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  1. Old headcanon: Sonic and Amy have always had a platonic, familial relationship. Absurd. New headcanon: Sonic and Amy are enjoying steamy hook ups in-between each Zone, but despite all of this hedgehog sex, Sonic just won't commit and Amy can't take the hint... Now That's What I Call Canon! Do you have a romantic partner? Lol. First question: is Amy's characterization as a delusional stalker part of her appeal, or does it make her character less essential to the cast? Second question: do you think canons are real, or are you aware that fiction is constructed by writers making things up? Lol.
  2. I don't. Do you? Two lines, easy cuts or redubs to my mind. Neither of them are good jokes. The jail scene makes more sense through the sister lens than it does romantic interest minus that line. Her real motivation is she's helping Sonic, she's half joking about marrying him. Her overall character is definitely more like kid sister than girlfriend, or even clingy wannabe girlfriend. Amy doesn't seem like Peach to Mario to me. She's more like Luigi, but a girl and usually unplayable. I guess what I don't get is, who wants to see Sonic and Amy kissing? They're brother and sister!
  3. Fair enough. Although "Amy as Sonic's sister" doesn't go against every piece of canon — but you do need to be selective. For example, if you just take the "Classic Sonic-verse" on their own, nothing in the actual games contradicts it. In Sonic CD, we see that Amy "hearts" Sonic but that works with my headcanon. Amy's appearances in the animated Mania-verse shorts could also be seen as sisterly. I don't remember every piece of dialogue in Sonic Adventure or SA2, but what comes to mind isn't contradictory either. She adores him, he's a bit annoyed by her, and she's frustrated by him. For me, it makes their relationship feel... fuller. More nuanced. More loving. It establishes a bedrock connection that doesn't depend on character flaws to keep them together. It also like the way it explains why Amy looks exactly like Sonic, just pink and in a dress! Which is why I think it would then make sense to assume Shadow and Silver also share some of Sonic's DNA (clone / distant relative) — and is similar to the echidnas like Tikal in SA1 who look just like Knuckles, which makes sense, as Knuckles is descendent from that tribe. It obviously works without them being literally family — hedgehogs just happen to all look like this, in this world, is the established canon — I just prefer it the way I have it in my head.
  4. Ah, well there you have it, I've only played a bit of each of those games and didn't finish any of them. Do you think those games made you more invested in Amy's crush on Sonic, like does it more emotionally ground or set that in stone for you? Genuinely wondering, I don't know. I know people ship everybody and I'm sure a lot of people do with Sonic and Amy but, to me... having not seen the examples cited, "Amy has an unrequited crush on Sonic" doesn't strike me as a better explanation than "Amy is Sonic's sister" to the question of "why is this character here, how are they connected to the story?" It's not better, it's just what it is, what it's been. I don't think it's likely to become a retcon for any actual Sonic media, but it wouldn't be hard to make it work — they find out about their mysterious childhood, or something comes from the past, whatever — there's a revelation and they reckon with it. It's the Luke and Leia retcon. In that imaginary headcanon story, I think I'd just make the four Hedgehogs related. I like the theory that the "Ultimate Life Form" that Dr. Gerald discovered — aka creating Shadow — it wasn't foretelling the coming of Sonic a generation later, he was created using a sliver of Sonic's DNA and Dr. Gerald used the mysterious blue quill to clone-engineer Shadow as the Ultimate Life Form. How does Dr. Gerald get a Sonic sliver? Silver the Hedgehog, the time-traveling descendent/long-distance-nephew from the future... it was a butterfly effect situation. Silver, Sonic, and Blaze were on an adventure, warping across dimensions and times through warp rings / Sol Emeralds / Chaos Control... As they're passing through, a close shave with an enemy leaves behind a Sonic quill in Gerald's lab, who then reverse-engineer clones Shadow. "The Hedgehogs are all related" just adds some definition to what's already there, gives it some cohesion. Shadow is the evil twin. Silver feels like a cousin, so call him cousin — even though he's actually a distant descendent from X amount of years in the future, he's actually a greatrgreatgeatgreatgreatgrandchild, but cousin would be how they think of each other. Maybe it already is? I don't know Silver very well. Knuckles' backstory also makes answering "why is he here" more cumbersome than it needs to be, which is why IMO it makes sense to assume he has a unique Chaos Control teleportation/connection with the Master Emerald.
