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  1. Tails' workshop, I've thought, probably functions as both a sanctuary for the tornado and a shelter/home for him. Sonic might live there as well, but seeing how he's a nomad in the games' universe, I somewhat doubt it. I wouldn't be surprised if it being Tails' home was true because it certainly looks part lab/part home in Sonic Adventure. It's also called "Tails' House" in Tails' Adventure, though that's a spinoff game.
  2. Come to think about it, something I like in Sonic games is the unique character design of the characters. The character design is very quirky, and a bit cartoony looking. It's different from the usual design of anthromorphic characters.
  3. I just finished playing Sonic Adventure all over again. It gave me a nostalgia rush.

  4. After so long, I have finally figured out how to do Big's levels. I can be so dense.

    1. Endy


      Big's levels were the best part of SA1!

    2. -blank-


      Big is a badass, 'Nuff said

  5. One time when I was playing Sonic 3 on its own, I gained all 7 chaos emeralds and turned into Hyper Sonic duing Launch Base. Said superform lasted until the very last boss, when I lost the superform and all the rings I had. Then I lost my last life.
  6. ^I hate to say it, but it's so true. The fanbase would lose it if Sonic was officially paired with someone.
  7. I have a pet peeve with the Shadow the Hedgehog game. I don't really care if Shadow has a gun, but...the problem is that SEGA seemed to be trying to appeal to more mainstream gamers rather than Sonic fans. I know it's a spinoff game, but this type of game could have easily worked as a game that had nothing to do with the Sonic series.
  8. I don't know if this opinion is unpopular or not, but I dislike how in some games such as Sonic Unleashed, you often have to press multiple buttons just to get past some parts. I prefer when you only have to press one or two buttons in Sonic games. In older Sonic games, having less moves made it a bit more challenging, but it was also nice and simple.
  9. Yes, that is disturbing.. If we're talking about the comics, what about roboticization?
  10. Ehh..I'll admit the animation in that game was subpar. I still felt some sympathy, though.
  11. Hmm..I found Tikal and the Chao getting trampled on in Sonic Adventure to be pretty morbid. I especially felt sorry for the poor chao.. And speaking of chao, you can beat them up in both Adventure games and the Shadow the Hedgehog game. Also, if you abuse a chao long enough, when they die they will not reincarnate. Then there are some of Eggman's character designs..such as his western design in the classic games: His eyes are usually covered by glasses. And he is usually more wacky or silly looking than this. SATAM Robotnik had cliche red eyes, but here he has no eyes what so ever.
  12. Agreed..that scene is disturbing, what with Gerald gradually losing his sanity and all, and also pretty sad when you consider that he used to be a good person..
  13. Oh well..I would have found it somewhat poetic, him preferring to destroy himself rather than living the rest of his existence as one of Eggman's robots, but I suppose I can see why the ending was changed.
  14. For some reason, I find Gamma's death not only sad, but also a bit disturbing. In fact, I find Gamma's whole story disturbing on some level. His flicky brothers were imprisoned in the robots, and he had to destroy all of them to set them free..and eventually, he destroyed himself to be free as well.
  15. Sonic 2's bad ending. Tails is implied to be dead.. The bad futures in Sonic CD. And I'm not just referring to the US music..I mean the actual futures, where Little Planet essentially wastes away.
  16. True...even if I myself like other characters being playable, they shouldn't be shoe-horned in the games either.
  17. I feel sorry for the children who might come across some of those pictures...especially things like vore. Anyway, I find the amount of Sonic high school AU fanfiction to be annoying. Sure, the archie comics did it first, but at least there it didn't last too long. But these high school fanfics---it just seems like a way to ship characters together, and it just doesn't fit the Sonic series because it's an action/adventure genre(besides platforming.) Maybe it could be done well, but most of the time those types of fanfics are pretty boring.
  18. Uh, Scourge? Well..to be honest, he doesn't really have his own character outside of being a evil foil to Sonic. Sure, Shadow was always a bit of a "evil twin" but there is at least more to him than that.
  19. Yeah..I once thought Sandapolis was a hard zone too, but it's easier once you get used to the level. But those ghosts are still aggravating..
  20. Ehh..love triangles can be a pet peeve of mine. Whether it be love triangles like Sonic/Sally/Mina from the comics, or a fanon love triangle such as Sonic/Shadow/Amy, I just don't dig them. Especially because in many cases, characters get de-railed.
  21. Seeing as how Sonic X is old now, I may be beating a dead horse but..It aggravated me how Chris, instead of Amy, was the one to inspire Shadow in the Sonic Adventure 2 arc. They could have at least *tried* to stay true to the game..
  22. Ah, I see..I suppose I can't judge some of those spin offs anyway, because I've only played a couple of them. (Luckily, I guess..)
  23. Yeah, I know..But, there are plenty of modern Sonic spin off games that are hated. Sonic Zero Gravity, anyone? It's not nearly as notorious as Sonic 06 is, but still. They seem to get criticized a lot, whereas bad spin off games from the old era seem to be ignored. It was a bad comparison, though. I'll admit that.
  24. I'm going to save my money to buy a SEGA genesis...the nintendo game cube controller for Sonic Mega Collection isn't all that comfortable.

    1. Jix Hedgehog

      Jix Hedgehog

      I dunno, I prefer the GC controller over any other, it fits perfectly , all the buttons are in the right places and it doesn't make your fingers tingle after a while like the dreamcast or xbox control pads

    2. Conando


      What sucks is that HORI used to sell a Super Famicom style GCN controller that would have worked pretty well. They don't anymore.

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