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    RustyRick reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    Some of the news about this game inspired me to draw something for the hell of it and show you guys. It took a while but I thought it'd be funny.

    Always find the humor in any situation you can. 
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    RustyRick got a reaction from Legendary Emerald in What if Sonic and his friends died in the Last Story of Shadow the Hedgehog?   
    This is too grim for me to cohesively comment on.
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    RustyRick reacted to Jango in Character and Circuit Discussion for Team Sonic Racing 🏁   
    99%? I'm that 1% haha Wouldn't buy it because of Sonic, in fact, if I was in charge, only Sonic and Eggman would get in. I barely even play as him anyways. I bought the other All-Stars because they're fun, solid and beautiful games, especially Transformed, that has a lot of variety. SEGA had awesome and creative IPs, characters and worlds, IMO, way more creative than Nintendo's. The difference is that Nintendo still pushes their classic IPs (granted it feels like they only have 5 or 6 franchises, but still, they always get new and exciting games). 
    Team Sonic Racing didn't got my attention in the slightest, not only because it's all Sonic, which honestly ISN'T all that bad... but -so far- they're clearly not taking full advantage of this fact, adding only the vanilla characters instead of obscure and different ones. Same with levels/tracks. And also because the team mechanic looks like the perfect recipe to rage, even the PR people had trouble trying to justify this decision. Gotta have the full game to judge how this plays out, but from what I've seen, it looks like a shot in the foot.
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    RustyRick reacted to FFWF in Character and Circuit Discussion for Team Sonic Racing 🏁   
    So, now that the dust has settled and I've had time to collect my thoughts a little, here's why this latest revelation strikes me as so weird:
    Just to get it out of the way, not really related to anything, but Amy's car strikes me as particularly boring.  The design is relatively simplistic and doesn't have the kind of level of detail of the other vehicles - which isn't necessarily a wholly bad thing, and the idea of one car being a little simpler isn't something I mind, though it still needs a little more polish ot me; but the problem is the colour scheme, which is literally identical to Rouge's car.  A large area of silver-white, with secondary pale-pink...  It's broadly too similar.  Even reversing the primary-secondary relationships would've helped, but as it stands there's an instant mental comparison to Rouge's car, which has a much more interesting design.  So that to me is a problem.  But it's not what I came here to talk about.
    No, it's the fact that we've got Big but no Cream that feels odd.  For what it's worth, I have no particularly intense feelings towards either character; so I hope I'm approaching this somewhat objectively.  I don't mind having Big, and I don't mind not having Cream.  But it's strange that that should be the case.  Big I assumed was already getting representation, in the form of the Big-like mystery character, who I assumed was Phantom Ruby Big or Big Nega or something silly like that; conversely, Chao already have plenty of representation in the game, both in making up the crowds and, potentially, as an accessory to Cream, who I also suspect would've driven a similar Chao-themed buggy.  So it seemed to me that the game was already not lacking for Big and Chao.
    Secondly, there's the relatively small roster and team theme, which had already led me to believe that we were getting purely the big-hitters and no particularly off-beat choices - and in that regard, I thought Sega were more likely to prioritise a character like Blaze or Silver.  I had assumed Sega would do anything to net one or both of those a roster slot, as they're relatively popular, and Team Rose seemed the obvious place to do it.  But if we're dropping Cream for Chao, which are already there, then - well, I just don't see that there's going to be room for Blaze or Silver.  Do Sega really think that Chao are popular enough to need so much more representation than Blaze or Silver?  That strikes me as strange.
