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  1. I just learned how to edit code so that's also gonna be a change. I already have a few codes changed ,like, having the egg capsule ( please forgive me if that's not the correct name) let you walk around instead locking your controls to go right. Other code will be changed too.
  2. Thank you, as i said its in a very early state so most of the crap stuff is just me being curious seeing whats gonna happen if i do this or that. Also i did put things i was gonna add so its not just gonna be a palette swap for long. EDIT: i noticed this may sound sarcastic and its not so yeah ( sorry for grammar mistakes )
  3. the pictures too beeg oops
  4. Ok, i have returned and this forum is specifically for ROM hacks. So welcome to the world of my random junk. ROM hack im making, its in a pretty early state, so if you don't like something it might possibly get changed. What is currently changed: 1:Some of the music is changed 2:Palettes are different. What i'm planning to change: 1:New sprites. 2:New layouts. s1built.bin
  5. man i miss myself when i was cringy
  6. . ok so y'know how the 32x was gonna be a standalone console well i was watchin' metv and there was this show about collectors items and in this episode it had gaming stuff and in part of that episode this guy the beta 32x when it was a standalone console so yeah IT EXIST
  7. Get this one instead in the other one in MZ had a part that was im possible i fixed in here Sonic 1 Master edition DEMO.gs0 SRRY AGIAN I PROMICE sonic 1 Master edition DEMO!.bin
  8. only GHZ ACT 1 AND 3 AND MARBLE ZONE ACT 1 ,2, AND 3 ARE EDITED. Sonic 1 Master edition DEMO.bin
  9. Tried to trace the sonic 3 beta title screen and make it look nicer. I also made a few extra touches that wasn't originally there.
  10. i made a new forum for my own art. but is there a place where i can post stuff like this?
  11. hI Welcome here is a bad gif from a year ago. A current MS paint trace of the sonic 2 beta title screen. I know this is not art but here is a song i made in mario paint . ( Also i will upload music i made sometimes. ) Boss Complete!.mp3
  12. I know this is my own board, but in the sonic 2 proto from august in the messed up special stage i failed it without crashing and it showed a blue screen with CPZ music. Nothin' special also i assume it's just the sonic 1 special stage.
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