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  1. The sonic franchise has had a lot of ups and downs during it's long history, some of those failures were so grave that they ended up damaging Sonic's reputation in the video game industry permanently, which to this day, Sonic still has to wear the scars of those failures. But just because bad/humiliating things have happened in the past that doesn't mean that it's not possible to turn next page and look in the future, and sometimes even have a laugh at those trying times. This is, however, where the sonic's social media problem comes in. The medias of sonic, in an attempt to exorcise the past failures of sonic have decided to make self deprecating jokes about them, at first this was not a problem, and fans did had a few laughs. The problem begins when said jokes gets repeated over and over again and stop being funny. To this day, the official medias are STILL making jokes about sonic 06, seriously, that happened a decade ago, you are just beating a dead horse at this point. The argument that i'm trying to express is that the jokeshly humor of the social medias have started to tarnish sonic's already declining reputation, not matter how many times it has been done the social media have to ALWAYS remind us about how bad sonic 06/sonic 4 were, Big the cat, and "GOTTA GO FAST SANIC" jokes that honestly, stopped being funny a long time ago. SEGA is attempting to use the self awareness as way to justify all these past failures, but in doing so it has started to ruin how people see sonic. Although i'm sure that Aaron Webber only has good intentions regarding said humor, i'm starting to think that he's not aware of how much this type of humor is damaging for sonic. People always like to point the finger at IGN/Game Critics, Arin/Youtubers, Bad fetish art/Devinart and others for being responsible of ruining sonic's view in the eyes of outsiders, but no one is looking at the absolute circus that are sonic's social media. Seriously, all of this needs to stop.
  2. I... really wish that wasn't the case this time. Sonic Mania was also a sort of "prequel" to the anniversary game that was Sonic Forces, and we all know what was the fanbase reaction to classic sonic in forces
  3. Pretty much what people already said above, if SEGA can't even nail Sonic's gameplay perfectly, adding more characters is only going to add more confusion and lack of focus on what truly matters. Even with that, i still think that they could learn a thing or two with sonic mania and 06: -sonic mania had sonic, tails and knuckles all going through the same stages, but depending on their abilities they could access exclusive pathways for them. -sonic 06 also had the same concept, but in 3D and characters that were not the main three hedgehogs only got to play small sections of levels, but those sections where still designed around their abilities. Overall, if i had to choose between SEGA focusing on making sonic's gameplay good first or try to re-add other playable characters i would of course choose the former, but i wouldn't mind seeing other playable characters in the near future.
  4. Yeah i'm sorry i should have worded that differently. I meant to say that a character being playable gives them more purpose than just standing there for exposure, that's what i meant to say.
  5. I don't really want to burst your bubble, but i don't actually believe that we are getting something this year. I would like to remind everyone that next year, 2021, is going to be Sonic's 30th anniversary, and Iizuka himself has said that it's going to be the next big year for Sonic after 2017, and he also said that "preparations have already started", so i think that we will be getting nothing this year and will have to wait for the big event in 2021. The only thing i see as far as sneak peek for the next big game would be that maybe, since we are getting sonic's news every 20th of each month, maybe the news that we will be getting for December 20th is going to be related to the next mainline sonic game.