    And that leads me to my final conclusion, which is that it looks awfully to me as if Team Rose was meant to be the classic Amy-Big-Cream line-up - but that for some reason Cream specifically was taken out of the equation.  I mean, facing facts, Cream seems like she should have greater clout than Big; she must have had more playable appearances and therefore appearances overall, for instance.  And yet Mr. Meme got in, while she was traded for redundant Chao?  You don't have to be a Cream fan to find that odd.  Chao are so redundant next to potential big names like Blaze and Silver that (unless those two are being saved up for DLC, which is scurrilous) they honestly look more like a filler choice scrambled up specifically to replace Cream.  And that leads me to take into account the fact that Cream was conspicuously absent from Forces.  It's not difficult to construct an in-universe explanation for why that was, and I didn't think it was that mysterious; but, combined with her slightly bizarre absence here, maybe even with the alleged pacifist mandate in the comics, it makes me wonder - has Sega developed a problem with Cream?  Or, conversely - is there some new reason why they feel absolutely compelled to push Chao as much as possible?
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    RustyRick reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Character and Circuit Discussion for Team Sonic Racing 🏁   
    Here's how you solve that bullshit "age" thing (aside from ignoring it because it makes no sense). Just have Cream sit in the front seat but have Cheese do all the work like he always does in battle. Only this time he's driving in her lap.
    Its ridiculous but its also adorable to think about.
    I'm not livid or anything. Cream isn't one of my favorites or anything but this really weird decision making is throwing me for a loop. Sonic Team has their hands all up in this. Its the only thing that can explain why these decisions are so weird.
  6. Absolutely
    RustyRick reacted to Jango in Character and Circuit Discussion for Team Sonic Racing 🏁   
    We've done a thousand of these polls before. We've been sending feedback to them for years. Nothing changes, nothing will. It's always 1 step forward, 2 steps back with current Sonic Team. You will get a messy story, Wisps, gimmicky and automated gameplay, arguably weak soundtracks, uncalled classic pandering, memes and you will like it.
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    RustyRick got a reaction from SpongicX in Character and Circuit Discussion for Team Sonic Racing 🏁   
    Yeah I do recall them always being vague as heck about things, and while I can understand them not wanting to get into it for the sake of freedom per new game's plot, I'd really wish there was some form of consistency with the characters.

    I could go along with that Cream's too much of a pacifist or that getting into fights against robots or other bad guys would kind of ruin her innocent nature, but honestly I find that a bit of a weak reason. She had no issue going up against Eggman in Advance 2, 3, Heroes and her story in Battle did have Emerl getting beaten up by Chaos Gamma make her realize that if there's no other resort, she has to stand up for her friends.

    I'm fine with Chao's being playable as well for a surprise turn of events, but Cream's been one of the more notorious side characters who I do believe does deserve a spot in the roster, so I'm still hoping.
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    RustyRick reacted to Jack at the Cinema in Character and Circuit Discussion for Team Sonic Racing 🏁   
    No, some feedback on how to improve the games, and a poll about our favorite characters in general. I think it's too late to ask more from this game.
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    RustyRick got a reaction from RedFox99 in Character and Circuit Discussion for Team Sonic Racing 🏁   
    That does sound like a good idea, I'd be all up for it. ^^

    But yeah, at the very least I'm gonna speculate Cream will be part of Blaze's team then if anything. If Silver and Blaze will be in, I guess Cream as their 3rd member could be a thing given her bonding with Blaze in Rush, but I'm not getting my hopes up too quickly unless we can actually voice our opinions to ST or Sumo.

    That does make me wonder, does Sumo have their own freedom of choice of who to implement in the roster, or are they restricted by ST?
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    RustyRick got a reaction from Marco9966 in Character and Circuit Discussion for Team Sonic Racing 🏁   
    That does sound like a good idea, I'd be all up for it. ^^

    But yeah, at the very least I'm gonna speculate Cream will be part of Blaze's team then if anything. If Silver and Blaze will be in, I guess Cream as their 3rd member could be a thing given her bonding with Blaze in Rush, but I'm not getting my hopes up too quickly unless we can actually voice our opinions to ST or Sumo.

    That does make me wonder, does Sumo have their own freedom of choice of who to implement in the roster, or are they restricted by ST?
