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  1. Yup, I'd say that's pretty reasonable.
  2. Yes EXACTLY! As i said in the first post what makes Sonic Sonic is very very specific. He's cute (small, big eyes, etc) PLUS tough, edgy, and cool. 100% agree. That's actually a really good point, While i used to completely hate the modern writing, I recently watched the cutscenes again and i also noticed that they do seem to get his carefree attitude pretty spot on. I just wish they combined that with a bit more cockyness maybe. I'm curious, how do you feel OK KO sonic compares to say Lost World and Colors? I think they nailed it pretty closely. I see what you mean there, but that's actually exactly why i said "strictly in looks alone", because by his attitude and mean expression it's as if he's doing everything he can to not come off as cute even though he technically is on the outside, with his big eyes, small somewhat chubby body, short stature, etc. It's exactly that clash of qualities that I loved about his 90's portrayal. Yeah! I absolutely love how they show him taking care of Amy in CD and Tails in AOSTH. I actually like that show specifically for that reason, they really got his "big brother" quality right.
  3. Hey guys, I recently read Yuji Naka's comments a while ago about him and the original team not wanting Sonic to become cute, and I realized I've felt a similar way for a while now. In my opinion, Sonic's original personality as seen in Sonic 1-3 and CD is very specific: Cute strictly in looks alone but cocky, witty, and somewhat stoic on the inside, hence the "attitude". To me this is very much in line with a common Japanese trope you see in Anime. It's the usual male character who may not look super masculine on the outside but has very "manly" qualities such as confidence, stoicism, and independence. I think this is what the recent games have kind of been missing in terms of how they have been portraying his personality, possibly because of the writers being American and not Japanese, so they may have misunderstood this trope that was linked to his original character. I think this "edginess" is very much the core of Sonic's character and not simply an element of the 90's, as I've heard argued before. I think it could very much still work if he was like this. In fact I think he was exactly like this in OK KO's interpretation of Sonic. Anyone else agree or is it just me?
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