcompetence to him. (The Lava Reef boss in Sonic & Knuckles being damaged by its own mines as an early example). This incarnation to me strikes a good balance between nigh-unstoppable overlord Eggman and harmless cartoon villain Eggman.
  3. Lizard Warrior? Good lord, it's Lyric all over again. Hoping they stay away from all that loony stuff for now. Just focus on Robotnik, Sonic and Cop Dude. Now that's something I'd like to see. It'd give the latter a cool origin for the Movie version of him too!
  4. Also, you don't need spikes if you can hit like a GUN Truck. The spikes are just overkill considering how strong Knuckles is, the guy punched Super Sonic hard enough to knock him back to normal! I personally don't mind either way. It could be natural, or it could be part of the glove. I like the idea of the spiked gloves being a traditional weapon of the Knuckles clan, part of Knuckles heritage.
  5. A much smaller one compared to the massive unload from last time: A Mobian Hedgehog or Echidna's (or any other animal with quills) quills can "harden" or "soften" whenever the owner wants them to. Hardening them turns them into sharp rigid spikes that can stab things, the hardening process causes them to stick out suddenly which can be used for attack (Like Sonic's up throw in Smash). If softened, they are wavy and soft and act much like slightly rigid human hair. They are soft by default and hardening requires a teeny bit of exertion, like clenching a fist. Also, the quills are not essential body parts and the owner doesn't feel pain if they're harmed. They also grow to a certain length if they're not cut. Amy cuts hers short, but kept them at natural length when she was younger (her Classic design). Sonic, Silver, Shadow, Knuckles and most others keep them at full natural length.
  6. I agree, while the games were pretty bad in gameplay, story and overall flair, the cartoon was actually one of the better Sonic cartoons IMO. Excellent characterizations for the main crew, interesting setting, decent background characters (minus a select few) and fun plotlines for a cartoon format. Minus a few things like Shadow's bad characterization and those select few characters, I feel it was a good representation of Sonic. It could really use an animated movie.
  7. Oh boy, I have a bunch of implausible dumb headcanons to share, glad I found this thread! 1. Expanding on this, all the non-realistic "humans" seen in Sonic, such as Eggman, Professor Pickle and the GUN soldiers are actually Homo Segadus, humlan like creatures with supernatural physical ability, explaining Eggman's strength in Riders and Lost World and the durablitiy that many of them show, in addition to them being able to casually travel throughout the unique geometry of Sonic's world such as loops and springs. (Kind like Mario who is Homo Nintendonus and has superhuman abilities) 2. Sonic's world is actually officially named Mobius, but it contains both Homo Segadus and Mobians (seen in Forces) along with other miscallenous creatures like Chaos and Animal Friends. It is occasionally referred to as Earth, but it's not actually named that. (Earth means ground too, so they might as well call the planet that, I mean why did we name our planet Earth anyway, it's just a name) 3. Eggman originally just wanted to be a great scientist that would do a lot of great things for humanity and science as a whole, inspired by his grandfather. But after seeing what the world did to his grandpa for being a genius, something snapped within him, he figured that the world would reject his own intellect and kill him as well and thus deciced to take over and change the system to MAKE the world love him and get revenge and justice for his grandfather's execution, eventually twisting his desire for being a great scientist into the megalomania we see today. This fanfic illustrates it wonderfully: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4938123/1/Little-Ivo 4. Miles Prower's parents Mr and Mrs Prower were scientists involved with Project Shadow and they either left him behind or sent a baby Tails to their home planet to keep him safe as they felt it wasn't safe to be on the Ark with the Black Arms dealings happening. They planned to quit Project Shadow and come back to Earth to raise their son after things started getting too suspicious, but then the crackdown happened. and they were killed. Tails doesn't know of this, but wouldn't really hold too much of a grudge and want revenge like Shadow if he ever did. Though he would be saddened and somewhat bitter both about his parents being killed and them choosing their work over their child. (They could have left Project Shadow as soon as the Black Arms stuff happened and raised Tails, but they chose to stay and decided to leave too late), he'd eventually get over it and forgive his