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    RustyRick reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Character and Circuit Discussion for Team Sonic Racing 🏁   
    I was at work when the character reveals for Team Rose happened so I missed the initial reactions. Reading them on page 12 is kind of funny. I didn't want to be all snarky and just shoot anyone down who was seriously considering (for some reason) characters like Tikal being in this 15 character roster game but come on now. 
    I definitely made the joke about Team Rose just being Amy and "whoever they decide to team her up with that day" but this kind of just makes it official. It's so weird. 
    Even funnier is the ridiculous idea that Iizuka might actually believe "Cream is too young" is a viable explanation. There's so many reasons why it isn't; from her appearance in the Riders games, to Charmy being the same age and yet allowed on the front lines in Forces, to Tails being a mere two years older, to the weirdness of saying Cream can't drive but the Chao (the fucking virtual babies you raise up in a garden) can.
    It's like they said "Cream, you're not allowed in, but we'll let your chao friend in. Yeah, that's right. Cheese is playable but not you."
    I'm not expecting Charmy to make it of course. I didn't before, mostly because that would mean getting what I wanted, but now I'm expecting something weird like Silver and Blaze hiring Vector. Or something. 
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    RustyRick got a reaction from Chili Dawg in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    So if it’s really gonna be centered around Sonic and a cop, I assume it’s a prequel to this?

  13. Chuckle
    RustyRick got a reaction from DaddlerTheDalek in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    So if it’s really gonna be centered around Sonic and a cop, I assume it’s a prequel to this?

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    RustyRick got a reaction from simtek34 in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    So if it’s really gonna be centered around Sonic and a cop, I assume it’s a prequel to this?

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    RustyRick reacted to Sonic Fan J in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    You forgot to add in the spiky hair to justify the hedgehog nickname like the pilot Sonic is based on in the early story concepts for the franchise XD
    But more seriously 
    I completely agree with this sentiment. It may be taken out of context, but even in context it doesn't read well. The first thing mentioned is not about the franchise's main character. If this franchise had a distinction between main character and title character like some 2nd person perspective stories then maybe. As is though it doesn't even make a lot of sense. Globetrotting adventurer, local rural cop. The first is what most people in the fanbase know Sonic to be and the second seems to be our main character for the movie which is not inherently wrong until you see hyper active delinquent adventures in a small rural town. The scope of Sonic as a character and franchise is completely reduced to almost unrecognizable proportions. Sure, the story could go from 0 to 60 to the speed of sound before you realize it, but the current impressions from what is being shared is not good. First impressions being the most important and all that. It's why Patrick Casey saying think GotG and not Smurfs is a better impression to leave (even though Sonic himself in the former would stick out like Howard the Duck) as it gives an example to where you don't even think about it being a CGI hybrid. The problem is though is that that impression is too late. It came after
    You can't really reconcile that with words alone. It's time to show not tell but they have nothing to show putting themselves in a bad spot already. They've talked themselves into a corner and haven't even got started yet. Maybe we should give them the benefit of the doubt but history and these first impressions are already building a case against them.
    So, if you'll humor me, let me change the quote and provide you with a pitch that might better appeal to fans and sell an action adventure story
    "What we're trying to do with Sonic is tell a modern Indiana Jones story with a Sonic twist where he ends up helping out a member of a PMC (Private Military Contractor/Company) who is desperately in need of a  friend, and we hope that this theme is friendship is what gives the film its heart and makes it prosper."
    Now this could sell the idea of globetrotting adventure with Eggman replacing Nazis and a member of a PMC selling action while making fans think of G.U.N, without alienating your audience. Further, by replacing local rural cop with a PMC mercenary trying to make a living Sonic is the one sharing his philosophies and you can explore where they come from through the audience surrogate. And the best part is, the scale of the character and franchise is never dialed back. You can even use as many human characters as you want and even push the romance angle for our audience surrogate if you want just by PMCs having the storytelling potential for close bonds to form within or with rival companies. It is even easier to sell Sonic and anthros as part of the world . Imagine this as you're teaser if you will
    "A radio sitting on the counter of a food truck is playing news report about a mysterious ruin strewn island appearing in the middle of nowhere and that strange readings have been detected coming from it. The camera pulls back to show the truck owner/operator/vendor serving preparing a chili dog, and as he puts he it down on the counter he asks; So I guess this means you'll be off to your next adventure, huh? The camera turns around to show the audience a familiar smirk before cutting to the title."
