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  1. I like it so far. It really brings me back to the 2000s. lol I'm not super into milking nostalgia, but boy did this remind me how much I missed them. The plot so far is interesting too. Ryan's Sonic sounds older at times, but he does get into the higher range a few times. I enjoy him having more range here. I really missed the energy he brings, gets me feeling pumped up. Emi's Tails is good. This was my first time hearing her. Pollock was great as always. Feels great hearing him get to be a bit serious again. Humphrey's Knuckles felt like Shadow trying to imitate SA1 Knuckles to me. I think if I wasn't familiar with him I wouldn't notice though. I hope he gets to voice Shadow in a future part, even if briefly. Plot wise I find it interesting they have to look for Chaos Emerald shards this time as well as Knuckles' explanation. Seeing Sonic and Knuckles banter again was refreshing.
  2. I second Deepest Lore and Making of Sonic. Here's some I didn't see listed. Understanding the Music of Sonic the Hedgehog The History of Sonic Runners Harmonic Rhythm in Sonic the Hedgehog's Music Characters in Depth has some good Sonic ones
  3. Sorry it wasn't live this time, I'll be updating this in a bit. (For [new] and [repeat] I'm going based on what has been shown on the stream before.) Start, Colors background of Sweet Mountain with a Happy Birthday Sonic Art. [repeat] Official hashtags are #SonicStationLIVE and #SoniSute (in Japanese, #ソニックステーションLIVE and #ソニステ) We have a new female assistant. This month's Otayori theme is "Happy Birthday Sonic" News headline corner start [repeat] Sonic Olympic Games for mobile is now out for Apple and Android. [repeat] Sonic Olympic Games JP Trailer Played [repeat] GO SEGA 60th anniversary project. Website explaining SEGA. Special bag with 60th logo and Sonic on it. Bag shown. New commercial shown. [new] Sonic Movie releasing in Japan on June 26th. Trailer shown. English subbed interview with Sonic shown. [repeat] Mobile game collabs with Movie Sonic are being rerun in Japan to celebrate the movie release. End of News headline corner Goods review corner start [new] Sonic Movie merch [repeat] Sonic the hedgehog DJ POPCULTCHA merch [new] Nanoblock Sonic the Hedgehog. 1,200 yen. [repeat] MxMxM (Magical Mosh Misfits) collab tshirts [new] Sonic blue curry is being rereleased [new] Sonic chili dog flavor taiyaki for 300yen [new] 60th anniversary Sega sound keychain with "Se~ga~" and Sonic sounds End of Goods review corner Mario & Sonic Olympic Games 2020 JP Trailer played.
  4. I'd be interested in doing a new banner too. As a newer poster it's great seeing the older banners as well.
  5. Fan art for June 2020 is up. Theme is "Happy Birthday SONIC!". http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/fanart/20200601_002227/
  6. The stream is starting in a few minutes so I'm making this post now. Iizuka is a special guest today. For [new] and [repeat] I'm going based on what has been shown on the stream before. Green Hills background while waiting for setup Start, Colors background with Wisps moving around. Honestly not bad looking for remote in my opinion. [repeat] Official hashtags are #SonicStationLIVE and #SoniSute (in Japanese, #ソニックステーションLIVE and #ソニステ) Introducing Sonic Series Producer Iizuka. This month's Otayori theme is "How to pass time at home" First Otayori: Amiru-san is playing Team Sonic Racing's story mode. News headline corner start [new] Sonic Olympic Games for mobile is now out for Apple and Android. Sonic Olympic Games JP Trailer Played I'm not gonna lie Iizuka's mic isn't the best so I might not be able to get all his info. But they are talking about Sonic Olympics. [new] Sonic Channel 15th Anniversary T shirt and Member card set. 3364 yen. (Japan only) Introducing Sonic Channel. Mentions the monthly wallpapers. Fan art corner mentioned. June theme is "Happy Birthday SONIC!". Coloring pages, papercraft, letter sets, etc. Sonic themed backgrounds for video calls. [repeat] GO SEGA 60th anniversary project. Website explaining SEGA. Special bag with 60th logo and Sonic on it. Bag shown. New commercial shown. End of News headline corner Goods review corner start [new] GO Sega 60th Puyo Puyo Sonic Goods. Shirts shown. Classic Sonic Rubber Strap keychains. Fans crashed the website. lol [new] Sonic IDW Volume 1 on sale in Japanese. 