  6. If i was in charge of the Sonic franchise, well... that's an hard question. I think that there are 2 ways i could be doing this, granted that by "being in charge" means having full control over the Sonic franchise. If personal takes are allowed, here's what i would do: Option 1: do not reboot, but split the series in two AUs. the two world dilemma seems to be a controversial topic in this discussion, the way i would try to fix it would be to have the series being split into two different alternative universes, one in which humans and animals live together on planet earth and one in which there only exists animals living on a planet (probably Mobius), the reason of why is simply because i don't think that humans and Sonic characters work well together, with that i'm not trying to say that having humans and anthropomorphic animals near each other creates an uncanny valley type of feeling, but in my opinion i don't think that they mix well together. However, this option cannot work because some character's backstories (like Shadow's one) would take place in Humans + Animal AU and it would be impossible to transfer it to the only Mobians AU, so i don't think this is a viable option. Option 2: Reboot, and use past ideas in a better way I'm starting to realize that there are a lot of good ideas and concepts that were unfortunately either used in a bad game or not executed properly, here's a few examples: Sonic's Boom idea of having a world with only anthropomorphic animals characters and no humans was good, too bad it was used in a bad sub-franchise. Sonic 2006's idea of having different playable characters with different abilities was good, too bad it was used in a bad game. Sonic Adventure 2's idea of also having different playable character with different abilities was also good, too bad it was poorly executed. so if i was allowed to pull a full wipe of the sonic canon, here's what i would do: -Have a world with only Sonic characters: i have already explained this in option one, me not wanting humans is simply a personal take as i don't think they mix well with the sonic characters. -Classic Sonic is just a younger version of Modern Sonic: that's it, that's the only explanation you would ever need to justify them, all classic characters are simply younger version of the current characters, nothing more nothing less. -Have other characters besides sonic to be playable and actually matter: one infuriating aspect of Sonic Forces was seeing all other characters that were not Sonic, Classic Sonic and the OC being put in the corner doing absolutely nothing worth mentioning and put there just for sake of having them, instead, to make sure everyone gets their cake, i have three different game ideas: 1) A game in which only the 4 runners are playable (Sonic, Shadow, Blaze and Silver) 2) A game in which other characters are playable too, but all levels are running stages (kinda like how Sonic 3 and Sonic mania did it, they are all running stages but depending on the characters you are playing as it's constructed depending on the ability of said character, whether it's speed, fly, or strength) 3) a spiritual successor to Sonic Heroes with a fifth added team that includes Silver, Blaze and...uhm....Marine, i guess ? Having different playable characters actually gives them purpose in the story instead of being delegated in the background, and could also help to give them not only more screen time, but also have development. -Make spin-offs that are not about running: Sonic doesn't have to be all about speed, there's many different video game genres that Sonic could benefit from if properly used: 1) A jrpg game: despite the dark brotherhood having good intentions it failed in it's purpose if being the first good JRPG of the sonic franchise, i believe that another jrpg with Sonic could be an interesting twist on the franchise and feel as if there's plenty of potential for it. also, not to mention that since one of the main focuses of jrpgs is story and being long games, that is an extra reason to make another jrpg, since sonic desperately needs some deeper stories. 2) An action adventure game: coming second on the list of good game ideas but poor execution Ryse of Lyric was also an interesting project, i liked the focus on exploration and fighting, and i wouldn't mind a similar game but with modern characters. Creating games in which the focus is not running helps to solve a lot of problems related to sonic, instead of having to create a new physics engine from scratch and spending years to make sure that sonic's movements are perfect and enjoyable we could instead create games that not require this type of preparation. This was all i had to say, this is how i would treat the Sonic Franchise if i had full power over it, it's not perfect sure, but i think is still better than what SEGA has been doing so far.
  7. Honestly, i have conflicted thoughts regarding the movie. I'm not hyped for it, nor i think it will be a great movie (mainly because so many game franchises have tried to make movies based off them in the past but all of them ended up falling flat on their faces), but i still believe that it can create a good influence for the sonic franchise as a whole and maybe reintroduce many people back in the sonic franchise, it really all depends on how well SEGA will be able to take advantage of the momentum that the movie will create for Sonic, and although Sonic adventure 1 is not exactly my cup of tea i believe that it would be a good place to initiate the reboot of the franchise, granted that SEGA will be able to do justice to the original obviously. On the topic of sonic games based off the movie, no, i don't think the movie will ever receive anything else, not a mainline game nor a mobile either, the reason why i think so is because since 2021 is fast approaching and with that the 30th anniversary of Sonic will arrive i simply don't think that SEGA has got time to waste for making medias based off the movie.
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