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  1. Pretty much what happened with the movie itself. Most people thought that the movie would fail. But it ended up being a big box office hit and now many people are clamoring for a sequel!
  2. If SEGA does decide to do this though, I hope it's good. Video games that are based off of movies tend to have a bad reputation of not being that good. Although, given the long history that Sonic has for video games, it shouldn't turn out too horribly.
  3. I hope SEGA makes better games eventually. It seems like they are just pushing out Sonic games instead of just taking the time to develop them and make them good.
  4. Also, introducing characters in a more natural way can help establish a cinematic universe for the franchise, something that they could compete with Marvel at.
  5. So, do they mean like highest grossing movie for this year or for all time? Because it can't be for all time since Avengers: Endgame still maintains the highest box office of all time, beating out Avatar and Titanic. Also, I don't think that Marvel released any movies this year because of the virus.
  6. I definitely agree with all this. The movies play by different rules from the games. You can't just jam in so many characters in one movie and expect the audience to get invested in all of these characters at once. You need time to develop each character so that way the audience would understand what is going on with both the characters and the plot.
  7. They could give the biolizard more depth in the movies, if they want to. Although, maybe a better choice would be Gerald Robotnik since he's got more depth than the biolizard.
  8. She's the new writer for the main book. I think that Ian Flynn is writing the Bad Guys series.
  9. That's what got me. I was pretty sure that Jim Carrey didn't like doing sequels that much, so having him get his own solo film would mean that technically he would be in a sequel. Besides, if Jim Carrey decided not to play Dr. Robotnik anymore, then there's other villains in the franchise that the movie could pick from like Chaos, Mephiles the Dark and the Biolizard to name a few.
  10. I kind of figured that the Robotnik spin off movie wouldn't happen (at least not at this moment). It's a bit too soon for them to start thinking about doing spin off movies, especially since we only got one movie so far and we don't know how well the sequel will do since it hasn't come out yet. I think that if the sequel does do well, we might be getting some reports about possible spin off movies in the near future.
  11. I agree. I think it's more important to focus on the sequel at the moment, although they could brain storm some ideas for some potential sequel movies if the sequel does well.
  12. I agree with this. It probably would be a better idea to do a miniseries or something like that that features the Sonic characters from the movies, rather than doing full on spin off movies for theaters. The Sonic universe has a lot of characters and there's no way that all of these characters can fit into the films without shafting several characters in the process. As for the Robotnik movie, what kind of story can they tell with Robotnik? Like, is it going to be a prequel or is it going to take place between the first movie and the sequel?
  13. Oh yeah. I forgot about the voice actors and the directors still having to meet each other for the voice direction.
  14. Wouldn't it be much easier to do a solo Knuckles film since they wouldn't have to worry about using live actors during this pandemic?
  15. I've actually been hearing about this after the movie was released that they were planning on making a movie about Eggman. I will admit that at first, I was a bit against the idea because as much as I like Eggman as a character, I don't know if he could hold his own movie. However, after giving this some thought, I am a bit curious to see where they are going to take this movie. Is it going to be a prequel of sorts that explains Eggman's backstory and maybe introduce some important characters to the franchise like Gerald Robotnik and Shadow, or is it going to be about his time on the Mushroom Planet? The possibilities are endless and I am interested in seeing what they are going to do with this movie. I just hope that the movie is still good.
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