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  1. Ok a collection that includes Colors as well as others makes more sense to me. Might even be named something else like Ultimate so-and-so. Like I don’t think a collection would be titled under Colors specifically or any one game. That’d be weird. Maybe it’s just a placeholder. I have not played Colors since it’s release so I don’t know what improvements I’d make off the top of my head. Other than being a Wii exclusive I found it kind of strange only Colors was get a remaster. What if it’s a Nintendo exclusives collection? Colors, Secret Rings, Black Knight and Lost World? I know Colors is the only one that really got praise but they were all Nintendo only. Just a thought.
  2. Just the very beginning sounded off. Thought maybe because we’re hearing it from a cellphone instead of direct audio. Still cool of him.
  3. I really want Sonic 4. I’ve never played it because I was hoping for exactly this. A physical collection. It’s the perfect opportunity. There were just 2 parts as digital-only so it should definitely fit into some category of older games.
  4. This really made my day. Sure there’s no footage but it gives off a sense hype and excitement. Well if you’re really into Sonic it does.
  5. I haven’t read up on it that much but I think the Ken Penders thing was only about the comic side. I assume as long as the Archie universe is left out it should be ok. Unless I’m missing something. Maybe slightly modifying their look would help too. Like changing a piece of gear or clothing to differentiate them from their 90s design. Like as far as the cartoon was concerned the FF won. I know Snively was going to become the villain but since it ended (and the comics can’t be used) they could give a different reason for visiting the SatAm universe. Even aging the characters a bit and when they appear it’s during whatever they’re up to now...non-comics related.
  6. I know a lot of people think they’ll just make new alternate Sonic’s but I could see it being a mix of that AND previous versions. I understand the feeling is Sega doesn’t like those characters or kids won’t care but why would that matter? It’d be the same difference as introducing any new character to kids. Kids aren’t gonna care or know if they’re from the 90s. They’d be “new” to them regardless. Whether they like them or not would be up to personal opinion. As for Sega I honestly doubt they really dislike or hate those characters. They just moved on and haven’t used them since. Which sounds like they’re against them but not necessarily. I’d guess they’re probably indifferent. Say hypothetically Man of Action/WildBrain wanted to include SatAm/AoStH (maybe Underground). Would Sega be that against their appearance when they’d basically be glorified cameos in an otherwise separate storyline?
  7. Thanks. I was thinking some could take a guess. Not too hard to figure out if you really think of it. Green is a hint.
  8. So I made this just for fun. Not sure if it’s ok to post here. I didn’t think it deserves its own topic in Showcase. I know it might not use these versions. As for voice actors it would be cool to use the same ones but I can accept an impression if it sounds good. The biggest one they should get if they use previous versions is of course Jaleel White. Pretty sure he would agree too. He played Urkel in an episode of the current Scooby Doo series.
  9. That’s true. It can read like that too. It’s just given the multiverse direction and saying it’s adding to the Sega world seems like more than another totally separate thing with nothing from the past. For clarification I’m NOT saying the show is gonna be purely old material coming together and crossing over. What I am saying whoever it focuses on they will encounter old characters and/or places from previous eras to some extent to go along with the new stuff they introduce. Why do some think this is outlandish? It’s a rational prediction based on the premise and (yes brief) information.
  10. Not talking about the top part. He’s asked if they’d do a big universe similar to Ben 10. He replies there already is one. He can’t be referring to anything that doesn’t exist yet. Of course we don’t know from what angle the story is gonna be told. Nobody is say it’s Modern Sonic’s storyline. It’s some Sonic’s storyline. Probably a new one.
  11. The writers tweets already specify it’s the Sega world that they’re adding to. It’s barely any information but we know Sega world means at the very least the games. How much they use from the games is unknown of course.
  12. So far we only know it’s based on the game side of things. Which makes sense and still plenty to use from. If they decide to use SatAm at all I’ll be happy. Like even if just Sally shows up that’d be great. That’s primarily who I want and was the second main character anyway.
  13. My expectations are totally out of check lol. I always said (on other boards and here) I think they’ll bring back the Freedom Fighters one day in some form and it seems more likely than ever now. Oh I’m so hyped right now. Not just for potential return of the FF but it’s a cool idea in general. So many things they can use.
  14. This is the same topic as Rabbitearsblog which was started first. These should be merged. To answer the Sonic fan base is in no way the most divisive fan base. Every single thing in pop culture has naysayers, nitpicking and people who complain about really dumb things. I see it with everything. There will always be those that find something to be against if just to keep claiming the Classic era (or whatever) was the best. You can literally pick any big franchise and swap discussions throughout the internet. The only difference would be names. People’s reaction to Ghostbusters 2016 was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. GB is one my favorites too. I would not have done a reboot but I still enjoyed the movie and the new stuff it tried. Some have even criticized Afterlife “for reasons”. Sonic is an icon in pop culture and has had success in all major media. He will be fine even though some like to think the franchise is in disarray because of this and that. Everything goes through ups and down. The only real problem I’ve had with recent games were they’re too short or too easy. Other stuff people criticize never bothered me. Some complaints are valid but people tend to go overboard...with everything. Not just Sonic.
  15. Do I think the movies should be in continuity with the games? No because in the games Sonic and all his friends have known Robotnik since the beginning and have met other humans since they’ve been to earth (whether it’s 2 worlds or not). Would not make any sense. I think they could include elements from the movies but treat them as a separate version. Longclaw could become part of the games but her character would have to be different. She could still be a warrior but they’d have to portray her as someone they’ve never met before who becomes their friend or ally. Maybe Tom and Maddie could appear as a nod. I mean like people they talk with in hub world. Humans you happen to interact with during the game. I would like to see the games use his movie design (blue or tan arms). Give him the furry texture and extra detail. It does not have to be linked to the movie. Just use that model.
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