  5. Well aren't we having a great conversation. Thanks for contributing. Edit — Also, Panda Claus, hold up a second... what do you think headcanon is? Break down the etymology. Whose head? My head. What is canon? Canon is a standard, a set of rules. This is my version of the status quo rules. For short, you might call it headcanon. Curious to your thought process on your tone in our exchange. What's up here? Instead of adding conversational value, your aim was to... prove me wrong? Prove how this imaginary version of an imaginary thing is "Um Actually, Wrong"? Like, you see how that's rude, right? Don't get mixed up. It's fine. I'm cool, but maybe in the future you could be a bit more mindful about what you're getting out of acting like a cop on a Sonic message board.
  6. Right. I'm not disputing the canon, lol. There's not really a debate on that aspect of it, you're just misunderstanding me, or I'm not articulating it well enough. I'm talking about my headcanon, or more of a pitch on how I would retcon/realign/streamline the relationships to allow for the best versions of the characters. In the main games, there's not much you even need to ignore or re-contextualize to make it work — Amy is clearly obsessed with Sonic and loves him, but there aren't a ton of examples of literalizing it in any form. I can't recall off the top of my head any examples of Sonic or Amy dating, holding hands, or even suggesting labels like boyfriend/girlfriend/date/wedding. The joke is Sonic is too cool for a fangirl's infatuations, so it's a one-sided affair until Metal Sonic kidnaps her and Sonic sets out to rescue her. After Sonic CD and then some small scattered examples since Adventure, Amy's infatuation with Sonic has been downplayed to the point of being vestigial and unnecessary. Amy's arc is she's not taken seriously, then ends up leading a Resistance force — maybe even just call them Freedom Fighters, since modern Amy is increasingly like Sally Acorn minus the princess angle... and less of a romantic story with Sonic. Which is fine. YMMV, especially if you ship Amy and Sonic, but to me there's not a lot to the idea of them as a couple. It seems pointless. Their dynamic is more fun and playful if they can make fun of each other, like siblings. I don't think "romantically longing for Sonic" is better than "loves Sonic like a brother." The latter option gives her more of an independence and simultaneously a closer connection, and gives a fresh shake to Sonic/Amy/Tails/Knuckles dynamic. There could be a debate on this, though — what are Amy's core traits? What is essential to her character?
  7. Well since these are my headcanons I can provide explanations. 1) Maybe the teleportation is only possible when the Master Emerald is in the Hidden Palace shrine, at full power lifting Angel Island in the sky. So after the Emerald is disturbed, or shattered, teleportation wouldn't be possible... but Knuckles still has the connection to it, hence his radar sense. Tikal has a more advanced teleportation in Adventure, but a rougher version of the same basic power could be applied to Knuckles. 2) To answer your "wut?" -- Well, to me, Sonic & Amy are not an "OTP" couple... the unrequited romance dynamic doesn't do much beyond the initial gag to serve the characters. The best aspect of the dynamic they have — she admires him, he's dismissive but protective, they're lifelong friends — is more sibling-like than it is reminiscent of a potential romantic relationship. Amy Rose has a kid sister vibe, that's been part of her character since day one and throughout. So I don't think you lose anything if you remove "Amy's in love with Sonic" and replace it with "Amy loves her big brother Sonic." Maybe others disagree. I like Amy Rose as a character a lot, and I think simply making the Hedgehogs as siblings makes everything simpler. It's a subtle change, but it empowers Amy to be her best characters and not fall into "clingy stalker girlfriend" tropes. That's an angle I've never found especially appealing. If there were to be a romantic angle, I would position Blaze the Cat as a potential partner for Sonic... but just in a flirty way, like Batman/Catwoman. In other words, I would give Sonic an equal — and Amy is not really his equal. So just make the status clear: she's the kid sister who tags along.
