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  1. Somewhat of topic but: Oh god I just had this funny thought about Mariotehplumber's or Aknotholeresident's reaction to the Boom designs.
  2. He just enjoys bombing threads does he?
  3. I actually heard that they are planning to reboot Crash
  4. How did they make Sonic the bad guy?
  5. Even IF 06 was finished the plot still would have sucked just sayin
  6. Oh Great another one from the Sega Forums
  7. Oh God the Final Fantasy fanbase they think that anything released after 7 sucks and Lighting Returns actually looks promising.
  8. I agree just like how Sonic Unleashed is beautiful, Sonic Lost World is beautiful in it's own way and it doesn't really need Unleashed style to be beautiful and by the way ArtFenix you and OGamer stop treating your opinions like facts.
  9. Please you should see how Artfenix acts on the Sega Forum
  10. Tommorow's the last day of school for me so that mean's im free for it Yay
  11. Aw man it's almost the end of Wensday and still no news, Maybe it was just another red herring the the Monday thing.
  12. Hey guys this may seem a bit off topic but according to the Encyclopedia there is an Anti Chaotix called the Orderix so I'm guessing Anti Espio would be a pirate lol
  13. And of course the mindless hate train know as the Anti Archie club has already started pointing fingers at Ian due to the whole No Traitor thing.
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