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  1. Was playing Sonic 3 (Probably Sonic 3 Complete) on an emulator. I was in Hydrocity Zone Act 1 and at the part with 2 loops on each other. I went past the first loop and hit the spring but I fell into the wall. Then I flung around the screen and died. I tried doing it again but it didn't work.
  2. Sonic 4. It is a good idea but the only thing stopping it from being a true sequel to S3&K (like it advertises) is the physics and how they look. Knuckles Chaotix The ring mechanic is really fun to mess about with and the boss fights are good too (especially titan metal sonic/metal sonic kai)
  3. Do you remember part of the name? Example. Blast from Sonic Blast
  4. If I can say the era, I'd say Modern Tails (mainly lost world and onwards) Reason? He's gotten more whiny now. He got mad at Sonic because he wanted to shut off the machine that Eggman made when Eggman was gonna shut it off himself. I'd also say (English) Chris Thorndyke He's cool but he's also really whiny and he depends on Sonic too much. He kidnapped Sonic when he was about to go back home just because he wanted him to stay when Eggman could've taken the over the whole god damn world
  5. My Model 1 MD arrived and I got to check out the games and play them. Apparently Sonic 1 is Revision 0 which means labyrinth zone is second in the level select. I just think it's neat
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