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  1. Hey all! So I've been quietly working on a small quarantine project and it's finally here! I thought it was a good idea since people are all cooped up at home and all; something to do and some nice cardio Granted, a few months ago, I did tease that a few extras were coming after "Angel's Burning, Blue Savior" was released, well here we go...plus a few side extras Another something for the Sonic fans. ENJOY, Happy FRIDAY, and GET DOWN! DOWNLOAD https://cloudkjo.nyc3.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com/software/SDDR.zip StepMania5 (free): https://www.stepmania.com/ Etterna Online (free): https://etternaonline.com/
  2. UPDATE: For those that were looking for the new song on my Spotify profile, turns out my distributor messed up and put it on the wrong profile. Still fine on YouTube but you should be able to find all the links here: https://smarturl.it/yrsxh3 Thanks for listening again and enjoy!
  3. Hey all, So not too long ago I posted one of my Sonic tracks and briefly mentioned that I was working on a brand new one in light of the recent Sonic Movie. Well, it’s here! Slightly dark while still dancy and fun, this track is heavily based on Sonic 3’s music from Angel Island Zone Act 2, modeled from the perspective of an Angel Island resident. YouTube aside, the song is also available now on Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and more, along with instrumental and alternate mix available through BandCamp. ENJOY!
  4. Hey! Thanks a lot for the kind words! Glad you liked it :D. Honestly, the production was unexpected myself; just sort of came together and, "wanted to be Ska" I guess lol. Heck, sort of think the track would work through a run through Shamar (Sonic Unleashed) 😊
  5. OMG! You posted a nice piece of gold there! Definitely going to check this out later
  6. I agree with Freak tbh. I'd be able to appreciate the track more if you had just muted the sound effects after the boss fight started. We know how the game plays and sounds already. Let us appreciate your originality for what it's worth. It felt underwhelming simply because the ingame sound effects were bringing me out of the experience.
  7. Hey dude, As a newcomer to this community and fellow musician/producer, I got a chance to check out your stuff for the first time today and have to say, I enjoy your material! Some great standouts that I liked were "Destiny or Fate", "Control the Skies", and your version of "Sunset Heights" Great job and keep at it my dude!
  8. I think Shadow is a different kind of appeal and interest to a different era of Sonic Fans. He's cool in his own right, but no reason why Knuckles aka OG Rival and "opposite color wheel" buddy couldn't maintain his position in his own right. I say, they tried in some aspect, but then again, possibly the game design limited that effort. As far as Jim Cummings, either as an Eggman or as a semi major antagonist (aka the true threat aka like Chaos).
  9. My opinions for what it's worth, popular or not: I enjoyed Unleash's Warehog segments, even though it was pretty ridiculous and largely unexplained. I had fun with it and that's all that counts right? And hey, we got the excellent formula that "tries" to be the backbone of modern Sonic then I hate Knuckles being portrayed as an idiot. He's naive, as someone who doesn't know much outside the very small world of Angel island should be. I don't like him being played up as a vehicle to make Sonic look good. His reveal back in the day was epic and as cool as Sonic was. Whatever happened to that? I'm middle ground with those that say SA1 - Heroes were good or bad games, though I dare not say that any of them are deserving of their extremes in either direction. So yeah, I guess that just makes me a filthy neutral lmao. Nothing wrong with that. Sonic needs no more friends (lol). How about we further refine the actual (and pretty vast) cast of what we have now in games (perhaps in some way returning to multi character, multi full campaign adventures based on the working formula similar to Sonic 3K). These characters can have their own deeper motivations that can enhance the story too you know. I enjoyed Jim Cumming's Robotnik and wouldn't mind seeing a similar character style and portrayal in one of the games, either as a Chaos infused character of sorts, alternate ego/dimension, or something. That's me. Take it or leave it
  10. Maybe a conflict between nailing a working formula for a modern Sonic game first before exploring micro changes based on the same formula. Modern has been plagued with debilitating and unpolished gameplay issues up till maybe Unleashed. It also seems to be a mixed opinion on whether or not you actually like the alternate character stories and missions, or if they were just in the way. Or rather, if it would have been better to take the Sonic 3K approach and level design the courses for alternate routes based on the character selected, while changing the core formula (which they had to find) to suite that character etc. I personally would love to play Knuckles in the way classic Knuckles was again, but modernized. While I didn't exactly hate the "Find the Emerald" approach they took, I'd still rather explore his world again similar to Sonic 3k. Of course, I'm part of the old guard (aka starting with Sonic 2). Apparently my needs for Sonic are pretty different. As for what was said about Forces, *sigh*....it was just disappointing is all. Between level length, canned physics, forgettable "story", while trying to include "you" as an active protagonist, but kept you at a distance at pretty much all time (along with an "ok I guess" character creator), it was just another example of two steps back imo. Honestly, I wouldn't mind another approach also similar to Sonic Lost World. Probably not with the same spherical level design, but control mechanics were a nice change up to give more control to the player. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  11. So rather than start a new post about this game, and since the latest post isn't that old, I don't think this qualifies as a necro so I'll just post on this one lol. Looks like many of us old boys are hyped for this, I certainly am (ADAM'S BACK!). I haven't got the chance to play it yet, but from some of the gameplay video's that I've seen, I can make some assumptions that I'm sure many can qualify for me. What I'm curious about is the direction they may take with both supporting the IP in the future long term, and other gameplay aspects. For example, 1) Do you think they'll have a DLC plan mapped out, or is LizardCube more of a "ship it and forget it" type company? Would be great to get a classic fighter DLC with Young Axel and Blaze, etc., plus hmmm...DLC character packs (if not included, Young Skate, Zan and Roo much? lol) 2) Gameplay wise, I'm assuming they're going with more of a SOR2 feel approach, or at best, a small mix between SOR2 AND SOR3. It doesn't look like you can run, but you can blitz forward (from what I saw with Adam). I wonder if the "weight" is similar to SOR3 though or does it feel more heavy like SOR2. 3) Correct me if I'm wrong, but specials now have a commit damage feature right? Aka, keep using special, and refills health over time as long as you dont get hit. If hit, damage is committed. As far as assumptions, the remaining character feels like a Max build, but he has a cybernetic it seems, so I'm guessing he's a new character. But would it be something if he's either Zan or Max? That'd be kinda trippy lol.
  12. It sucks but I respect their decision and honestly can't thank them enough for 11 years of quality abridged entertainment on yet another franchise that I love. I've yet to check out the other shorts stuff, and I'm behind on FFVII Machinabridged, but will do so soon given the circumstances
  13. Hey! Very nice gallery you've got going on here! Loving the style evolution as well. You certainly got the many different Sonic forms down well. Great job
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