    With the above pitch and this type of teaser you're selling a Sonic the Hedgehog adventure that is set in a world where Sonic and humans coexist. Now, when you put together a full trailer you can introduce our audience surrogate as action character as well and show us just how badly he needs things to go his way when the PMC he is part of inevitably gets hired to beat everyone else to whatever artifact is on the island. From there you can introduce Eggman as the main competing faction and even make use of Knuckles as treasure hunter himself who provides additional conflict and action. Following this concept you merge the worlds naturally, have action and adventure, keep your audience surrogate, and keep the scope of the characters and the adventures they go on. Best of all, it looks like a summer blockbuster instead of niche holiday movie right out of the gate.
    Anyway, I hope that serves as adequate constructive criticism and shows why Tom the local rural cop is the friend teenage delinquent hyper active Sonic needs is way too small a story in scope. Sonic has always been over the top with space stations and orbital weapons, industrial cities and eco-devastation , magical artifacts and planets hanging in the sky, flying islands and gods, and even military organizations at parts of his history. Even the original game in the franchise took place on an island that drifted on the seas and was home to legendary artifacts. Tom the rural cop is quaint, and does not sell what Sonic is and that is why people are drawing Smurfs comparisons instead of GotG. Or at least that's my take.
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    RustyRick reacted to Roger_van_der_weide in Character and Circuit Discussion for Team Sonic Racing 🏁   
    I'm dissapointed in the Spagonia track.
    Wouldn't it be more interesting to, I dunno, drive trough the Spagonia streets, crashing trough buildings, racing up the clocktower?
    Rather then just drive on a generic flying rollercoaster track with a "member Spagonia?" backdrop disconnected from the race?
    Reminds me why I disliked the levels in Smash Bros Brawl so much, no more fighting on top of rooftops or speeding cars, but in "disconnected platforms in the sky" levels with a random backdrop. Lame.
    Hope that's just a part of the track and not the whole concept.

    But yeah, one of my predictions disproven within 24 hours, ouch. Seems we might get a full Sonic Generations reunion after all. Yay.
    Looking forward to how the GUN truck will interact with the racetrack.
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    RustyRick reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Character and Circuit Discussion for Team Sonic Racing 🏁   
    Yeah, but that's a little different. A team up between two individual characters doesn't really matter much. I can see that being done with almost any of the characters really. Not only that but Rivals 2 is a little obscure. I doubt they even remember that Vector was on Team Rose in Free Riders. Recalling the team up Espio had with Silver sounds like an even bigger stretch for them. 
    And yeah, I agree. I figured it'd just be the Sonic Heroes cast + Silver and Blaze. 
    The Sonic Heroes cast being, Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose, Team Chaotix, Eggman, and Metal Sonic.
    That's only 14 characters and assuming the Egg Pawn is playable (Jury is still out on that), it'd be 15 to make up Team Eggman. 
    I only speculate on what Team Rose will be. Silver and Blaze are more popular than Cream and Big for one, and two, both Cream and Big haven't been used much recently. 
    So, I'm thinking The Team Rose of this game will be Amy, Blaze, and Silver. If it's the one from Heroes than I can imagine them doing what they did for the Riders games and just have Silver and Blaze be unlockable extras or DLC. I just can't see this game happening without those two... but I CAN see it happening without Cream and Big, sadly. 
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    RustyRick reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Character and Circuit Discussion for Team Sonic Racing 🏁   
    I don't think the Babylon Rogues have a chance. Not even Jet. 
    I'm only uncertain about Cream because I can see them going with Blaze and Silver over her since they're more popular. They've been light on using Cream for anything recently. 
