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  1. Been working for about 20hours to create a "Sonic Forces The movie". Don't judge me, I had too many free time and Sonic Forces footage :D
    And I wanted to better learn Adobe Premiere software. :)


  2. This took me a while.

    These cutscenes are taken directly from the game files (PC version) and rendered in watchable format. Therefore no video game recording software was used. This way the quality is the best it could be. Taken straight from the PC version (STEAM) files.

  3. Sonic Lost World - PC trailer

  4. New sonic episode!!

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      They remembered that Tails was afraid of lightning? Nice.

    2. Danielius


      Yep, reminds of Sonic OVA :)

  5. Haven't been here for ages (ok, if serious, for 2-3 months). Are you interested about this official news about new sonic game for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad!? http://blogs.sega.com/2013/03/04/announcing-sonic-dash-can-you-run-forever/ :)

    1. Cyrus


      Awesome logo.

    2. Kiah


      Just wanted to say hi. Haven't seen you in a while! Hope you are doing okay and hope to see you around the SSMB more often! : )

  6. I think it's a perfect time for those who don't have more than half of games on PC-to buy them on STEAM for 75% discount http://store.steampowered.com/sale/wintersale2012_sonicfranchise :) 29,99 instead of 118,94 Euro.. NOT BAD :D

    1. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Not fucking bad at all.... too bad I already own pretty much all of those games already.

    2. Danielius


      I already own Sonic Generations, Sonic CD, Sonic 4 Ep 1 but those who aren't can't find it pretty cheap. :)

  7. Well, I'm sure i won't change mine. It's my name and nothing has it here. Really, I don't come here very often but I remember those people who NEVER change their names and leave their original avatars (like Komodin). Personally, I don't like the name changes at all and people who change them.. well they just get lost in all posts. And if you don't change your real name why to constantly change it on forum. It's like your ID. Maybe those who come here a lot can keep on track, but for "few times in a week" stalkers it's a hard task
  8. SONIC GAMES ON SALE ON STEAM. All except Sonic Adventure 2! 50 % ripped off prices! :)

    1. Danielius


      Sales end on 27 th of November.

    2. Ruby CUL Terumi

      Ruby CUL Terumi

      But I already have all Sonic Games lawl

    3. Danielius


      I just bought Sonic The hedgehog 4, part I! :)

  9. Okay, so Sonic Adventure costs 7,49 Euro in Eurozono, and 2,49 for DLC on Steam. I guess this is pretty nice prices :)

  10. "Sonic Adventure 2 and its Battle Mode DLC is coming to PC Digital Download on Monday, November 19th in HD widescreen and with all-new bonus content!" - http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151232602722418&set=a.406270927417.185036.23050342417&type=1

    1. Ruby CUL Terumi
    2. Sarah Jane Smith
    3. TheOcelot
    4. King Frosty
    5. Jix Hedgehog

      Jix Hedgehog

      Sure Sega , neglect the superior Adventure game D:

  11. Damn... I haven't been here for ages... :( I really need to catch up with some topics xD

  12. Hm, I really can't imagine how, but my whole "About Me" page just dissapeared. Any possibilities why?
  13. Nostalgia.. please leave me alone :(

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