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  1. I've always wanted to see a new Tomb Raider game based on the original concept art.
  2. I got a custom phone case for my new phone, my old one broke. It took me a while to find a place that makes custom cases for my phone, I ended up using a place called Case-Custom, but I'm really happy with how it came out.



  3. It's possible, we don't know if the Knuckles clan were the only echidnas or not. The strategy guide only says they were at war with "neighboring countries" - not if they were at war with other echidnas. How much of Sonic Chronicles is still canon is unknown, so I can't help with that either. As for Knuckles parents, that's unknown too. Since echidnas in real life lay eggs, it's possible his parents perished before he was born. The Japanese manual for Sonic 3 says Knuckles is friends with the animals on Angel Island (and the series has shown that these animals are sentient and intelligent beings) they even have a nickname for him "Knuckle". This is all speculation and not canon, but maybe the animals on the island are the one's that cared for and raised him into the Master Emerald guardian he is. Sonic Runners even confirms the animals on Angel Island (and Omochao) are the ones that guard the Master Emerald when Knuckles is away.
  4. These two questions were answered in the Japanese strategy guide for Sonic Adventure. It's a common misconception that Knuckles' entire race was wiped out by Chaos. The End of Arrogance The Knuckles clan took a devastating blow from Chaos's attack, and their power weakens significantly. The surviving Knuckles clan suspended the Emeralds' altar area into the sky by the Master Emerald's power and lived there, bearing the duty of observing and protecting the sealed Master Emerald, so that an incident like this never happens again. They also left murals and inscriptions in the temple to communicate this incident to future generations. The Chao were also on the verge of extinction with the Chaos Emeralds lost, but mere numbers have managed to find lands with suitable environments and barely survive.
  5. Well, my first Sonic game was Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for the Gamecube, but I only played the Hero Story for well over a year because I thought playing the Dark Story would give me a bad ending where Eggman won. So Sonic Adventure 2 doesn't really count. I then got Sonic Mega Collection and started beating all the games included in order, so I guess the first Sonic game I ever fully beat was Sonic 1. I was 12 and did get all the Chaos Emeralds before trying Sonic 2.
  6. Even more of the OVA soundtrack has been released! We basically have the full soundtrack now plus some unused themes!
  7. I can't express how happy this makes me! Look-a-like has always been one of my favorite Sonic songs. I've been listening to a low quality patched together version for years and to hear it in better quality with a new verse- Oh the new verse! I was clapping and squeeing like a child at that part! Looking forward to the original file release next week.
  8. Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) is honestly my favorite Sonic series if I think about it long enough. Other then that episode where Sonic goes into space and has a battle of the bands moment with some robots, those Antoine exclusive episodes, and a few moments with Dulcy, I still like most things about this show. It's up there with other good short lived action-adventure shows like Swat Kats for me. I could nitpick a few things like Tails not being as prominent as he should have been, but it all just...somehow works. Even Sonic's outdated slang just feels charming to me. I first saw this series when I was 17 and I still get a laugh at Sonic & Sally arguing over right and left, I still get a little teary eyed when Sonic was unable to save his Uncle Chuck and I still get tense at this scene between Snively and Robotnik. I swear, I was only a year away from turning into an adult and yet - I literally JUMPED at that scene when Robotnik finally exploded on Snively. Robotnik also has one of my favorite villainous break downs in a 90s kid's cartoon, the fact that it's an expanded and intense version of AOSTH Robotnik's catchphrase "I hate that hedgehog!" just makes it even better. I love the soundtrack too, there's just something so triumphant, whimsical, and full of hope that this score brings. I think what's helped make SatAM's appeal last as long as it has, beside it being a pretty good early 90s Saturday Mourning Cartoon with an interesting premise with likable characters with a long running spiritual successor in comic form, is that it's just the most interesting of all the Sonic Cartoons to talk about. You can talk about what you like and disliked about it of course just like any other show, there's a lot that can be talked about from that alone, but then there's also the "What-ifs". What if we got that third season? What if we got the movie Ben Hurst wanted ? Other interesting things include, Len Janson having to justify the shows' creative liberties to Sega(in particularly the Blast to the Past two-parter), the show's original Season 1 theme song that was only used when it originally aired on TV, the lost intro intended for the pilot "Heads or Tails", Sonic Underground originally being a continuation of SatAM, etc. That's not even getting into the show's pre-production, human Sally, Ganon Robotnik, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog originally being a prequel to the Saturday Mourning series, etc. There is just so many interesting facts and ideas to talk about, this has just been a few. Happy belated Birthday, Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM). I hope we can continue watch and learn even more about this fascinating show in the future. "Let's do it, to it!"
  9. Yup, that is exactly their reason why Princess Peach isn't playable in New Super Mario Bros Wii. Source: https://www.destructoid.com/peach-s-dress-the-reason-for-her-not-being-playable-in-new-mario-wii-152201.phtml
  10. We kind of got one with Sonic Time Twisted, a great fan game that I feel is often overlooked. Download it here: https://gamejolt.com/games/sonic-time-twisted/24775
  11. I liked was I saw, the only thing that makes me nervous is the skins. It's probably foolish of me to hope there aren't any microtransactions, but microtransactions are the most likely reason why Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled never got a PC release. Hopefully those hidden dropdown menus on the game's website that list a PC and Switch option turn out to be true. I like the new designs, there's just one thing from Crash's old design that I wish they would have kept: Crash's belly button.
  12. I just want to point out that Takashi IIzuka has never said only male hedgehogs can go Super. The first time we ever heard about this was back in 2015 in the topic "Sega's Secret Sonic Bible that we'll probably never see "TO MARS!". It was bout what Badnik Mechanic had heard was in the official Sonic bible. As Windy and Ripply showed last page, Ian Flynn is the only official source we have on the matter. That was confirmed at the Sonic Boom 2012 event. The question is asked at 5:34 of the video.
  13. I feel the same way, but over time I've interpreted it to mean that Sonic, Shadow and Silver are the only ones that have a unique appearance for their Super Forms. Everyone else that uses the Chaos Emeralds just glows in some way. I have come up with a more in-universe explanation for this if you're interested.
  14. The only one I can remember is Help! I'm Stuck in a Self Insert Fic! It was pretty good from what I remember, but I haven't read it in over a decade and sadly it was never finished. The same author also wrote one my favorite adaptions of A Christmas Carol to date: "Mario's Christmas Carol". It was practically a word for word remake but with Wario as Scrooge. His Mario & Sonic crossover fanfic was great too, but was also sadly never finished.
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