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  1. I was going to wait til I came up with a name and some concept art but I already posted the idea on SonicRetro. Did not read this entire thread. I’ve always wanted an actual Haunted House stage. Not just Pumpkin Hill and the occasional ghost. I thought of this for 3D. Spooky forest/graveyard in typical cartoon fashion. Moon out, haunted house in background. Tombstones with old model badniks popping out of the ground. They don’t hold Flickys and break into separate parts (Zombie badniks). Not more difficult but more annoying. Jump on the tombstones to cover graves. Possible mid-boss. A real ghost that needs to be lured back into his grave. Something like Knuckles Pyramid Cave boss. Haunted House. I haven’t really thought about how it would play but could have flying badniks disguised as ghosts just to be cute. Require 2 hits. One to knock them out of their white sheets. Could be something like Sandopolis where you need to keep the lights on or real ghosts appear. Boss. Egg-o-lantern. Robotnik inside flying jack o lantern. This is why I thought of it in 3D. Like many 3D boss fights it takes place while running. Given the setting of a Haunted House it could be a never ending hallway. Attacks are fire balls from the mouth and turning upside down to pour out orange “pumpkin goop” to slow you down. Defeat by bouncing objects that float by from open doors into it. Boost when there’s an opportunity to land hits. Once beat the hallway ends and a new doorway mysteriously appears letting you out. So it’s a real haunted house that Eggman tries to use against Sonic but he ends up being kicked out by the spirits. I imagine it lighthearted. Like Cubot and Orbot are afraid but Eggman forces them to follow along as part of his scheme. Edit: I copy and pasted it and it came out with this black highlight for whatever reason.
  2. So they were not meant for public viewing? That gives them more credibility imo. I’m sure some things will change or be altered in the final cartoon but it’s probably basically what to expect. So ever since the official announcement some have said they expect the multiverse to be newly made up versions specifically for this cartoon. These pics do suggest that but I do not think SatAM/AoS are totally out of the question. Creating new universes for the sake of the show makes sense. If it was entirely based on previous Sonic media there’d only be...5 alternate universes? Games (which might be the Prime universe from where the story is told) - SatAM, AoS, Underground, X and Boom. I doubt Underground would be included but SatAm and AoS are different enough to be alternate places that are strange and new to (Prime) Sonic. So is Underground but it’s wasn’t as popular as the others and it’s pretty much the same tone and Robotnik as SatAm.
  3. Posting on/for June 23rd is not a coincidence. Everything here can’t just be unapproved material. It’s too detailed. Eggmanland in the portal is a great find. I thought it looked familiar.
  4. The cgi should look great. Cartoons have much better cgi nowadays. It looks like they gave Sonic fur. Of course they would not reveal it yet but I had to check for references to SatAm...it’s still possible.
  5. Maybe it’s not real but I think it looks cool. A little bit Adventure-ish too. There’s comments calling it crap...it looks how you’d expect him to look. What is wrong with people crapping on stuff just the sake of it? Stop it. Whatever it’s from he looks good.
  6. I think one of the things that make the games seem too easy is their length. I thought Forces started to get challenging the last few stages but then you face the final boss and it’s over. However looking back at the Genesis games, including Mania, it’s the same difference. The games are not terribly challenging and are pretty much on par with Colors, Generations and Forces in terms of difficulty. I think the real issue is their length. This was fine in the 90s because the hardware wasn’t as powerful and most “challenge” came from the penalty of replaying after running out of lives. Current games should be made to take advantage of modern hardware. Not just making 3D Genesis equivalents. That’s why the Adventures, Heroes, 06, Secret Rings, Unleashed and Lost World (to a point imo) we’re more “full filling”. Because they were bigger scale games that felt specifically made for THAT system. I know all they all have side missions for 100%-ing but I’m talking about the main games from start to finish. I think Rangers will be one of the bigger scale games. Not just because of the open-world leaks. It seems like they’re entering a new phase again.
  7. You mean cost? Like the one you posted above? Maybe not. I would still prefer a large scale attraction like the Mario one.
  8. This is really cool but this would not be Disney/Universal level rides. Which is what I think most would want. Full blown rides where you feel you’re inside Sonic’s world. Still I’m sure there’d be a lot of cool Sonic stuff. I wish I had the statues and signs.
  9. No matter what’s announced some people will criticize it for some reason. It happens to every single thing in entertainment. Everything has naysayers that just like being cynical for the sake of it seems.
  10. Like mentioned already Sega basically supports all the fan stuff so I don’t see a problem with them using something in a clip video. I would personally be fine with it because I love Sonic. The video’s message is about the perseverance of the series and fan base. It fits even if it’s a mistake. If they outright claimed a fan creation as they’re own work that’d be different. This though. It’s ok imo. Excited to see what they announce. Hope for Prime details and new game teaser.
  11. I think there will be especially now that Mario has finally gotten a proper theme park attraction. They could easily transition through each part of the ride by having you go through giant rings. Obviously it’d start out in Green Hill. It could span a few locations ending in space with you inside the DeathEgg looking out at Super Sonic fight Robotnik. So maybe the last section is like an elevator that’s plummeting until Sonic stops it from crashing and the ride ends. There’s a lot they could do. That’s just off the top of my head.
  12. Maybe the emerald is the Master Emerald and whoever has it gains access to the others. Like it’s required for the others to “turn on” and reveal their locations...or they’re housed within the Master Emerald and whoever has it needs to unlock them depending how big it is.
  13. I have the official Soundtrack. Got it back in the Dreamcast days when it was still new. I think most of the games have great music. Generations and Lost World are really the ones that didn’t get themes. Colors, Unleashed and Forces all had songs to specifically go along with them. Secret Rings, Black Knight and TSR had some too.
  14. First and foremost I love Sonic himself. His design that’s both cool and cute looking. His personality that’s strong, adventurous, fast and heroic. That he cares about others and doing good. I love everything about the character alone. The games of course are fun (colorful platformers have always been my favorite type). The different elements like the chaos emeralds and Robotniks machines. I’ve always loved robots. Robots are popular in all entertainment but it’s still a core element with the series. The music is another thing. A lot of it just sounds so good and motivating. Including those with lyrics.
  15. Sonic 2 releases April 8th. I just get tired of seeing people say stuff like Sega doesn’t know how to run the franchise anymore and the games have been going down for a long time. It’s just hyperbole imo. I understand why people were disappointed by Forces. My only issues were it being too easy and too short. I also felt this way about Colors and Generations but I still enjoyed all 3 for what they were. The notion that the series is in such disarray that it needs “saving” is really exaggerated to me. Mania was great but now a lot of people are making it out to be the best Sonic game since Adventure I guess and other developers should be in charge now because Sega is apparently too incompetent.
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