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  1. Oof so the Japanese team was responsible for this disaster of a script, it's annoying cuz the plot is really Solid, it was used for like 2 cartoons, and the Archie comics, and had so much potential, Sonic being presumed dead could've been done so interestingly, and Infinite's theme talks about how he can't control the power, and the first Avatar track is all about how you're the last hope (despite Shadow probably being just as capable, and definitely the entire freedom force combined should've been capable, but whatever), and just so much coulda been done
  2. So the story is slightly less memorable in Japan, also wouldn't surprise me if the localized version comes first, cuz Sonic is more popular in America
  3. I thought Episode Shadow was just as much infinite as the main game, cuz the final cutscene is the first cutscene of the main story, so I probably am basing most things on that, because I barely remember the main story except "Green Hill more like Sand Hill", and the fact Sonic was tortured for a long ass time and had no negative psychological effects, and that none of the projections do anything except be a boss, and Tails being completely wrong, despite 2 games earlier (lost world), actually being decently brave and not a huge wimp
  4. Wow I sound really dumb here, to say it better, the Riders Games were so Unique, it's the only racing game I can think of with a learning curve so you actually get significantly better not just slightly, and the Style was on point, TSR, and ASRT are so generic and not that fun, but Riders is so fun it's challenging, it's Skill based, and the style of the First Games intro was awesome looking, and the Babylon Rogues are awesome and I want more of them, so yeah I want another Riders Game that's like the OG one, and I also want a 3rd Storybook Game but that's unrelated.
  5. Sapient not Sentient Sentience is just feeling emotions Sapience is being able to think and have a language I dunno I thought how serious he was, was funny itself, I know I laughed so much at I'm not weak, cuz it's completely serious but it's so dumb, Liam O'Brien did great which is why it's funny
  6. I honestly want like remakes of the games, to like make them feel more Sonicy, I love Black Knight but it's not very Sonic like so I'd love if it was more Sonicy, but still have Caliburn and stuff, and I'd also really want Secret Rings to be a Good Game
  7. The Storybook games definitely represented Sonic being Carefree, but also being Selfless, whereas Colors it definitely didn't feel like Sonic Cared that much about Yaker and the other wisps, but I also take it as it's just Eggman I can Save these Guys in No Time, whereas in the Storybook Arthur and later Merlina are way more threatening, and so is Eraser Djin
  8. I liked Sonic and Chip's friendship in Unleashed, but everything else felt like too serious in Unleashed it's like the tail end of taking the story seriously before Forces, and I thought the Adventure Games were poorly written along with taking itself too seriously, I just really liked the writing in Colours the writing in the other games feels off, I also thought the Storybook Duology had really good writing, and we're the height of Jason Griffith Sonic , but Colours was just the dash more fun writing even if I don't think it's that fun of a Sonic Game
  9. I don't like colors that much, I think the Level Design was way too blocky, and the wisps are cool, but the level design is super boring, it has my favorite Story, but yeah I think it has lame level design compared to Unleashed and Generations, and I don't find myself regularly replaying the levels
  10. Just make every level equally good lol, but I do like the idea of the Star Fox Style Paths, like have each path lead to a different Goal Ring, and instead of the Structure Top Good, Middle Fine, Bottom Bad, it's Hard, Easy, Medium and stuff like that, but have the same story throughout the levels would be kinda neat and have those paths open through the whole levels you'll always be able to get to the easy, hard, or medium levels until the last stage, but that also hurts ramping difficulty if there's easy levels, medium levels, and hard levels, but I guess you could still ramp the difficulty while still keeping it easy, but yeah
  11. That made me laugh so hard hearing Liam O'Brien going hardcore with such a bad line was so funny, bless his heart he tried his best but yeah
  12. Yeah you're right I never thought of the missions as open ended structure cuz most are so tedius, but yeah and you can get to almost every route through a bunch of different levels, and I do genuinely like the idea of multiple endings in a Sonic Game, just not terribly lol
  13. But Psychokinetic Hedgehog from the future/au, but for real The 06 project is still WIP, and there's like 10 completely different projects recreating/modding 06, but I think as a whole I just really like Silver's concept and want to see him done right, because I mean they've Improved Shadow's character in Forces and TSR and so I don't see why the same couldn't happen to Silver, although Silver wasn't ever great as a character where Shadow had Strong beginnings, so I hope a well done mashing of Adventure and Boost Styles eventually happen because that executed well could be so amazing
  14. Rush had a Dedicated Homing Attack button although that's a 2d game and everyone completely forgets it exists, Lost World and the Boom 3ds games have a run button I think the parkour was more free in Lost World 3ds but it's been a while The Drift is amazing, and they did remove it in forces I think you're really underestimating Generations I don't remember many places to trip in the boost games except unleashed And that last one is a lot more difficult, although looking at the 2d games the not Sonic's would have unique Paths in levels, and a limit to the abilities Tails gets tired, Knuckles can only glide for so long, but Silver I think a meter (for holding and flying), only certain throwable objects and have enemies drain more meter then objects could work I just don't think it's exactly fair to Judge the game because it's incomplete, but there are fan projects working on finishing it so eventually they'll be a not broken mess to judge, but Silver as a whole can have a lot of really interesting gameplay if they executed him well
  15. I can't really think of much in terms of 3d platforming Sonic hasn't done, even racing, and mini game collection, unless I'm missing something everything 3d that fits a Speedy Cartoon Hedgehog has been done
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