    It's got nothing to do with her driving a car. They don't care. Especially if her appearances in those Riders games are an indication. Unless... somehow hoverboards, despite being more dangerous and X-treme, are less permissible than a car. 
    I can see Team Rose being interchangeable since that's kind of what Team Rose is. It's Amy Rose and... whoever decides to tag along with her that day.
    Team Chaotix kind of isn't though. Either they're all there together or they're not in the game at all... or Vector is on Team Rose again, I guess. Team Chaotix is the one that's going to feel weird and random as fuck if anyone gets replaced. It's gonna feel like an obvious appeal to popularity if Silver was just shoved into Charmy's spot. No matter what the story said it'd just stick out like a sore thumb. I'm not even really saying this just because I'm a fan of the Chaotix either. Out of all the teams, they're the ones that make the least sense to mess around with. 
    We talked about this one or two pages back actually. And yeah, to reiterate, it doesn't matter.
    Charmy was at the front lines of a war in Forces. Cream was riding hoverboards in all the Riders games. Tails is 8. That's technically older than Charmy and Cream but not by much.
    Age is kind of a silly thing to be worried about with this series. 
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    RustyRick got a reaction from lbyrd2 in Character and Circuit Discussion for Team Sonic Racing 🏁   
    Honestly there’s one thing that concerns me. I hope at the very least in free play multiplayer you’re able to mix characters per teams together so you’re not locked to certain characters per team only.
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    RustyRick got a reaction from Supah Berry in Should the Sonic Franchise get new, better developers?   
    To me, it's a bit on both ends as to why Sonic's track record (especially the 3D outings) isn't the best. We've got influential fans who seemingly can't make up their minds on what exactly they want without getting a good game out of it, and that's just my assumption on this matter, excuse me if I'm wrong.
    And on the other side the developers can't seem to find the balance between what fans really want in the series and what constitute for good level/mechanic design.
    So I do agree that the franchise should get a fresh batch of developers who know how to make Sonic work again as a platformer and have grown up with the series in order to understand it. Whitehead and Taxman did this to Mania, so I really am curious to see if other noteworthy fan developers for 3D Sonic engines/games also can get their feet in the door at SEGA.
  21. Way Past Cool
    RustyRick reacted to Strong Guy in Character and Circuit Discussion for Team Sonic Racing 🏁   
    I think the most realistic cast we can expect would look something like this
    Big* big maybe on Big.
    Metal Sonic
    Classic Sonic
    And maybe a guest character like Arle from Puyo Puyo or Ai Ai or something.
    This isn’t my ideal roster, I’d love to have forgotten or obscure characters like Mighty, Bark, Fang, Emerl, Chaos, Tikal, and Gamma thrown in. Heck it’d be awesome if they had Gamma’s brothers in there as recolors like the different color Yoshi’s in Mario Kart 8. Or have an Egg Pawn or Egg Robo as a racer. I want my guy Storm to be a racer. I just don’t see it happening. At best these guys might get a little cameo here and there. I’m sure the less popular characters will show up in some form, just not playable. Like Charmy I’m sure will be relegated to guy who waves the flag at the start of the race. I just know it. 
    A Sonic only racer is super appealing to me. There’s so much potential there. But if Sonic Team oversees things, I don’t think we’ll get cool additions like that. That said I’m still really excited for this. Sumo is great and I can’t help but feel a glimmer of hope deep within me for this game. If nothing else I know the game will be tons of fun to play. 
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    RustyRick reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Should the Sonic Franchise get new, better developers?   
    Couldn't agree more. I've long been sick of the ridiculous idea that the fans were at fault for any of this shit for a rather long time now. The fans are largely the only ones making anything worthwhile out of the series. The most universally loved Sonic game to come out in years happened because of a team of fans that set out to rekindle what they originally loved about it.  The reason a plethora of different opinions exist for this series that far outreach those of a lot of other franchises is because of how divisive the base was forced to become due to how willy nilly they shift the script and change direction. 
