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  1. Calling it now. Dataminers find two cut levels from next years Sonic game.
  2. What now?. (1:35) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sfcel_z626k&t=1m35s
  3. I just finished making it an online game. You can download it from the site and play it against other people. By default, Player 1 has a Hero deck and Player 2 has a Dark deck but you can create and use your own decks with cards from the site.
  4. -Not Boost Sonic. If you want a placeholder, SA leaning toward SA2. -A single "level" consisting of a massive island with a variety of environments referred to as 'zones'. -Not open world, but an intricate network of branching routes with some connections taking more speed, skill or exploration to reach. -Some routes are narrow, some are wide and some focus on verticality. -Some routes function like highways and are speed sections with less obstacles and more cool fast stuff. -You can run along most of the island's coast. -Animal capsules continuously appear throughout the island and a variety of reoccurring miniboss-class machines guard them. -If you open the capsules the zone will have less badniks for a short time. If you don't they'll have more. -Factories, bases, repurposed ruins and other structures can be cleared in any order but have varying degrees of difficulty indicated by how hard they are to reach. -You can call Tails and the Tornado while out in the open (or launching yourself above the forest, for example) to take to the sky and see the island from above. -Not everything can be seen from above. -Pilot the Tornado as Tails to get where you want to be dropped off. -The Tornado comes under heavier fire the closer it gets to any of the aforementioned structures (unless they're cleared) and is scripted to be hit if it gets too close. -The Tornado can be shot down and Sonic is unable to call for it until it's repaired. -The structures contain boss-class machines/characters that pursue you through the deeper parts in some way. (they might be fast, they might control a security system, they might fill the place with ghosts, whatever as long as they have clear presence) -Structures aren't networks and are more linear but still contain branching routes with varying degrees of difficulty to reach and clear. -Clearing the structures affects the island. (air/water pollution clears up making it easier to traverse, capsules and badniks don't reappear in that zone, etc.) -The structures can be re-established if you take too long to beat the game. (machines are replaced by upgraded versions, and characters are replaced with machines) -Structures can be permanently destroyed/abandoned if you clear them the hard way. -If you clear all the structures Eggman takes to the sky with a flying fortress you have to chase down and board with the Tornado. (and structures are no longer re-established) -You need to find a way into the flying fortress and then a way to clear it while inside. -It visibly gains altitude (outside and though the windows) and eventually approaches a space station. -It has a difficult time limit. -If you clear it fast enough it doesn't reach the space station. -If it reaches the space station you have to clear the space station and a harder boss fight instead. -If you collect the Chaos Emeralds you unlock Super Sonic. -Super Sonic turns the game into Boost Sonic as long as he has rings. -Simultaneous multiplayer. Player 2 can be Shadow because he plays the same. Or maybe it can go the SMB2 route with Knuckles/Amy/Whoever.
  5. And give it a ten month deadline after promising Sonic Team a year and a half.
  6. Do the CD and 32X games count? I thought I had Mean Bean Machine but I guess I don't.
  7. There's nothing confusing about two characters having opposing interests, even if they are friends. Something being done poorly is not evidence that it cannot be done well. I can point to Sonic gameplay to show how easy it is to mess up. "Do X well."
  8. Contrived by this series' standards? Knuckles' whole role in Adventure 2 was because he broke the Master Emerald himself because Eggman randomly wanted it and then didn't anymore. Besides, better contrived than further dragging Knuckles' characterization through the mud going the lazy route of "because he's stupid, duh". Today I learned that allies can never have opposing interests.
  9. Tikal and Chaos have helped guard the Master Emerald since the end of Sonic Adventure. Purely so that Knuckles abandoning his post and paling around with Sonic makes sense.
  10. As much as I liked Knuckles rivalry with Sonic, I don't see SEGA using it without making him a gullible idiot. S3&K was naivety. SA1 was misunderstanding. He has no excuse not to know better at this point. It'd be interesting if they had diametrically opposing goals but I doubt we'd ever get that. Shadow, on the other hand, has no problem working with the doctor when it suits him so it's an easy setup.
  11. Just uploaded the edited cards. The text should be more visible now. I'll start working on the site's visibility.
  12. Volcan Pacaya

    Sonic TCG

    Fifteen years ago, there was a forum based Sonic TCG that I used to play after school called the USTCG. When I got back into card games a few months ago I started thinking about it and how it's effectively been lost to time. So I remade the original cards and rewrote the rules (and retroactively got the original creator's permission to do so). The result is a higher quality, printable version of all 158 cards from the Sonic Adventure set that remains 99% faithful to the originals. (Design aside, the biggest change I made to a single card was changing SA Knuckle's ability to search for the Treasure Goggles upgrade [from the SA2 set] into the ability of that upgrade.) I had planned to finish this by the end of March/early April but Animal Crossing happened. www.ustcg.ca The blurriness is the result of my camera. I also created a play field for it because the original was a forum game and didn't have one: Original Knuckles: & Knuckles: *Knuckles Wearing A Hat is Ken Penders OC. Do not steal.
  13. So, scrap Tails' character arc or just divorce it from the gameplay?
  14. Assuming you're counting Heroes and Shadow as Adventure games. Adventure: Amy, still reminiscing of Sonic CD, is dependent on Sonic until she's forced away from him and has to rely on herself in order to protect someone else. (She had a similar arc to Tails'.) Adventure 2: Amy, having grown in Sonic Adventure, takes the initiative and rescues Sonic from a high-security military prison by herself. (Again, similar to Tails.) Heroes: Amy, now leading her own group of friends, set out to find out what happened to their other friends themselves. Shadow: Amy is in full blown Hero Mode and is tackling Eggman on her own. That's a character arc. She ended up a different person than she started and it happened organically.
  15. It was important for the pre-Boost Sonic third-party games to be lumped in with the Adventure games. It made for a great motte-and-bailey argument against them.
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