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  1. Is it bad my first thought was part of the fandom itself turning against Shadow? For in universe I'm not as sure, SA2 probably if they let word of Shadow get out instead of framing it on Sonic. Shadow's game depends on the route, but could see it happening. Not sure for the rest, he didn't have much of a role in a lot of newer games besides Forces. I could see Infinite framing Shadow as revenge I guess.
  2. I have to admit I wasn't thinking of that when I wrote the post. I probably should have said "in many of the games (but not all) he's not trying to".
  3. I always kind of wished they had gone more in depth with what SA2 had set up. I think the angle of him looking up to his scientist grandfather but losing his way was interesting.
  4. I really like this idea. It would both give Big a purpose and give you something else to do in the hub area. It reminds me of the Big cameo in Emerald coast too. It's probably my favorite so far beyond keeping it as is but better.
  5. I have to disagree. I'm someone who didn't care for the Team concept in Heroes (at least based on the execution in the actual game), and I was surprised by how much I like TSR. I wasn't sold by the original trailer that barely showed anything off, but I did see some reviews praising the team system so I decided to give it a chance. I can see why some wouldn't like it as I find the game shines the most with co-op, and since online isn't active that means having IRL friends play with you. All of the kart racers I played would only have you compete against other racers, so having teams and ways to time things with them to get you all ahead I think is great. I also enjoy the cart customization too, you can get a good amount of variety with the different paint textures and colors. I do get why having no DLC sucks, but if so many people do consider it "just a soundtrack" and don't play online, why would they bother making DLC then?
  6. I noticed that several Sonic related staff in SEGA are listed as leaving SEGA in 2008, and it made me wonder if there was something that happened that year which caused it. Was it the global economy or something else? If it had been related to Sonic 06 wouldn't they have left in 2007 due to it being released in late 2006? The odd thing is these people seemingly have no new industry work either after leaving over a decade ago despite their great content in Sonic. I thought maybe someone here might know more about the situation.
  7. Still seems more reasonable to me than the amount of times they've reused some form of Green Hill. A song here or there isn't a lot when Sonic games often have multiple CDs worth of music. Generations being the exception as it was an anniversary game. A lot of character themes are used to musically refer to that character rather than Adventure itself. It's more that characters who aren't Sonic and Shadow haven't had a new one since Adventure 1&2, so those are their only modern theme. Speaks more about how they haven't been used as much since 2006 than anything. I am curious about Supporting Me being used for Shadow considering it was used for the Biolizard. There's plenty of other Shadow tracks like Throw it all Away, All Hail Shadow (which was used for his Team Ultimate), some less used SA2 stage themes like The Supernatural. I won't count Seaside Hill as that's from another game, but Sonic Team seems to overuse first levels in general. Even the fans do sometimes like remaking Emerald Coast. I think if they were tired of it they wouldn't do it so often. Don't forget they didn't have to do the YouTube remixes but did so anyways.
  8. I think it could be doable for SA1, but SA2 would be the real mess of trying to keep that going. Doesn't mean I want that though. Unless I'm missing something wasn't it mostly in Generations? The only others I can think of are Episode Shadow and some cameos in TSR and Twitter. I really like the vibe of Shadow's SA2 songs, although admittedly most remixes try to remix that out of the song. It'd be interesting to see the reverse for a change with a newer song in that style. - I think it'd be interesting to see a take on the 2D promo art, but I could see that turning out very badly if done wrong. (cel shading, thick lines, etc.) Probably better to play it safe in that sense than have people complain the visuals ruined it. - The original concept art is gorgeous, I always enjoy seeing it. Same with SA2 the level of detail is amazing, it would be cool if they could add some of that instead of the low quality textures as I think it would make the stages look even better. Although comparing the two, Perfect Chaos looks almost a bit too intense, maybe they could go in the middle to get closer to the original art while still being intimating. - Because Mario has a different dev team than Sonic. Playing Odyssey I instantly thought why isn't Sonic at this level yet? Unrelated, but if SA1 and SA2 remakes gave both Knuckles stages the radar for all emerald pieces, I think an optional no radar hard mode would be interesting to really test your knowledge of the pieces. I kind of agree that I find that part interesting as well. With the newer games I always wonder what could have been, but in this case we'd have a flat out comparison. If it's more like Generations though, that's not really my style. I think people remember the best parts for boost games, which is ironic as Adventure fans are often accused of the same thing. At least Adventure could actually stick to 3D. After playing the dreamcast mod, I must say I disagree. Maybe for the textures but the lighting on Sonic made him look very plastic and fake. I much prefer the dreamcast lighting there. I say that having played the DX version more. As for me, best case we get a good remake, worst case we get a good soundtrack and the original still exists.
  9. I liked it enough I decided to add it to my icon.
  10. This month's wallpaper is Silver! (Spoiler tags to save space) 1st is Desktop, 2nd is Mobile http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/enjoy/image/calendar_2002_silver.pdf Also, Sonic Channel has also given an update on what #SONIC2020 is! Every month on the 20th, they will have some new info and projects to share. This month is wallpapers of the new Sonic Render, as well as 21 new icons. 1st is Desktop, 2nd is Mobile, 3rd is Twitter Header Here is an example of the new icon style, you can find the rest at the link below. http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/sonic2020/20200120_002104/ Lastly, the theme for March's fanart corner is "Fairy tale/Folk tale"!
  11. They always could have gone somewhere in the middle too. For example while the G.U.N. robots in the games look more realistic, they still have some bright spots of colors like red and yellow. So even though it was made different from Eggman's, it still felt nice to look at as they weren't 100% realistic. Maybe they could have done a prototype version where it's modified off the military bots to look closer to the final result. I think it would give an interesting look too it if done right, and could parallel Sonic not getting his shoes until later.
  12. I get why Amy is used more as she came first so she's better known, but I do wish they'd use Rouge and Blaze more. I'm always impressed with Rouge's debut and it makes me wonder what it'd have been like if she had continued to be used well. They don't even have to be a huge role, seeing Blaze in Black Knight was still cool. I'm not caught up on IDW and it's been awhile since I played Forces so sorry if I missed anything, but for example while a bit predictable wouldn't Rouge make a great scout? She's already had spy experience so this would be an extension of that used for war and have her contribute to the team.
  13. When Mario Odyssey did it I didn't mind as it was minor sections, but with Sonic I feel like at least half of the game is those segments. I agree it was never really anything exciting like the opening of Chemical Plant but more like the parts people would complain about like Marble Zone. Now I'm wondering what it would be like if they had done it as special stages instead, it'd be a flip of how the old ones were in 3D. Then again I don't think they were too liked in Heroes either.
  14. Seeing that video I agreed with a lot of the points raised and led me to making a different thread about it. Whatever they decide to do, I hope it's for the better.
  15. I never really thought of this but now I kind of want it to happen. Although I'm not sure how that would effect the plot. I do think Adventure is a good point as I'm very biased, but I still think something fresh would also be good to have.
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