    "Yeah, let's have a poll to see what the fans want. We heard that some idiots want Sonic to have a gun. Hmm. We don't want to give Sonic a gun but Shadow can have one. That's a good idea." 
    Yeah, the fanbase of any series, often have people that put out stupid ideas. It's the job of the company to shift through the bullshit and weigh in on what's reasonable and react accordingly to it though. There's never been anything unreasonable about wanting the other members of the cast to contribute in a way that didn't take away from what Sonic's original gameplay style was supposed to be. I understand that they wanted to experiment a bit when they transitioned to 3D but by the time 06 happened shit had gone on too long before it was time they finally figured it out. They didn't though. Instead, they just took the complaints about the cast to heart in a manner that saw them getting removed instead of fixed. Yes, there were fans who were crying out for them to go away but the reason there's so many more demanding them back is because it's obvious that fanbases don't share a weird alien hive mind. The fans didn't collectively ask for them to leave and then change their mind as a group. I sure as hell never asked for the other cast members to leave and be stuck with Sonic, Other Sonic, Avatar, and DLC Shadow as the only things I've been able to play with after 10 years. But I guess that's what the critics wanted and we need to find some way to make an accolades trailer one of these days. Wouldn't it suck if a game made by fans were the one to finally allow that to happen?
    There's people who often site Sonic as having an era where all he did was a bunch of dark stories, forgetting that in order for that to be true, Sonic Team would had to have been reliably consistent with something, including their tone. But they couldn't even do that. The bright, cheery, and sometimes cheesy Sonic Heroes was followed up immediately by fucking Shadow the Hedgehog, a game that was for all intents and purposes, the polar opposite of Heroes tonally that also hinged on story elements from the previous game in order for it make any sense.
    By the time 2014 rolls around, you've already got tons of people who grew up with Sonic as something completely different from what another group of people were used to. All of them either talking about how they love the Classic aesthetic and want to see it return, how they love the Adventure games and want to see something like that come back, or how they liked the most recent outing with Lost World and how they want to see that style return. Also, the tone of the games at that point were being compared to the tone of the games of old and that led to a bunch of fighting back and forth about what was best for the series.
    So, of course, it was perfect fucking timing to then divide the fanbase yet again by scaring them with Sonic Boom. It could have been something relatively harmless that came and went as a nice little Television show focusing on yet another alternate universe version of Sonic and friends like all the other Sonic cartoons from before but the marketing was so fucking bad on this, that it led to talk and worry about Boom possibly overtaking or replacing the Modern series because it wasn't doing so hot at the time. Nowadays, here in 2018, the very idea of that happening is actually extraordinarily funny. The maggots are currently festering on the inside of the Boom Franchise's corpse right now, and despite being someone who enjoyed the show, it's hard not to look back on that whole thing as a huge clusterfuck.
    Nobody; fucking NOBODY asked for it. They would have been fine if they had just made the show and advertised it as a show but no. They had to go and make it seem like it was some new, BIG, EXTREME movement in Sonic-dom, coming right out of the gate with not just a show, but a Wii U game duct-taped and super-glued together by a bunch of unknown trash collectors, a 3DS tie-in to go with it, a comic to accompany the two series of comics already going on at that point from Archie, a Toy-line, and shirts, and keychains, and blaaargh...
    All this shit. Right out of the gate. They couldn't even wait for the show to build some traction and for it to naturally get all those things down the line. What kind of show debuts with two video-game tie-ins like that? It's so disgustingly arrogant and weird. Your Modern series is devastatingly confused after the release of Lost World and you spring Sonic Boom on us like a tyrant. 
    They could have done it in a more humble way too but no. Just let Stephen Frost go around the net, talking with fans, giving non-answers to questions, and then complain later about how he wasn't having any fun doing something he should have known better about doing in an environment as tense as this during a time where the series was at its most confused.
