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  1. TL;DR: I want to set aside a time to play ALL the Sonic games. What order is best? Which ones should I skip? Hi! I know it's weird to post without an account, so here's a bit about me: I am 24, and SA2 was a massive part of my childhood. I missed out on the older 2D games, and I watched the 3D games fall off in quality over the past 15 Years. I have stayed a fan, but just haven't actively followed every game. I have been buying a few games time-to-time, but don't know much about most of them. So, I want to play them all soon. Which leads me to a few questions: What is the best order? Are there any I should skip? Are there non-important games i should play ANYWAY because of cool mechanics? Is there a canon story? how many story lines are there? Should I read comics also? Are there games that are hard to get? Is it worth getting them? I'll stop here, because I hope you get the idea. Long-Time fans: What line-up of content would YOU say is the "Full Sonic Experience"? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me complete this project.
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