  8. (1) Sonic has a long-term objective beyond just thwarting Eggman, or responding to trouble that appears in front of his face — Sonic is a freedom fighter. This isn't a structured organization like the SatAM Freedom Fighters — it's simply how Sonic frames his purpose in his mind. He loves the freedom that his speed abilities give him, and he has a righteous anger when he sees freedom is being taken away from others — in this case by Eggman taking advantage of the small, weak woodland critters to power his machines. In other words, Eggman is Sonic's most frequent enemy because he's the one most frequently taking freedom away from defenseless creatures... but even when Eggman is down and gone, Sonic is not sitting around waiting for his return. He's proactively looking to help rescue his fellow animals when they need it, whether it's dramatic or not (like helping a confused chicken cross a street). (2) Angel Island is virtually uninhabited aside from Knuckles, and it's been that way since the Ancient Echidnas were wiped out by Chaos, prior to the creation of the Master Emerald... once Angel Island became a floating island, it basically went "off the map." Nobody knows Angel Island exists. There are stories about "a floating island" but it seems simply like a legend. Sonic & Tails & Eggman know about it because they had their S3&K adventure there. The wider world becomes more aware of it when it crash lands into the Mystic Ruins in SA1, but once Angel Island returns to the sky, it again goes "off the map." It's like the Bermuda Triangle, where you know the legend but it doesn't seem like a real destination you could find. Knuckles has a psychic link to the Master Emerald, and is able to "see" from the M.E.'s perspective in his mind's eye. This allows him to "guard' the Emerald even when he is not physically beside it. And since almost nobody knows about Angel Island or the Master Emerald, Knuckles is able to leave and spend time on Earth below with Sonic & everyone else without abdicating his responsibilities. (3) Knuckles is able to teleport to the Master Emerald at will. This makes it easy for him to come and go from Angel Island, while still keeping the location of the floating island a mystery to everyone else. (4) Amy Rose is Sonic's sister. She loves and adores him and looks up to him, and he thinks her affection is annoying and off-putting. She wants to join him on adventures and he doesn't want her to, because she could get hurt or kidnapped. (5) Amy & Tails have the "will they, won't they?" romantic story beats. They both are big fans of Sonic, which is their initial bonding point, but as they get to know each other more, Amy and Tails both begin to appreciate their own abilities more, and each other's. Amy's piko piko hammer is a gift that Tails made for her — "If you're gonna go after Eggman, you should take this. Don't tell Sonic I did this for you!" (6) This one isn't "headcanon" as much as "what I'd do if I were in charge of developing Sonic Mania 2" — You'd have three play-styles. —Sonic, emphasizing running, dashing, jumping —Knuckles, emphasizing climbing —Amy & Tails / Tails & Amy — emphasizing puzzle-solving and teamwork — one follows the other, you can switch between the two, and need to use Tails flying, or Amy's hammer, or a combination of the two in order to access certain areas.
  9. Yes but I would say that's more of an example of range, and in the right hands even depth, rather than lack of character. Sonic's inherent original character/personality has definition but flexibility, being closer to Batman than Mario or Link. Part of that would be because Sonic and Batman have both been passed around by many more creators than Mario or Link, who've had the unusual path of remaining closely connected to the IP's original character guiding the vision. The brand quality for Mario/Link products is more consistent and higher quality than Sonic / Batman's, who've had more peaks and valleys, but Mario/Link also have almost no characterization at all -- they are purely tools for gameplay, and they've had fewer extra media portrayals of the characters.
  10. One of the things I've always loved about the level design in Sonic 2 and especially Sonic 3 / Sonic & Knuckles is telling the story through the action set pieces within the level... it makes the story feel more interactive than a cutscene, even though it's just as scripted. NEON FESTIVAL ZONE ACT ONE It's a night festival in a cityscape by the ocean. Stardust Speedway + Carnival Night + Casino Night + side-scrolling version of opening stages of Sonic 06 / Sonic Unleashed but night instead of day / Super Mario Galaxy. Fireworks light up the sky, as do neon lights. It begins on rooftops and alleyways. There are also giant statues* in which you run along the arms/heads/shoulders, like the giant statues in the Schumacher Batman version of Gotham City. You run across telephone wires, laundry lines, and bounce on balloons, umbrellas or awnings. Sonic reaches a pier with a boardwalk, with happy animal families playing games and enjoying the scenery. There's an arcade, restaurants, and a giant Ferris Wheel. As Sonic enters, all hell breaks loose... the ocean explodes upward as a giant silo missile/tanker emerges at the end of the pier. Badniks descend from the silo, and the animal families run in terror in the opposite direction. Charing forward, Sonic destroys badniks along the course forward to the silo, but he's interrupted by... End Of Act One: Eggman has taken control of the Ferris Wheel from the center, and uses the (empty) carts to smash down at you. The key to beating the 'Egg Octopus' is to make his swing miss, then jump on it once it's stuck in the