    The fanbase is only like this because of the inept decision making from the people up on high. It'd be one thing if their only problem was creating a division in the base and listening to only one side of it but the fact that they kept dividing it and kept doing really weird, strange, and random shit instead of fixing the foundation they created and just let that develop naturally remains the most baffling thing about them.
    Granted, other things seem to be improving in a lot of areas with stuff like Mania, Mania Adventures, the Comics, this new racing game... but until the Frankenstein's monster that is their 3D universe gets fixed, we're never going to truly be free of this nonsense. At least, that's what I think. I'm sure some people will get by with just the 2D one, and that's fine. Let it be known that it only exists because fans came together to make it a reality. 
    You know what happens when Sonic Team comes together to do it? You get Sonic 4 and it's endless, annoying, looping boss music that made me rage quit Episode II, not even caring that I spent money on it. I was okay with that if it meant I never had to hear this shit again.
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    RustyRick got a reaction from lbyrd2 in Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread   
    One pet peeve I have is how underplayed Eggman’s conquest of the world really is.
    One thing I always found a humorous trademark of Eggman is how much he loves to plaster his face/logo on everything he considers his property being the egomaniac he is, so I was honestly expecting alot more Eggman-centric constructions to rampage through if he indeed conquered the world for the most part in the span of 6 months, nor do we see him gloat much about it like discussing with Orbot and Cubot where to place yet another statue of him on the world.
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    RustyRick reacted to In All The World in Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread   
    Hot damn, this thread still lives? Then again, there isn't much else to talk about involving Sonic, is there...
    Oh well, gonna say some shit... it'll be short on my terms so don't worry about dragging your eyeballs and your mouse along the comment
    My opinions on this game have changed significantly from launch... while I think it's still a decent, passable game, further analysis over the weeks have just left me longing for more. Really, let's be real here. This game feels like it was incomplete-- it was in development for a damn year while they spent the other 3 on the hedgehog engine. And the work paid off, because the game's fucking beautiful.
    But in every other aspect, there's lacking. It's like Sonic's starting to follow that "graphics over gameplay" thing that so many games love to follow. But back to the "incomplete" thing. Everything feels like it could have worked, but they just didn't polish it. I mean for a game that supposedly took a year to make... impressive, I guess? You didn't make it a dumpster fire like 06 or Boom, but why, for the love of god, did they not spend more time on this? They didn't take their time to put the soul in this husk of a game. I'd love a story on this game's development process, to see just what the fuck went wrong here.
    Yet, I still haven't quite given up on Sonic Team. I highly doubt they are a bunch of soulless idiots like many people just love to say they are and some may just be as disappointed as we are. So turn that into success, use our problems to make the game we deserve. IDC if it isn't GOTY shit, I just want something that breaks that shell Sonic games have been in for the past 10+ years... that "good, but not quite great" shit or "mediocre at best" pattern, all because each and every one of those games lacks one crucial element... after that, we can go from there. I want a Sonic game that doesn't feel incomplete, that doesn't make us go back and forth all the time, one that doesn't feel like it was thrust at us and expected to be liked.
    so, yeah. TL;DR, don't Force it on us.
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    RustyRick got a reaction from Shasonsil in Character deterioration   
    Speaking of Amy, I thought that ever since Cream got introduced Amy’s advances towards Sonic became more aggressive that it seemed to me that Sonic Team couldn’t really find a way to make Amy unique in terms of personality  compared to Cream so her ‘tsundere’ side got cranked up a whole notch until from Unleashed onwards it thankfully got toned down. 
    I’m fine with Amy expressing anger over Sonic constantly dodging the topic of reciprocating her feelings or not, but in games like Advance 3 and Heroes she threatened him for little real justifiable reasons.
    I still appreciate the times Amy got the spotlight where it shows that she’s really emotionally supportive of those she considers her friends, tries to convince the likes of Shadow and Gamma to turn over to the good side and in 06 that she doesn’t just love Sonic blindly because he’s cool but that he’s always got his heart in the right place.
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