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  1. I'm still on the rocks on wether I'll get this game or not, based on future updates, but so far it does seem like a step backwards from Transformed with at least not including some more obscure characters into the mix so far and not being let on on any more courses there are.
  2. This is all still very strange to me, guess we'll just have to wait out for more reveal info in due time.
  3. If it's really that unlikely, then yeah I'll just throw in the towel and put my chances with Whitehead and the comics, but there's always some form of hope we'll always treasure. Nice 'Never Turn Back' reference there by the way.
  4. Yeah I do recall them always being vague as heck about things, and while I can understand them not wanting to get into it for the sake of freedom per new game's plot, I'd really wish there was some form of consistency with the characters. I could go along with that Cream's too much of a pacifist or that getting into fights against robots or other bad guys would kind of ruin her innocent nature, but honestly I find that a bit of a weak reason. She had no issue going up against Eggman in Advance 2, 3, Heroes and her story in Battle did have Emerl getting beaten up by Chaos Gamma make her realize that if there's no other resort, she has to stand up for her friends. I'm fine with Chao's being playable as well for a surprise turn of events, but Cream's been one of the more notorious side characters who I do believe does deserve a spot in the roster, so I'm still hoping.
  5. Didn't Vector have one with DK as well? If talking about purely from the same series side, yeah that explains things better then. But yeah, is Twitter contact with Webber for example really the only way so far to constructively give some feedback on things? If actual collectively conducted polls would be a possible option I'm all up for that too.
  6. That's a good point, but that's another thing entirely: I'm not even sure if Sonic Team's vision of the franchise itself is consistent, or that they can agree on some form of continuity within the franchise? To give an example, the most I can recall of them actually caring about continuity to some degree was with some callbacks or references throughout the early 3D/portable game releases, like the newspaper bit in SA2's Dark Story recalling Tails' finale in SA1, various SA1 and 2 callbacks in Heroes and Battle, the likes. But since then, they've been very loose about stuff that even I'm in the loop about what characters they actually consider the most popular or deserving to gain spotlight appearance or importance, or character relations besides the Sonic and Dark teams being the most team-based group of comrades. I thought for a long time and still do that Knuckles' Chaotix is canon and that by that extend the Chaotix and Knuckles are like old friends, but Heroes makes no mention or reference to that, but then you have bits like Knuckles and Vector having a unique team celebration animation in Mario & Sonic 2016 or 2018 Olympics referencing Knux Chaotix, and then Knuckles having a few dialogue bits with the crew in Forces sort of also being a reference? Could also be unique in the context of that game's plot being that during Sonic's abscence they'd got to know each other. But yeah. I'd really wish Izuka or a couple of key members would come forward and do really give a solid brief Q&A about how they view characters and what they settle on for canon or not. He said he dislikes Ivo Robotnik being Eggman's real name, no?
  7. That does sound like a good idea, I'd be all up for it. ^^ But yeah, at the very least I'm gonna speculate Cream will be part of Blaze's team then if anything. If Silver and Blaze will be in, I guess Cream as their 3rd member could be a thing given her bonding with Blaze in Rush, but I'm not getting my hopes up too quickly unless we can actually voice our opinions to ST or Sumo. That does make me wonder, does Sumo have their own freedom of choice of who to implement in the roster, or are they restricted by ST?
  8. As much as I'd like that, would they seriously be open to that idea if approached to it the right way? I'm all aware that the fanbase is divisive as heck on what they want, but would there be a way to actually suggest collectively agreed idea's to the staff to give them support/pointers that would satisfy the consumer?
  9. I was away at the time this got dropped as well, but this is both a blessing and a disappointment for me: The blessing part is that I'm happy Big is back and playable again, I had a feeling Sumo might bring him back again given his inclusion in the original SASR and they kinda liked him alot, didn't they? I also really dig his slightly less super-dopey artwork in this and his car as well. But the disappointment part? As usually changing as Team Rose's third cast was (Big in Heroes and Chronicles, Vector in Free Riders), Cream was always pretty much her best friend as far as what actual consistent lore there was in the modern plots allowed, even if Amy could be a bit bossy at times. (Heroes, Battle, a couple of interactions in X, Free Riders, to name a few). And now she's just replaced by a bunch of Chao and Omochao? I have nothing against them being playable, heck I think it's a great out-of-nowhere addition that I think actually fits, but as part of Amy's team in Cream's place? That's honestly a bit depressing. Does ST even care about Cream's existence at all at this point or any justification to include her in? Edit: FFWF pretty much summed up my thoughts about Cream's exclusion, thanks man.