parents, possibly hoping to see them again in the afterlife or something. He'd not hate GUN either as it has dramatically changed since the dark days of slaughtering a space colony's population to cover up an illegal project and if confronted, the commander would genuinely apologize to Tails on behalf of his predecessors. (the bit about GUN explained further in another headcanon) 5. The Hedgehog isn't a proper surname. Sonic's real name is Sonic Needlemouse, but neither he nor his friends know that since his parents died or otherwise disappeared when he was a baby and he grew up mostly alone on Christmas Island with Animal Friends to keep him company before he left in search of adventure. His origins besides his real surname however, is still a mystery. He's probably go by Sonic The Hedgehog even if he knew about his real name anyways though since he'd think his past doesn't matter and he'd prefer to look forward instead. 6. In the same vein, Shadow's surname isn't The Hedgehog either. His proper name would be either Shadow Doom (fittingly edgy) going by his birth father or Shadow Robotnik going by his "adoptive father", Gerald. But he obviously doesn't identify with them being his family so going by Shadow The Hedgehog is fine by him. 7. Finally, Silver's surname is also not The Hedgehog, but his future is most likely a death-filled wasteland post-retcon too, so his parents probably died when he was a baby and all traces of his past and origins were thoroughly destroyed (maybe he was a sole survivor of a disaster thanks to his powers) so there's no way to know what his real name ever was. As far as he's concerned, he's Silver The Hedgehog and that's that. 8. G.U.N used to be a lot more totalitarian and immoral back in the days of the ARK Genocide, with the leaders being obsessed with maintaining control over the world and keeping the people safe and blissful (much like the Dai Li from Avatar). However, eventually GUN started becoming less evil and eventually turned over to a mostly benevolent form of government after Tower (the current commander) took over. As he saw firsthand what GUN was responsible for, he put all his effort into making sure GUN never went back to their old ways and became an organization dedicated to protecting the world and its people instead of controlling them. He still held a grudge against Shadow and the Black Arms however but after the events of Shadow The Hedgehog any bad blood faded away, and by the time of Sonic 06 and onwards, GUN had become fully dedicated to its new purpose of protecting the world instead of conspirating to control it, as seen by its efforts to halt the Mephiles situation with Team Dark's cooperation and focusing on saving Rouge first instead of trying to secure the artifacts for themselves and dismissing Rouge as expendable.
  8. Agree with everything minus maybe the part about post-Genesis games not being good. the Adventure games had some awesome stages, as did Unleashed and Colors in my opinion. But I do agree about level design (more specifically how you're meant to traverse through them) highlight a part of Sonic's personality. It's one of the reasons I love it when some cool cinematic stuff happens when running through levels, (The Gun Truck, the huge gotem pole in Generations 3DS etc).
  9. Hugely unpopular opinion here, but I kinda liked his character progression from Colors and Generations to Lost World. He was bratty, arrogant and a bit of a jerk, but that's only logical for his age as a growing preteen, plus his role model is Sonic so he'd obviously try to emulate his 'tude, which leads to him taking it too far and becoming a jerk. He even realizes this in the story and somewhat goes back to his original nice personality while still keeping some of the 'tude. Sure, it's not handled all that well, but I got what they were going for and personally, I liked it. Made Tails less one-dimensional at least. I think Tails gaining some of Sonic's cockiness while still remaining pure hearted, polite and cheerful at heart makes him less bland. (his one-liners from Team Sonic Racing and his subtle jabs in the Twitter Takeover like saying Eggman fails at long walks along the beach are great bits of characterization for him IMO). His personality in Sonic Colors and the OK-KO Crossover event is Modern Tails at his best IMO, occasional snark here and there, a bit of tude, but overall being the smart, friendly, helpful and heroic ball of sunshine we all know and love. His "characterization" in Forces on the other hand is just plain garbage. He's never been cowardly or overly dependent on Sonic, even standing up to Eggman back in SA1 despite his fears (Just me, but I love the Luigi parallels). Glad he's not that way anywhere else so far and has gone back to normal as of TSR.
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