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  1. Hmmm...I haven't heard of these comics and fan fictions before, although I heard a bit about Ghosts of the Future. I need to check that out.
  2. What are some of the best Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Fiction and Fan Comics you have ever read? Here are some of my favorites: 1. The Murder of Me Fan Comics: This fan comic series is about Sonic, Shadow and Silver being descendants of some gods and it has them trying to save the world while learning more about their powers and about the gods before them. I have really been enjoying this series so far as it's intense and entertaining to watch and I can't wait to see more of this series! 2. Miles "Tails" Prower: Where Was My Hero?: This fan comic is a "What If?" story about what would happen if Tails didn't meet Sonic. It's truly a tragic and intense fan comic that you should check out! 3. Robert Brown and Francis Tolbert's Sonic Fan Fiction: I know these fan fictions have been around since the late 90s, but they are fantastic fan fictions, especially if you are a huge fan of "Sonic Satam!"
  3. By the way, I wonder if having Tom and Maddie in the story line is going to complicate how much of the source material they can get into the movies. They not only have to balance the video game aspects of the series, but they will have to figure out how to have Tom and Maddie get involved in the adventures without taking the spotlight from Sonic and the other characters.
  4. This sounds interesting. It's possible that Hollywood would have to go digital if the COVID doesn't go down any time soon. Does this mean that the film would come out faster if it was being done digitally? Also, I'm a bit concerned about SEGA being too involved with the sequel. What happens if they start telling the filmmakers what plot lines to put in the film? That could affect the outcome of the film as a whole.
  5. I definitely recommend Gotta Go Fast! and Tails and Sonic Pals. They do lots of reaction videos to various Sonic the Hedgehog content like Sonic Deviantarts and reactions to other reviews about Sonic media. They are definitely fun channels to check out!
  6. It kind of makes me wonder just how much say Sega will have in the future Sonic movies? Will Paramount have more power over Sega regarding where they want to take Sonic or will Sega have more to say for the movies?
  7. I thought that Sega was planning on rebooting the Adventure series, starting with Sonic Adventure?
  8. I can definitely see this happening. If they released the movie in 2021, then that proves that they rushed through the movie and didn't take the time to flesh out the story and the characters first. Also, I have a feeling that the sequel might have more to the story than the first movie, so they might take their time in trying to find a good enough story for the sequel enough to satisfy the fans, but not over bloat the story. As for what other characters might show up in the sequel? I'm thinking that if they don't use Knuckles in the sequel, they might use Metal Sonic since Robotnik still has one of Sonic's quills and he might use that to build a robot copy of Sonic.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised that if they did adapt Sonic Adventure 2 to the movies, they might censor a few things to make it more kid friendly like they might tone down Maria's death from Sonic Adventure 2 in order to not make it too traumatizing for the younger viewers.
  10. That would be interesting, if Eggman does get back to Earth in the sequel.
  11. YAYY! We're getting a sequel! I figured that the Sonic movie was going to get a sequel anyway because of the huge success of the movie. What I do wonder though is when the movie will be in production? There's still the matter of the virus pandemic going on and who knows how affected the movie companies will be after the virus pandemic passes. But I hope that they take their time with the sequel and not rush it out to make a quick buck because that could prove to be a huge disaster for the film if they rushed it without spending time on developing a good story for the sequel. Also, there are some things I'm a bit concerned about regarding how the sequel will go. 1) Earth vs. Sonic's World: So, would the sequel spend more time on Sonic's World or on Earth? And if it spent more time in Sonic's world, what will become of Tom and Maddie? I mean, they could have a storyline set up where Tom and Maddie ended up in Sonic's world by accident. But, they can't stay there and I'm pretty sure most fans wouldn't want to see Sonic split up with Tom and Maddie and yet, they still want to see more of Sonic's world. Also, it wouldn't make any sense to just drop Tom out of the franchise when he was just introduced in the first movie. So, how would the writers solve this plotline? 2) New characters: Now it's a fact that Tails is going to be in the sequel since he showed up in the stinger. But what other characters should they add to the sequel? Or should they add any other characters at all? I've seen around the boards that some people wanted so many characters to show up such as Shadow, Rogue and Silver to name a few. But the thing is, you don't want to have too many characters in a film because that would run the risk of causing some of the characters to not get developed properly because they are too busy trying to juggle so many characters at once. So, what Sonic characters would make the most sense in showing up in the sequel? For me, I would have to say either Metal Sonic or Knuckles would be the most appropriate additions to the sequel if they are added. You don't have to do much with Metal Sonic since he was created by Dr. Robotnik and since Dr. Robotnik still has one of the Sonic's quills in the stinger, he could use that to create a robotic clone of Sonic. As for Knuckles, he would be tied to the Echidna clan that tried to kidnap Sonic in the first film, so introducing Knuckles would at least wrap up the Echidna clan plot. However, Knuckles is a much more complex character, so even if he doesn't show up in the sequel, he would be great in the third movie. 3) The story: Now, the story could go several different ways, but what story would fit well for the sequel? We do want to see Sonic and Tails' developing friendship in the sequel and we want to see Dr. Robotnik finally become Dr. Eggman. But what would be a good story for the sequel? For me, I definitely would love to see most of the film spend its time on Sonic and Tails' friendship, as well as how Tails' appearance will affect Tom and Maddie's lives. Also, it would be interesting if they introduced the Death Egg in the sequel, but that depends on if they want to spend more time on Dr. Robotnik trying to find his way back home or just stay on Sonic's planet and build his empire. Overall, I'm so happy that the Sonic movie is getting a sequel and I just hope that the crew take their time with the sequel to find out what characters should be in the film and what kind of story they can tell in the sequel that will make fans and movie goers happy.
  12. I'm so happy that they are working on the sequel! I just hope that they develop the characters even further and I can't wait to see Sonic's interactions with Tails!
  13. I just got my 4K / Blu Ray edition of Sonic the Hedgehog and I'm loving it! I was so happy that it came with the comic book, since that's what I really wanted to get from this copy. Check out my photos of the Blu Ray / 4K edition:
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