2300 yen. Previews of the Japanese version. [repeat] Sonic The Hedgehog DJ Style "Party" on sale June 17th, 2020. Includes non stop mix of 33 songs by Tomoya Ohtani. CD is 2,400yen. Will be on music streaming sites the same day. [repeat] Sonic the hedgehog DJ POPCULTCHA (full art from the new album cover) [repeat] Sonic LINE stamps (JP) on sale. 120 yen. End of Goods review corner JP Team Sonic Racing trailer played Sound Corner (temp name) start [repeat] Mentioning the 24 hour stream from last month, Sonic Sound Station. [new] Non-stop Music Selection Vol.2. Out today on music streaming services. [new] Non-stop Music Selection Vol.2 preview video. End of Sound Corner (temp name) Otayori Corner start This month's Otayori theme is "How to pass time at home" Haizuku-san uses Sonic music to cheer them up when they feel down. (His World, I Am All of Me, etc.) Makkusu-san asks how everyone spends their time at home they don't usually. Agehayuri-san "I bought the comic". Very short lol Rokuji-san said they played Sonic Adventure all Golden Week lol I can relate to that. Tokumeisabou-san talking about the difference between Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 and worried about making friends. End of Otayori Corner 6/23/20 will be Sonic's 29th (the underline button won't turn off lol) Otayori theme for June is Happy Birthday SONIC! Next stream will be June 24, 2020 20:00 Japan time (close to the anniversary) End of stream
  7. Here is my speculation on some possible candidates. Sonic Colors - The Wii and DS were huge, and this being a main Sonic title for them would be an easy gateway for new fans at the time. Sonic & Mario at the Olympics Games - I know this is a shocking one, but it sold a ton. Like more than most Sonic games a ton. It's hard to say how many actually carried over into the Sonic franchise afterwards, but it definitely got his name out there to people who may have never played a Sonic game before. Sonic Boom (the show) - Probably not as big of a "boom" due to it's airing schedule, but Sonic X did bring in a lot of fans in the 2000s so I wouldn't be surprised if this got some new fans into the franchise some day. Sonic Forces - Okay I know you're thinking "What? Why would that be on here?". This was the first main multiplatform title since Generations after the Wii U exclusive Sonic deal, so it is possible to be many new fan's first Sonic game. With it being given out for free to PS Plus members in early 2020, I wouldn't be shocked if that number increased a ton despite the bad reviews. Sonic the Movie (2020) - Here is our obvious pick. Paramount advertised this movie a ton, comments on the first design aside. Every step of the way there has been ads for this movie, so I expect this will be a new generation's introduction to Sonic. While a new game isn't out yet, Sega has done several sales on old games since the movie has come out. Movie Sonic has also appeared in the Sonic mobile games. Also as to why I didn't include Generations or Mania, it's not that I think they wouldn't contribute, but both came right before big gap periods for Sonic. Someone might have loved Generations but by the time Mania came out had moved onto other things. Mania could become one in the future, but I honestly find most of it's fanbase is existing Sonic fans. If anyone has further info I'd be interested in hearing it.
  8. Not sure if it's the right thread but Sega uploaded a ton of icons including from Sonic to use. https://sega.jp/special/tw60th/
  9. With the new Craig of the Creek episode out referencing Sonic, I thought it'd be interesting to see if you've seen other references to Sonic in non-Sonic media. https://www.sonicstadium.org/2020/05/sonic-the-hedgehog-gets-parodied-in-craig-of-the-creek/ Edit: I'll start with some examples I've seen in other Cartoon Network shows. There was the OK KO crossover episode in 2019. Steven Universe had some visual references to Sonic.
