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  1. Killer robot who threatens organic and refers to targets as meatbags isnt a killer.(sarcasm) Rouge has not killed anyone personally doesnt mean she doesnt encourage.
  2. Alot of detractors on 4chan and restera.
  3. I think you got then confused with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. Team Dark is a ruthless force of death and destruction, if you give them the same moral principles as the other teams, they'll be predictable and not as unique.
  4. I love the archie series but I feel some characters get alot more credibility than other based on how superior and powerful they are in battle or purely competent they are with their abilities. Tier 0(god tiers) Superforms, enerjak, hyper forms, adam, mammoth mongul Tier 1(Super beings)(base wise) Sonic the Hedgehog-in over all skills with his base skills and has more feats against high performance wins/ties with higher opponents than both of them, like in the megaman team up, for example, he trashed all the robot masters with casual ease while Shadow had trouble with one of them, beat up silver easily without silver reacting in time, he has gone toe to toe with shadow, metal sonic and knuckles and against the former has out paced him most of the time while managing to dodge him casually. Scourge the Hedgehog- Easily bested every hedgehog he was up against, has been compared to Sonic and Shadow at the same time, has better feats in his base mode than both hedgehog like spindashing the planet. The fact he can out run a angry shadow and escape show hes considerably faster than shadow is like sonic is. -Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik Shown to counter Sonic easily with his technological prowess. Scaling to Sonic easily makes him feel more a threat than any of contenders below since its proven he can make multiversal weapons like the more genesis wave. Silver the Hedgehog- Probably all over the Place feat wise but at total hes ends up stronger than sonic, shadow and silver but is written to job alot like shadow. His feats still put him below sonic and scourge because hes more reactive than proactive with his powers in combat and sonic and scourge are superior in thinking on their fest and being faster than faster than thought opponents in combat. Sonic can whoop silver by being to fast for his telekinesis to register. Maybe it depends on how hes written. Shadow the Hedgehog - We need to get the clear, shadow is weaker in this series than any other series. If his own power is more detrimental than useful to him, than shadow has less power than sonic in chaos power and real cant handle a large reserve like sonic can at his normal state. Shadow extremely powerful but to many characters scale to him in base feat, while shadow struggles against any sonic copy even metal sonic, shadow has difficulty taking out does slower than him like knuckles, omega, napalm man and silver. Shadow using his inhibitor release is just not tangible proof hes superior. He cant control how much power he uses when he releases the power and it becomes a problem with his life then. Knuckles the Echidna - hes the only character is can think of than can fight all contenders minus scourge in raw combat and hold his own without esoteric powers. Maybe in the previous issues hed best everyone but hes been empowered when he came back to life with sonic getting stronger than him. Hes also weaker than shadow in a melee exchange when shadow is weakened and not fighting at full strength.
  5. I'd argue their all in the same boat but Blaze Is better off than both because silver and shadow are still the most divisive characters in the series.
  6. Note that team dark are remorseless killers and rouge black op style soldiers who join together knowing full well the other teams distrust their methods and ways of handling thing. If anything, it's the former that shows a credible friendship over all others since their basically the ones who have to be the viewed under the same thing eggman is as force of ill will sometimes.
  7. Well I simply meant as marketing wise, hes always meant to be a twin secondhand imitation of sonic and plays second to him in competition and being the second best of the two. Like knuckles. Shadows thing he shares everything with Sonic, and graphically is infamous as a sonic adventure recolor or super sonic. And Shadow gets put on the spot having to compare to Sonic which often is made to make Sonic look good at Shadows expense despite how character wise their distinct. Sonic 06 was retconned, Shadow at that point was pretty much omitted all his development to justify being a archetypical generic anime rival again. Which I feel always was deep down. If sonic team was allowed to make shadow feel more like a independent major role like shadow the hedgehog did, hed be more reknown than just what he is currently based on the current depiction regarding his role.
  8. I think the problem with team dark so called dynamic is simply.....it's not market worthy. When shadow is major marketing appearance, the first thing hes pushed in is with sonic or a group about sonic. Shadow represents being in Sonics shadow, and rouge and omega are always riding sonic or shadows coattails as supporting characters, this there isnt as much investment in seeing them together. I believe rouge and omega need to stick with shadow more and more to codify and settle shadow as a major figure in the series. Add a more significant aspect to him being more than just a rival to sonic and a twin clone. Rouge's character story carried from Shadow's plot and continues to be shared with shadow as a character, omega was made from eggman which was carried from the previous game while expanding eggmans lore. These three owe it to shadow to be more pivotal outside of shadows story. Rouge being outside of shadows side is like tails being outside of sonic side. Some characters dont work without working with principle dynamics for a long period of time. Plus I get salty when I see rouge paired with characters like knuckles or tails all because shes interacted with them to become meme'd with. Shadow actually gave Rouge a reason to be softer and kinder person, and explored her serious side as a result of teaming with shadow. Omega is just the third guy, but hes more comfortable being shadows muscle than say sonic or creams.
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