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  1. I am an artistic person. i carry my sketchbook with me at all times, and draw tons of stuff. Teen Titans (2003, TTG can burn in lava reef zone.), miraculous ladybug, Invader Zim, ninjago, Big hero 6, steven universe, ECT. and as you may have guessed, i have plenty of Sonic characters drawn. Call me crazy, but people should be able to draw what they want. So sue me for wanting to draw this awesome shot of tails rescuing Sonic from the IDW comics. or just Sonic giving a thumbs up, Shadow and Sonic fighting, Amy giving a cute smile, Knuckles, and probably too many drawings of tails. I'm actually kinda afraid to show people my sketchbook, because a certain "Friend" is constantly giving me crap about being a Sonic fan. the shadow drawing is literally the only drawing she approves of. I'm not drawing for you, Val! but still, am i drawing too much? should i lay off Sonic for a bit? how much is truly too much? Edit: Aww, thank you all for your kind words! honestly, you're making me blush.
  2. As a Sonic fan, i get mocked by my friends all the time. "Why do you have so many drawings of tails?" "Ugh, i can't belive you actually like Amy!" "Enough about the Movie's characterization of Sonic!" "Enough about the Movie's redesign!" Well, most of those came from my Frenemy. we hate each other equally, but she's friends with most of my other friends so i can't ditch her. it's complicated. though to be fair, i do drive everyone into insanity sometimes. but really, i don't think i'm too bad of a fan. i binge cartoons, draw way too much fanart, and obssesed over the movie (After the redesign). one time at school during study hall, i let my friend borrow my computer so he could check something on his youtube channel. a few minutes later, he asks, "Why is everything in your search history related to Sonic?" And let's not forget the time i accidentally turned in a drawing of green hill zone for my bio assignment. that was fun. I'm a little crazy, but we all are for something. don't mock People's fandoms, because "That's no good". I'm Obssesed and proud! now if you'll excuse me, i'm gonna go watch a few episodes of Sonic Boom. (Actually a really good show, ignore the games.) Gotta go fast!
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