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  1. I can't believe I forgot about this. Don't know if its been mentioned but I can totally see a Sonic Maker game being released. Both Mario Makers were popular, it's a perfect fit for a 30th anniversary because it could include all 2D material and Sega knows there's a big fan game community. I'm actually gonna surprised is this is not one of the games now that I think of it.
  2. I suggested bringing SatAm into the games by putting it in between 3D Blast and Adventure a couple pages back. Off the top of my head I cannot think of any major contradictions. I have the DVD set but have not seen it in awhile. If someone can point out any I’d appreciate it. Sonics design would remain consistent too. 3D Blast and the cartoon use his Classic look so it would not clash with the SA updates. It also makes whatever Modern design Sally would get more fitting because it’d just be like a natural update. The cartoon still counts and the FF roles can be whatever Sega wants going forward. The alternative is obviously a reboot that adapts their general backstory and theme. Which is not bad. I would still be extremely happy to have Sally join the games with an altered story. I do not understand how some think it’s so difficult. Like others have mentioned just portray the FF as a team who needs help stopping Robotnik who invaded their home. Barrow stuff like the Knothole setting and Swatbots. It’s very easy. Robotnik has already done this to Little Planet, Flicky Island, Wisps and Lost Hex.
  3. Oh was not aware of that. Like I said before lost track of the comics. Ya something like that. I mean 3D Blast/Flicky Island would be “on the way to” Knothole. Then whatever new game the FF are introduced in they would have already met Sonic and Tails. Like...hey how has your kingdom been?
  4. Ya. Maybe the hub or base could be inspired by knothole. That’d be cool. It probably won’t happen anytime soon but like I mentioned before I think Sega will eventually revive these characters and put them in the games. They fit just as well as any of the other side character. Never being used before works in their favor having accumulated a following. I’m sure newer fans would find them appealing too even if they never saw the cartoon.
  5. Well there is that fanmade Season 3 being made. Another thought I just had was Bunnie could have multiple abilities similar to the Wispons in Forces. They could be built-in to her robotic arm. She could acquire upgrades during the game and of course her final level could include using them all.
  6. Ya that’s exactly the kind of stuff I was thinking. Their missions could be infiltrating and hacking into Robotniks systems so Sonic can get through.
  7. If they could give us gameplay that’s nothing but wondering around for emeralds and literal fishing, I’m sure they can come up with something for Sally and Bunnie to do in the games. I know that SatAm game that was pitched a long time ago didn’t happen because it was supposedly too slow paced for a Sonic game but that can’t be a reason anymore.
  8. I’ve always liked 3D Blast. I never saw it as a cash-grab. Just one of those early attempts at 3D gameplay. Other games tried it too. I knew the Saturn version was technically superior but I never had a Saturn. Never knew about the level select glitch but I’m not going to try it. I don’t want to risk damaging anything. I think it’s a fun game. You explore a “3D” environment to collect said-item (Flickies) It’s what a lot of later, proper 3D games had you do. The gameplay is not very fast but I don’t think any of the classic games were as speed heavy as people remember.
  9. Well after reading through this topic I’m sure some will disagree with me but that’s ok. First I love Sally. She’s my favorite female character in the Sonic franchise. Yes I grew up with SaTAM and have a bunch of the Archie comics (but lost track of it years ago). So I would absolutely love for her and the FF to be brought over to the games. Their origins/lore is pretty elaborate because the comic went on so long but I DO AGREE that some kind of compromise could be made to translate them over. Like Wraith said...give them a basic introduction for their first game that barrows just enough from the comic and go from there. It’s pretty easy. Maybe not that far fetched that they all met already and (at least) the cartoon took place in between somewhere. Probably some things that would need to be worked out. The first idea would be easier though. Also mentioned is if/when they brought her over the design should definitely be the traditional one with the “Bambi” eyes. I suppose it’d be ok if they altered her a tiny bit but she already looks enough like a Sonic character to me. I understand Tangle and Whisper went though Sega first. I know a lot of people think Sega will never use the FF again and that they do not care about them at all but I find that hard to believe. They have a fan base. I really doubt Sega would ignore them forever just because they’re “old and western-based”. Sonic himself was created with the western culture in mind. Plus correct me if I’m wrong...Sega DOES own the rights to these characters. They were made for Sega and the Sonic franchise. I’m sure they can use them any time. The Ken Penders thing is a separate issue from what I understand. Now this is just me daydreaming but the FF could totally be reintroduced in the movies. Robotnik got sent away so if they really, really wanted to they could have him take over Sally’s Kingdom after duping Knuckles, making her the one who sent Tails to find Sonic. I know that’s not happening but I’d be awesome.
  10. The date might change but I’m happy they have a timeframe in mind. Hopefully the virus improves by the time they need to shoot it. Maybe they’ve been currently working on the early stages. We know cgi put in afterwards.
  11. Never had any problems with them talking. They should be able to talk. I don’t have a preference for voice actors. I just imagine they sound a bit different from getting older or whatever. Not something I pay much attention to. Never thought Sonic sounded off in SA. Not even the first time. Looking back at the old cartoons Jaleel White’s Sonia was pretty nasally compared to Sonic and Manic.
  12. I am in awww. Probably my most wanted game sequel ever. At least ones that never got one. I loved the original because it was like an interactive theme park ride. Like mentioned already unlocking all the secrets and different actions was great. Such a unique experience imo. I spent hours upon hours redoing shots just for fun. This looks beautiful. More Pokemon, locations and no doubt features. It’s cute, colorful and exactly how I imagined a sequel. I hope it’s not too much longer. I would buy this today. There should be other games in this style like Jurassic Park/World.
  13. Wildcat


    I have the Wiimake and Part 2. Both very enjoyable. Would love another one. He’d be perfect for a Sonic crossover. I also have one of the Klonoa plushies. I imported it years ago. Has his tag too.
  14. I want one. Hope it includes all GG Sonics as well as a good assortment of others. The original battery life was awful so I’m glad they did something like this. Sure it’s tiny but it’s cool. Would be awesome if it includes a tv connection. No reason it can’t but it might not.
  15. Sonic: Rise of Eggman Sonic 2: Gotta go Faster Sonic: Secret of Angel Island Chaos: Legend of Sonic
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