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  1. Congrats to Penders for showing us the same shit from 2013! I believe a round of applause is in order.
  2. So your response to the criticism is to bring up the mistakes other writers made? I love the whataboutism there. Bringing up the Slap doesn't negate the mistakes you made on the comic nor does it negate the criticism on you. This guy is obviously jealous that Ian is well-liked by the fans while he isn't. Ian doesn't ever bring up Ken Penders, but Ken Penders sure does love talking about Ian a lot.
  3. I agree that Archie dropped the ball hard in this lawsuit. If they came up with the contract, the case would have been open and shut. They lose the contract and fired their legal team for it. How is losing your paperwork your legal team's fault? But let's be honest. Archie had no choice but to sue Penders. If they didn't sue and tried to make a deal to appease Penders, SEGA would have gotten pissed, and Archie loses the license in 2011 instead of 2017. Archie's lawyers tried to say the contract was lost in a fire. That's the courtroom equivalent of "a dog ate my homework".
  4. Couldn’t have said it myself bro. It really is a shame that he took the short term win only to lose in the long run.
  5. LMAO. You didn’t just want royalties Penders. You wanted creative control too. You wanted Mobius 25 Years Later, the worst arc in the comics, to be the canon future. You wanted to be notified every time they wanted to use your characters so you could either approve or reject them. Why would Sega and Archie give creative control to an outsider? So don’t make this just about royalties. You saw this as a chance to slither your way back into the comics. Since it didn’t happen, you’re trying to advertise a fanfiction to strike a deal with a company. But thanks to your actions, you’ve blacklisted yourself. So there’s no light at the end of the tunnel for you. Just move on and quit clinging to Sonic. The franchise was fine before you and fine after you.
  6. You see what the problem is right? The problem is that you're arguing with a man who will never admit when he's wrong. No matter what evidence you show, he'll just cover his ears and yell so he can't see or hear it. You'd be better off talking to a brick wall. At least a brick wall can accomplish something.
  7. At this point man, I think he has to keep doing it because he's far too invested in himself to turn back. Deep down, I think he knows Ian is a better writer than him, but his ego is too great to admit it. Also when people prove him wrong, he either gets very upset or doubles down. Why? Because he never considers the possibility of him being wrong.
  8. Just great. He's contradicted himself so much that he made both of us contradict ourselves. Why do we even bother wasting our time trying to understand him?
  9. It's sheer lunacy for people to think Ian used your characters better than you? Hilarious. I bet you didn't think it was sheer lunacy when you called yourself the "savior" of the series. Jeez. And you wonder why the entire fanbase minus your fanboys look down on you.
  10. The only person who thinks there's a comparison between Ian and Penders is Ken Penders himself.
  11. Why would Penders think Ian betrayed him? Ian never owed Penders anything. Why would Ian give up his job for a man that would throw him to the wolves if given the chance?
  12. Penders obviously has some sort of inferiority complex when it comes to Flynn. From calling his popularity a bandwagon to accusing him of feeding him to the wolves, the man has an axe to grind with Flynn. And I wonder why. Flynn didn't do anything but take his place after he CHOSE to leave.
  13. Don't tell Penders that! He'll just deny it because he believes his material is pure gold, and you can't go wrong by going with him.
  14. How is Penders gonna reprint issues that don't even belong to him? And the other writers have no reason to help him given that he burned them in the past. He still hasn't realized that he blacklisted himself at not only SEGA, but the entire comic industry too. This is some serious delusion he has going on.
  15. We all know Penders is a massive hypocrite. In the past, he called himself the "savior" of the series. Then he called someone ignorant for saying Ian Flynn was the savior of the comics. If that person was ignorant for calling Flynn a savior, then Penders was just as ignorant for calling himself a savior. But we all know Penders doesn't think of himself as ignorant, so the logical consistency is lost.
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