boardwalk, hop to another cart, and then smash attack Eggman (two times each reach is possible) 6 times (or three) until his machine is destroyed. The Ferris Wheel spins off and smashes into the silo, sending both into the ocean... BOOM! The ocean catches on fire, and a black oil rains from the sky. The neon lights are shattered and flicker irregularly. The city is under siege. ACT TWO We return to the city but in reverse, and now the festival has become a nightmare. Black oil rains, the ocean burns, the previously cheerful neon lights are cracked and smudged into scary rorschach shapes in the sky... and the level is covered in badniks. This stage features an unusual (but not unprecedented within the series) objective. This is a rescue mission -- 5 Flickies are scattered throughout the act that must be brought to the checkpoint before progressing to the boss. Taking damage means losing rings and scattering your Flickies, just like 3D Blast / Yoshi's Island. Once the Flicky family is reunited safely, they pick up Sonic and carry him back across the stage to the floating silo in the ocean, and drop you off on top of it. End of Act Two: Sonic smashes into the silo/tanker through a vulnerable air duct, and finds Eggman frustratedly yelling at worker-badniks to repair the ships. When he sees Sonic, Eggman dashes into a chair at the front, which breaks away into an enclosed pope-mobile speedboat. Sonic skis from behind, and you shift in the water and jump to avoid harpoon projectiles coming from Eggman's bubble boat. Sonic bobs and weaves and bops the Eggboat two times, then Eggman starts making wild turns to send you backward -- Sonic needs to lean into the turns at the right time, the cue being when Eggman's boat dashes ahead in a quick burst of speed, he's about to make a sharp turn. After Sonic destroys the getaway boat, Eggman uses an eject button and a jetpack to fly away. Sonic is left stranded on the destroyed boat. He taps his foot, annoyed... and then Tails arrives with the bi-plane, and Sonic hops aboard and heads to the next zone. *Whoever the statues are tell some of the lore of the game, though I'm not sure what that is yet. Feel free to pitch. For some reason I think this is like a bird city, with lots of Flickies but also birds of all sizes, so the statues are of different birds -- eagles, sparrows, seagulls, etc.
  11. These are cool! Love the idea of a badnik factory. VALLEY MOUNTAIN ZONE Whereas "City Escape" imagined San Francisco in the day, this zone imagines Hollywood Hills at night, and then into the caves and sewers below. ACT ONE: It looks like the Mulholland Drive hills in Hollywood, CA, from orange sunset into purple twilight. The background is a starry cityscape, and you're running on mostly brown / yellow / gray / green hills. Begins on a straight-ahead chase with slopes and loops, but otherwise clear path. It's like the end of act one in Studiopolis, but instead of missiles coming at you from the front, you're chased from behind by Eggman in a car — like a more souped-up version of his ride in Emerald Hill act two. After 1 minute or so of this, the opening of the course ends in a mountain wall, which Eggman crashes into, full-speed ahead... and Sonic is able to roll through a small tunnel into a cave system. There are spikes, and only a few badniks - bat-themed, and bear-themed. Once inside the cave, the objective is to find your way through it. The cave is more platformer with some rolling pathways, like Mystic Caves mixed with Lava Reef act one, and a few optional pathways that eventually re-connect into... End of Act One: A closed-off space with a hip-length pool of dirty water at the bottom, not enough to drown you (unless you crouch), but enough to slow you down. It's a small cave with a beam of light shining in from above -- same size as the boss from act two of Casino Night with less 90% water than Hydrocity act one. From the background emerges the mini-boss: a TROLL CYCLOPS. He is slow-moving and throws punches and grabs, and in the muddy water, the best strategy is to spin-dash around the walls and ceiling to the other side and spring from the wall to land a hit on the back of his head. After 5 hits, he goes down. But when he falls, the floor crumbles, and you both fall into.. ACT TWO You land in a sewer dungeon. Troll Cyclops breaks your fall. He awakens enough to show you he's not dead, then lurches back into the background. At first, seems like a slow, spiky slog in narrow pathways, then opens up into a neon sewers, which is like is a mix of Chemical Plant act one, and Hydrocity act two... lots of fast / rolling sections and clean waterways. Badniks are mouse/rat, bat, and crocodile themed. The sewers open into the second part of the act, which is the subway system. Sonic runs along tracks, with cars going in different directions... the cars are not deadly, because the front of them is shaped like a small curve -- hitting it just sends you up, depending on your speed. You could jump from subway car to subway car until the end, but it's also possible to run along a concurrent path along the other track that doesn't have a car. Eventually the tracks merge and you run through a tunnel and onto a subway car. End of Act Two: Once you're on top of a subway car in the final tunnel, the caboose breaks off and transforms into a flying Egg Cart, capable of shooting straight and diagonal/bouncing lasers at you. Dodge those, bop Eggman when he pops out to gloat, hit him 6 times, and he crashes behind. Inside the main subway cart is the egg prison thing for the little animals, blanking on the name. The subway cart takes you to the next zone.
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