  10. So if it’s really gonna be centered around Sonic and a cop, I assume it’s a prequel to this?
  11. Age has nothing to do with who gets included or not in these titles, especially considering we’re talking about a cartoony bunch of anthropomorphic animals and a comically designed round human engineer & robot cronies as the center of it all. Still hoping Big might at least return since I recall Sumo was fond of him in the first All-Stars racing? The whole Chaotix crew present and playable is something I’m still hoping for, along with maybe a Sonic Adventure track like Emerald Coast or Twinkle Park.
  12. I still hope for new releases-posts later down the road. Didn't a Sumo Digital epmployee post around here on occasion during Transformed's development?
  13. Honestly there’s one thing that concerns me. I hope at the very least in free play multiplayer you’re able to mix characters per teams together so you’re not locked to certain characters per team only.
  14. For characters, my likely character placements will be: - Confirmed/Certain: Sonic Tails Knuckles Amy Shadow Eggman - Likely Metal Sonic (Has been in the previous 2 racers as DLC, so they'll likely re-add him.) Blaze (She's still one of the more favorite Sonic characters amongst the fandom, so her inclusion in my eyes is still likely) Rouge (Also still fairly popular I think, and it'd be cool for a reference inclusion if her car or one of the alts will be her Batmobile from Adventure 2) Mighty & Ray (Given they're making a grand return in Mania Plus, I think Sumo will likely capitalize on them as major obscure character comeback-inclusion fanservice, and it'd be cool that if they were to be given Modern-era updated looks how they'd be presented as.) - Possible Cream Big Silver Chaotix (Either seperate or as a joint 3-in-1 vehicle deal) Jet (If more slots are available I wouldn't mind Wave and Storm in either as the whole Babylon Rogues group ensemble) Omega Marine Nack/Fang Regardless of roster, I'll still look forward to this game, gonna pre-order it soon, and Sonic racing games by Sumo Digital have always been solid.
  15. HECK NO! Classic Sonic to me only worked in Generations because the whole point of that game was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series with a visual representation of 2 Sonic's from way back then, and in the present, and with 2 distinct styles of gameplay focus. The only slight gripe I had about Classic Sonic in Generations was how he's a silent mime character without a voice, and I knew that was due to executive decisions because they couldn't get Jaleel on board for it if I recall correctly, so they went with that, but I was fine with Classic Sonic nonetheless. Come Forces, and.... no. Incorporating Classic Sonic as part of Forces' story and gameplay was a bad decision because it's Sonic Team trying to pander to the nostalgia factor either because they think repeating the same trick again will work, or they couldn't come up with a justification for Modern Sonic in 2D-only stages despite you know, Colors having had a good bunch of them and it working out just fine? Story-wise his inclusion felt entirely unnecessary too, it was obviously a tie-in to Mania's Good Ending for Sonic, but nothing Classic Sonic accomplishes or does really means anything, and what's up with him being treated as a separate Sonic from a different dimension? I thought Generations logically treated him as a younger visual representation from the past? Plus it's even worse that Tails would end up having this awkward bond with Classic Sonic because would that imply that current Sonic/This Dimension's Sonic isn't his BFF? He's litterally the same character! If ST really needed to incorporate a seperate dimension/universe's Sonic into it. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Boom Sonic would have made more sense in this context. Plus, gameplay-wise was just a total mess, and to rub salt into the wound, one of Classic's last stages has him feature in a slow auto-scroller. What is this, un-charming Bridge Zone from 8-Bit Sonic 1? So simply put, no. Classic Sonic only worked because of Generations' setup and at best should only be appearing again as a alternate skin or in spinoffs where story or context doesn't matter like maybe Sonic Runners or the upcoming Team Sonic Racing, but as a major story element? The image says it all. Keep Classic Sonic to oldschool-inspired games, keep Modern Sonic to his own schtick.
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