  10. Next stream on 5/27/20 with Iizuka as a special guest. Description translated: Stream link:
  11. Was going to post but they tend to post these before I'm online here. I really like the new pose.
  12. Is there a Sonic merch thread already? I was having trouble finding it. Should I make a new one?

    1. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      There isn't a single thread for it. The SSMB Marketplace is usually used for that purpose. Or sometimes Green Grove Zone.

  13. "Cream gives her mother (who she loves very much) a well made flower crown and necklace as a present. Vanilla was a bit worried about Cream coming home late, but she's very emotional about the present★ Today is Mother's Day. Send flowers to your beloved mother!【Channel Staff】 #cream #vanilla #big #sonicpict"
  14. The Japan one seems to be doing volume collections instead of monthly so that's part of why. I'm not sure of the US price for collections, but the Japan one tends to be higher. Some stuff on the Japan Nintendo eshop goes for over $80.
  15. That was during the Sonic Station stream, they specifically said it was a prototype version and that the actual release would be all Japanese. It wouldn't make much sense to promote it a ton if it was still in English.
  16. Mobile version of 2020 is now in app stores! Do note the game is currently in maintenance and the official Twitter will update when it's back up. Edit: Game is back up.
  17. Fan art for May 2020 is up. Theme is "Golden Week". http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/fanart/20200507_002209/
  18. Because the game has motion controls. If people who are used to playing games are struggling with poor controls they aren't going to think "well maybe there is a power up later that fixes this" they are going to think "wow this game controls bad". Power ups are better used for new tricks like the bounce.
  19. Someone was talking about how there should be a Shadow day and sorry if it's been said before?
    But if Sonic's birthday is on June 23rd because his debut game Sonic 1 was then, wouldn't Shadow's birthday also be on June 23rd since his debut game Sonic Adventure 2 came out that day? I find it oddly fitting.

  20. I'm sorry if I'm not explaining it well. It's more that Sonic has such an interesting setting and origins, that it'd be a waste to go full merch brand with him. It does feel like Sega has been doing more merch of Sonic than it used to in the past, including their cuter version of Classic Sonic. I do like merch too, but I think the worry is that he becomes watered down to sell merch instead of selling games/comics/etc. It's not a literal Sonic vs Hello Kitty fight, but that if he went in that direction he wouldn't survive, that's the impression I get. That seems to be the impression in general over there about the movie (one Japanese fan I saw complained it looked too much like a "gag" movie). It's hard to look too far into it since the movie never got to come out in full in Japan yet. Baby Sonic does seem like it was aimed at Japan marketing. It's such a short scene in the actual movie, and the first time we see him in full just happens to be a Japanese ad? There's a post I came across about each sides "sin" (not literal sin but common flaw): the US side being comedy, the Japan side being cuteness. As for Movie Sonic himself, I can see that claim being made. I'm still in the process of going through each game again, but while the Sonic lore was merged after Sonic Adventure 1, the tone split came back after 2009. So once again what is being marketed in the US is different from Japan. It's a topic I want to make in the future, but I'm not sure how it'd be received here. Honestly even some American fans were annoyed at how they changed Sonic's personality in the movie, so I'd imagine for Japanese fans that change might be even more jarring.
  21. I think the concern is that (like recently) if there is more "cute" Sonic merch, that Sonic can't "beat" Hello Kitty at being cute, so focusing on that side too much would be bad for his long term survival. I personally think it being more balanced works fine. Sonic can be cute at times, but it's different from Hello Kitty where the main goal is being cute to sell merch. I see Classic Sonic as cool-cute, leaning more towards cool but still cuter than Modern Sonic's design. (the Japanese design from the 90s, not American 90s design or Modern-Classic design)
  22. I must have seen too much anime to find the right fangs cute. The left one reminds me of Dark Chao's "default" mouth in art though. It seems to vary when they use fangs. I know SA1 Sonic has them, and Shadow has them in his game when angry, but I can't think of other examples off the top of my head.
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